Lucid Dream: The Giggles

For some reason I have been having tons of lucid dreams. I had two the night before last and then one last night as well along with quite a few semi-lucid dreams.

Lucid Dream: The Giggles

I was in a classroom adjacent to another classroom. I went next door and spoke to the teacher there. He reminded me of someone I know online, but his energy was that of my counterpart. There was conversation about weight lifting at this time. He was lifting 5lb plates and trying to get in shape. I remember telling him that I thought he could lift more than that. He joked that I was trying to coach him so that I could get him to look like I wanted him. There was a feeling here that he and my team of guides were teasing me about my exercise routine. There was most definitely a feeling from this teacher friend that he was romantically interested in me. I remember thinking it inappropriate because I was married. My consideration obviously amused him.

At this point a woman began to sing and I looked around the room for something to accompany her with. I saw two drums in the room and a large gong. I thought about playing them and then decided against it for some reason, yet I could hear the drums very distinctly as if someone was playing them. I mentioned the gong to the teacher and he said it would not have been a good idea. I said to him, “Yeah, they are loud. My mom had one.” I realized after that had I hit the gong it would have made me too lucid.

Then I was talking to a Hispanic woman and she was discussing the after-effects of pregnancy. She was laughing and joking about giving birth, even pretending to push out a baby. Then she joked about the double tummy that was left behind and even showed me hers which was quite large with massive stretch marks. She did have a tummy under a tummy, too. She asked me if I had this after pregnancy and I told her no but we joked about it.

This is when the man came back into the room. He asked what we were laughing about and the woman made a joke to him about male childbirth that I can’t remember now. He thought it was funny, though. I believe it was about ejaculation because after the comment I had a can of whipping cream and was spraying him in the face with it. It hit him in the eye and I burst out laughing. Then I put it all around his neck. Something about this was extremely funny to me because I started laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe. It was a deep belly laugh that felt wonderful.



I woke up laughing hard. My heart chakra was warm and expansive and I felt relaxed and happy. I immediately thanked my Companion because he had done what I asked him to do – meet me in my dreams.

Afterwards we talked for a bit. I felt so much love for him, like we were old friends and reconnecting. All the dark, angry, confused feelings I had been having vanished and I felt comfortable and happy. There was also a return to wanting to be with him; to come into Union. He commented that what I was feeling was my True Self, that with him I was free to be me.

The connection with him fired up the Kundalini briefly. My heart was an expanse of warmth and there would be occasional shots of energy from my heart straight to my root and then back up again. My resistance toward the experience completely melted away.

This dream experience is a great example of the relationship I have with my Companion (spiritual counterpart) and team of guides. There is a lot of playful energy between us and an eternal love and peace. The entire lucid experience was of my group making fun of my very human considerations. Thankfully, I saw the humor in it as well.

Dream: Anything for Love

I managed to fall back to sleep despite the Kundalini activity. The dream I ended up in was semi-lucid. I was with a man who owned a red Ferrari. I remember looking at it, opening the doors which opened up over our heads. The man in the dream was wearing armor. I remember he looked huge, like some kind of action hero. I can’t remember his face very well, but I think there was brown hair.

He took me for a ride in his Ferrari and as he drove he kept taking out this bottle filled with a bright orange liquid. He would fill the cap with the liquid and drink it like he was drinking liquor and he would close his eyes like he was getting high. I watched him do this and finally asked him what it was he was drinking. I remember thinking he must be a drug addict. I also knew we were a couple and had been for a while and I had resisted asking him about this strange, orange elixir.

He pulled up to a house and took another swig of the stuff. I felt uncomfortable and told him we should not park there because someone would wonder why we were there. But he was out of it. A man came out of the house. He was dressed in black. When I saw him, I jumped out of the car and had this huge shotgun. I shot the man dead before he could alert anyone to our being there. I was shocked that I had done this but felt I would do it again in a heartbeat for him (my partner). That is when I noticed the car to our right was a long, black hearse. There was a man standing there looking at me in shock. I realized then that I was wearing a police uniform and so was my partner sitting in the car.

My partner and I ran from the car and into a field near a school. A blonde woman saw us and showed us to a large, multi-storied house. We went inside and I realized it was a safehouse.  I felt like a criminal for some reason.

Then we were down by the car preparing to leave and ran into three more police officers. I was scared they would recognize me and arrest me, but they were friendly and helpful. My partner and I spoke to them for a while about art and he was showing them paintings that we had done. I recall seeing a painting I had done of him. It was very detailed. He was naked and laying down. All I remember now is his chest and face. He was very handsome but again not anyone I recognized. There was also a sketch in pencil of the two of us laying in bed naked, our bodies intertwined. We were holding hands over the top of both of our heads. The feeling from it was beautiful. I recognized myself in the sketch but his face was hidden. The main image I recall is us holding hands and the feeling here was of complete and utter devotion. There was a feeling that I would do anything for him.

Kundalini Signs

When I woke up from this dream I again felt very at ease and calm. I continue to feel this way. It is like I spent the entire night being hugged and comforted. Yet when I woke I had visions of a symbol that was written in fire. The fire was alive, moving and sparking. I don’t remember the symbol now except that there were three dots that were sparking out towards me.


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