So did you feel the Shift yesterday? For me it was immediate and began the day before. It was like a slow, steady rise in vibration/energy. I had an excited, “This is It!” feeling rise up from my heart chakra and just pour out of me. I was smiling for no reason. I was feeling positive. Hopeful. This is in total and complete contrast to the misery I had been feeling 36-48 hours before. It was as if a huge, black lump of something-or-rather was plucked out of the very center of me and thrown away. Huge relief. HUGE.

I still feel it today, but I have to work at it. I don’t have to work too hard at least. My guidance has been very reassuring and positive. I am receiving guidance almost constantly, too. The message: REST. So that is what I’ve been doing despite having the crazy, excited feeling in my chest all day that says, “DO. DO. DO!” Nope. Not doing anything over here.

Another message I am getting is: TRUST. Yeah, that one again. I am use to it, but I forget to do it so frequently that I bet my Team is laughing their a$$es off right now. I must seem so dense. Dumb blonde jokes are popping up in my mind right now. lol

How do you drown a blonde? Put a scratch-n-sniff sticker at the bottom of the pool. LOL

Anyway, the 9.9.9 portal opened yesterday. Jupiter (my planet lol) moved into Libra. An astrologer friend of mine, Eric Starwalker, who I met in Mt. Shasta, put it perfectly when he described what this means for us. He starts talking about the shift of Jupiter into Libra at about 12:56. Listen through around the 18 minute mark.

What stood out to me is the discussion about the planet Venus who rules Libra. I had a message in the in-between not long ago about Venus. I was told something like, Venus is in my chart three times. I don’t think it literally means Venus is in my chart three times. I think the message was equating Venus to a significant relationship with another person. This makes much more sense to me .

Some other interesting points/statements that stand out to me:

  • He refers to Libra as “dancing with your mirror Self”.
  • A journey to greater Unity is beginning.
  • Sharing yourself with one other person.
  • Dance toward Unity.
  • “We are expanding our own consciousness toward a greater universal truth that connects us all.”

Significant dates in September: 9/9, 9/18, 9/26-27. Each of the dates prepares you for the next, building toward the final date of 9/27.

This video was posted at the end of August. I watched it back then. For some reason I was drawn to watch it again.

Endings. Beginnings. Cycles of death and rebirth.





12 thoughts on “9.9.9

  1. herongrace says:

    …yes..still a little bit hesitant to finally feel that we are ditching some of Virgos anxiety, but I agree with you. A few days ago feeling very anxious re: something arriving and then heard early the next a.m. North Koreans had fired another nuclear missile setting off an earthquake.
    %@#!! The general energy has lightened and is feeling more hopeful than what it was the day before. Jupiter my ruling planet is like a cosmic father and no doubt he was dancing a HUGE gIG at finally escaping Virgo LOL!

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    • Dayna says:

      Yeah, I said Jupiter was mine, but really it rules Sag. My ruling planet is the sun. How fitting being I AM the center of the universe, right? LOL

      But yeah, the energy is so much less perfectionist in its quality. I didn’t have any anxiety but I was on edge and just grumpy overall. It’s the extra critical component of Virgo I guess and I’m already critical enough! So glad it’s Libra time.


      • Thank you dear … I’m honored to do my part. Check out the Robert Moss interview I just posted on my wall. ♡

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      • Dayna says:

        Thank you, I will. 🙂


      • herongrace says:

        It’s a bit confusing I know. The Sun being the ruler of Leo rules your sun. The ruler of your chart is actually your ascendant ruler. Your ascendant being Aquarius has 2 rulers i.e. Uranus and Saturn. So wherever these 2 planets are travelling strongly affects you.
        With so many planets travelling through Virgo lately, we’ve been on Virgo overload. Now through to Oct. 2017 we will all be exercising our relating skills and general appreciation of charm, tact and beauty.

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      • Dayna says:

        Ah yes, thank you for the astrology lesson. Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter are all strong in my chart, especially Uranus. Thus, my wonderful dream experiences and OBEs. Seems that every Sept I go into a lull and feel like crap, too. Even August tends to do that to me.


      • herongrace says:

        Funny that re: yearly lulls. I have noticed feeling the same way @ end of July and a bit lessened through August and I mentioned it to my sister talking to her on the phone and she said she feels the same way. I have a theory it might be a subconscious awareness of sad family anniversaries and I am picking up familial sadness around these. I think another impact can be when the sun is opposite your natal sun.

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  2. Beautiful Dayna! I felt a vast opening of the heart which is continuing today. For those who want to listen to my talk it’s posted on my fb wall. Enjoy! ♡

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  3. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

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