Intensive Healing and Monad Message

So last night was once again a vivid dream night, though no lucid dreams. There were several significant dreams and messages.

Intensive Healing Session

In this dream I had selected a woman to give me healing. She offered it free of charge. I was in a bedroom that reminded me of a hotel. There was low light, a bed, and a bathroom. The woman came in and told me that I needed healing in certain areas. I don’t recall all of them, but I do remember the pelvic region was heavily focused on by the healer. What was odd is that we were both completely naked. There was nothing sexual here, though. I recall watching her and thinking she was beautiful despite her body being slightly flawed (based on American standards of female beauty that is). I do remember her having dark hair and I believe her name was Linda. I believe she is a guide I’ve spent time with in the past.

At one point, we faced each other. We both opened up our legs completely forming a V, then touching our toes together which formed a diamond shape. When this happened, I don’t recall the healing itself as I was transported to a large, dark pool or lake. I could see through the water, though, so the water was clear. I was just swimming in it in the dark I guess. I was under the water at first and panicked, struggling for air. I did not realize I was asleep (non-lucid dream). I could see the surface of the water about a 2 feet over my head but I couldn’t get to it. I remember feeling like my lungs would burst. At some point, though, when they didn’t burst, I must have recognized the pointlessness of my struggle because I looked down below me. Hundreds of feet below me were several people waiting in the depths. They were looking up at me and encouraging. I stopped thinking about getting out of the water. Instead, I decided I needed to go to these people. I swam down to meet them and the scene goes dark.

Then I was laying flat on my back on the bed. The woman healer was over me and explained that I needed to take it easy for some time. I needed to make sure I didn’t overdo it. I got up immediately and began talking about things I needed to do. She gave me this look like, “See, you will overdo it.” I couldn’t just lay there! She explained that all my layers had been realigned and that I needed to wait until they were “set”. It was as if they were still in process of alignment. I saw the layers in front of me like a visual being presented to me. It looked like my aura but it was like a rainbow of blues – indigo, violet, blue, navy, etc. The woman again stressed the importance of rest.


When I woke up this morning there was remnants of several other dreams, but there is no reason to go into detail on them. I was feeling very hopeless and apathetic again. It is the impatience I have. Things aren’t moving fast enough. It is like I’m in slow motion and life, this drudgery, jut keeps going and going with no end in sight.

I was told at some point (can’t remember when, it all blurs into one memory) about my Soul Family. The word monad kept being brought up. The word moab came up alongside the concept of monads. Anyway, there was a knowing that 12 composed the monad and that these 12 were somehow coalescing now, into One. There was confusion here because it appeared that my 12 guides were also the 12 members of my monad.  Yet with this it also felt as if these 12 were all in physical bodies at this time (but perhaps linear times needs to be thrown out here?). I didn’t quite understand it but in my dreams I was trying to make sense of it because I was explaining it to a woman alongside the I-Ching. When I woke up this message was reiterated.

There was memory of the number 5 appearing and reappearing in my dreams. This number is about healing and well-being.

In another dream there were two individuals with over sized ears. The ears were as large as a hand. The two individuals were mother and daughter. The daughter had just auditioned for the Voice and won a place on the show. My interpretation is that I need to listen, or be acutely aware of something being said to me by my guidance. The Voice may represent my own voice and expression.

I had many flashes of messages as I was in the in-between, also. I saw very clearly my physical counterpart’s name but the first letter was very large. I also saw an entire passage about Walk-In’s, though I was unable to read it. The word “Walk-In” was prominent, though. Both of these came one after the other and were placed as if a billboard in my mind. I heard very audibly my name, but it was like a calm whisper. It was a reminder be patient and Trust.

In my curiosity and need to understand the message about my monad, I came across this article. Though I am not yet finished reading it, I already find it highly resonate of what I have been previously told by my Team.


7 thoughts on “Intensive Healing and Monad Message

  1. sophia kuzminski says:

    I had visions of you, Day- na, my hands had wrapped themselves around your body, hugging you tight, and reassuring you….
    There is no time concept it is only an illusion , created here on
    planet by humans by the system of things.
    We live in many dimensions. I just focusing 2 today with this conversation…
    Those of us who have children, grandchildren, such as myself,
    We need to shift back and forth from one dimension to another,
    We need to shift from time controlled society, which is destructive
    We need to shift to non – concept , which is productive.
    Mastering the 2 concepts
    Shifting back and forth
    Is the BEAUTY of DANCE
    Which Vibrates the Beats of Melody
    May Diamond Energy Contiue to Light You Up
    Hugs , dear SiStar,
    ( We will dance in TN)

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    • Dayna says:

      ❤ Love you, Sophia!

      You reminded me of a message I received this morning. I was told, "You are married to your children." I remember thinking back, "Yeah, the only true marriage is of a mother to her child. It is a lifetime commitment and truly unconditional."

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  2. MollyB111 says:

    There is a vine for Linda… listen. Have you seen this? Here is the long version: Makes me laugh!

    12 x 12 = 144 for me (soul aspects/lessons…) yet it is one.

    And I’ve been feeling healing/clearings for a bit (two weeks) now. Mixed in with everything else, lol. Nothing to severe but often noteworthy.

    Another great post! ❤ ya!!

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  3. herongrace says:

    Dayna the group pf 12 you mention reminds me of a group of 12 mentioned in a book I read long ago which is fascinating called “Emissary of Light” by James Twyman. You should be able to buy it. He is American and bravely carried out a peace mission to Bosnia during its war.
    In the mountains he came across a mysterious group of 12 people whose job was to focus on bringing in light. They were physical but would move to strife areas. I read it a long time ago, but it seemed as though they were also interdimensional. Certainly the group with different members has been on earth to help us for a very long time.
    Sorry I can’t help much more.

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