Dream: Roller Coaster

Dream I found in my drafts folder from 14th, July, 2016.

Dream: Roller Coaster

I was with an adviser. He gave me a tall glass of what I assumed was juice. It was completely green, though. I drank it. The information was provided to me that I needed to continue juicing and that it would be a good idea to prepare my body for the incoming energies by increasing the amount of veggies in my diet. I was told I have not been eating near enough veggies.

The scene shifts and I am with my family at an amusement park. I don’t know what park as it was not familiar so I will say it was similar to Disney World.

I watched as my daughter was drawn to this ride because it has a princess character over the front of the entrance. My husband was all excited and got all three kids into the coaster car with him. He then told me to get in, too. I did not feel like I had a choice.

There was no room for me. None. I sat in the middle squeezed between two of my children. The bar that comes down to secure everyone missed me. I had to hold on to the metal seat as the car began to move forward.

The roller coaster was suppose to be for little kids but the first thing I saw was this huge ramp up. It reminded me of the ride known as Greased Lightening from Astro World (now closed). We went quickly to the top of the ramp and then flew down backwards toward the other side where there was an identical ramp. In the dream I could feel the ride as if I were on it. The motion, the speed, everything. I wasn’t having fun, though. I was grabbing hold of the metal of the seat for dear life because I was not strapped in and knew we would be upside down more than once. Ahhh!


The roller coaster symbolizes frequent ups and downs in life. In this case they are caused by my family, particularly my husband. There is not security in this. I don’t fit in the car. The rail doesn’t secure me in the car. I could fall out at any moment. All these things cause me to think that some things in my life are or maybe will cause me to feel this way.



2 thoughts on “Dream: Roller Coaster

  1. herongrace says:

    Dayna, I empathise for you. I’m also thinking we could all be in for a roller coaster ride, August/ September with big shifts coming our way shown by these 3 eclipses!
    Also noticing more people having to become more health conscious, often to do with gut issues. Yes I bought my healthy drinking greens and other herbal teas last week. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Since this dream I have not had too many up’s and down’s. Pretty steady for a roller coaster. Hoping that I take the coming changes in stride. I mean, I am an old pro now. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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