Dreams and Divine Calling

I slept really hard, so hard that when I woke up and saw the clock showing 10:30pm I was certain the clock was wrong. I had gone to bed at 9pm and must have immediately passed out. I had been warned prior to going to sleep by one of my guides. He said to me, “You will be disoriented and not know what time it is.”

Dream: Twin Teacher

I had several vivid dreams but have forgotten the majority of them now. One I remember is walking into a classroom and seeing a man. He had dark hair and a go-T. He was familiar to me but I did not want to see him. I knew he came because he was romantically interested in me. He was smiling and very friendly, but I was thinking for some reason that I was also male. Why I thought this, I don’t know, but in the dream I saw myself as looking almost identical to him! I told him, “We can’t be together. We are twins (brothers).” He asked me where I wanted him to go in the classroom because he came to take over the class (substitute) for me while I was gone. He saw my desk and pointed to it and said, “That looks like a good place.” He was quite pushy but he was smiling and obviously trying to be funny. I didn’t think it was funny.

Since he wouldn’t leave, I decided to leave, but he followed me. He smiled the whole time and I kept feeling him behind me, like he was my shadow.

Then we were by a pool. It was not familiar to me. Usually I go to my Mom’s pool but this one, though it was also in the ground, was different and set farther from the house by a pathway. It had taller trees around it and there was more patio space.

I saw the dark haired man lounging by the pool. He had grown enormously fat for some reason and was laying next to a young girl who I identified as the owner’s daughter. The man was dressed from head to toe in black – black button up t-shirt and black cargo jeans. I was furious with him for some reason and kept asking him to give me back my keys. He acted like he didn’t hear me at first, then like he didn’t know what I was talking about. Frustrated, I put my hand into his right jean pocket to search for them but found nothing. He laughed and another person, the woman who owned the house, produced the keys. She tossed them at me and he caught them and then tried to keep them away from me. Finally, though, he put them on the patio table and I snatched them up and went back toward the house.

The owner of the house went with me to the back, sliding glass door. Still unfamiliar to me, I stopped short of going in because there was light colored carpet on the inside and I did not want to get it dirty. So I wiped my feet on the mat outside the door. So did the woman. This is when I noticed the owner/woman was dark skinned. I saw my reflection in the door and saw I was also dark skinned and quite petite, young and pretty.


Dream: Yellow Paint

In this dream I was with a group of “family” but the only person I recognized was my older sister. I remember we were staying together at a house. Our packed bags were up against the wall and the house itself had a golden hue to it. For some reason I had lost my contact lenses. A friend, who was not present, had some and she had told all of us if we needed anything we could borrow her stuff. So I borrowed her contact and put them in. I remember them being over sized and uncomfortable. I also recall getting into a car while wearing them and not being able to see well in the dark, nearly rear ending another car.

Then I was inside a room that was like a restaurant but also a school, it seemed to be both. We were taking a test but there was this young girl who was having a rough time. I was sent to recover her but got distracted by a bucket of yellow paint. I decided to paint my legs with it. The young woman was distressed because she was on her period and was also complaining about her age. She was 37. She was embarrassed about being on her period and I advised her to go for a run to help with the cramps and blood flow issues. I then reassured her that she was still young, comparing her age to my own and telling her I had a baby at her age. I was able to recover her but the main memory here is of painting my legs yellow.


My initial feeling about the first dream is that I was having a discussion with my counterpart who obviously had more of a sense of human than me. He is always much more laid back and humorous than I am but sometimes it is very frustrating, as was evident in the dream. I was resisting being with my counterpart the entire dream. He is the one, though, who “holds the keys”. The fact that he was very fat is symbolic of prosperity but can also go along with the saying, “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.” The latter would be appropriate considering the humor here. The carpet was white in this dream. White is spirituality and carpet represents one’s foundation.

In the second dream I seem to be trying to see something more clearly but am unable to. There is fear of losing control or having a collision. The luggage (another common theme) indicates that which I am carrying around with me – burdens, responsibilities, desires, etc. The paint is a recurring symbol, like the luggage. In this instance I am painting myself yellow. Body paint is self-acceptance. Yellow represents happiness, harmony and wisdom. Menstruation indicates an end to difficult times and a beginning of relaxation. Some pent up tension/worry is being released.


Conversation with Guide

When I woke up I was exhausted and a guide who called himself “Justice” was with me. I am not sure if this guide was male or female, maybe androgynous, but I got an entire talking to about my Divine Calling. It is not often that a guide shares with me some of their own past experiences, but this one did. She/he said that they understood my hesitation. She (in this instance the guide seemed more female) told me that she had similar situations in her past lives. I asked how they were similar and she said that she had stayed in an unhappy marriage many times. She said in one she stayed even though she was often beaten and emotional abused by her husband. I extended my sympathies to her because in a past life I also stayed in an abusive relationship so I understood her experience all too well. However, this was not the case this time. So, I  justified why I should stay – gave all the reasons I could think of, the main one being I was meant to be there for my children. I also remember saying, “I made my bed so now I get to sleep in it.” This I said in regards to having children and the responsibility that comes with being a mother/parent. Of course, this guide had a good response for every justification I gave.

I finally told this guide to leave me alone. I actually told them all to leave me alone. lol Not only was I tired and wanted to try and get more sleep before I had to get up and do my mommy job of getting my kids on the bus, but I was fed up with my guides hounding me. This is when Justice said to me, “What does your heart tell you?” Without meaning to, I focused on my heart. I suppose it is a habit now. When I did this I knew more than I wanted to know. Justice then said to me, “It’s your Divine calling.” This infuriated me and I said back, “Since when do you tell me what my calling is?” I was reminded I have a choice, then, but that when there is a soul contract made at the soul (HS) level it will eventually be fulfilled regardless. For some reason this calmed me and I said, “Good. I would rather be forced into this decision. It is just too hard to do on my own.”


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