Opening Pandora’s Box

Be careful what you ask for.

I once told my guidance, “I want to Know it all.”

The above painting was painted this morning from an image in my mind. The image in my mind was only of the smokey clouds, not the box. That box came later with understanding.

Once you open the box, it can’t be closed. There is no going back. You can beg. You can plead. You can pray. You can bargain.

Nope. You asked for it.

Yeah, I did.



6 thoughts on “Opening Pandora’s Box

  1. herongrace says:

    Now that is interesting. I had a suspicion to look up Pandora for the moment at asteroid 55 you can find her in your own chart if you factor it in bottom of page in extended chart section.
    So right now she is 22^ Virgo right next to Sekhmet at 21* Virgo. Pandora and Sekhmet so close…Ouch! Sekhmet is 5381. A cat power Goddess. Sekhmet and the sun will be together @ 24^ Virgo opposite the Lunar eclipse Sept. 16. I’ve had a strong intuition for some time that these eclipses announce the rise of the strong Goddesses. Be careful of fires everyone.
    Thanks for the tip Dayna, but I think that painting also needs head of Sekhmet!

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    • Dayna says:

      Very interesting as usual! My Pandora is in Scorpio. I only added the box because I needed my vision to come out of something and then it just created itself in the painting. I did not consider Pandora to be significant nor did I know it was an asteroid! lol

      I have no idea about Sekhmet so thank you for that info as well. I am all about strong fire so maybe that is why my dream had me stuck under the water? lol


    • kittyasmith says:

      I have no understanding about most of what you said here, Herongrace but it “feels” familiar and important.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Yeah, they both certainly fill out the picture of this lunar eclipse. I just ran up the chart and they make a close t square on eclipse axis to Mars. Looks like fire and explosions to me. Earth mother is not happy, we need to honour her more. So much in Virgo which is earth, crops fertility, harvest.

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    • Dayna says:

      Dang. That does sound fiery.


      • herongrace says:

        Yes I’ve already been seeing signs of it in the news. I just registered t that the lunar eclipse is on the 17th here.
        Seeing mathematical patterns falling in to place through the beauty of charts and I’m useless at maths. Astrology is like looking through a kaleidoscope of numbers, even my poor brain marvels at the patterns formed.

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