I’m Done With School

I woke myself up several times last night yelling in excitement, “I’m done with school!” Once, when I awoke, my Companion was there cheering me on. Too funny!

Now I know that as infinite spiritual Beings, we are never truly done with learning (school). So why was I so excited? What happened to bring up so much relief, so much exaltation at the very notion that I was finished with school?

My dreams suggest I have moved past a pivotal point in my spiritual journey. Specifically, a point I have revisited time and time again in my dreams: high school. There was a memorable dream last night where I was with a group of familiar high school classmates. I wore no makeup (big deal for me at that time in my life) and though at first I was very aware of what I was wearing, I didn’t care one bit about it. Even when someone spoke to me about my appearance I acted proud of how I appeared and bored with their criticism. Throughout the dream I was disconnecting from that group, individuating from the experience. Very significant I must say. I hope to never return to high school in my dreams again! lol

Dream: Peach Trees

In another dream I was in a large white van. A woman was driving. She got distracted and I remember saying to her, “Where are you going?” She tried to self-correct and ended up knocking the van on its side. We got out and she was frazzled and I told her to just sit it back up and we could drive out. While she was doing (she was lifting it up with her bare hands) this I wandered around in the field we were in. There were deep ruts in the grass and peach trees with very, over large peaches on them. They were almost ripe and I found them very irresistible.

When I walked over to the trees I ran into this obstruction. It was green and covered with dirt and grass but it was pliable and I realized that it was a mechanical structure used to hold back water. I was standing on the bottom of what use to be a lake. The water was dried up and the structure was the old floodgate.

I inspected the fruit and found it was not yet ripe. I saw a couple walking toward me and heard their toddler yelling with joy. I commented on it, saying he was a very joyous little boy. They looked at me like I was crazy. I ignored them.

Someone was with me and showed me a very large peach. She pointed to what looked like a knot of wood in the center of the peach. She said it was very rare. The peach had grown around the knot. I looked at it closely and saw what looked like a rotten patch. It fell off and I saw what seemed like decay inside.

Upon closer inspection I saw very clearly three very tiny, fragile baby birds. I said, “Oh, a bird built it’s nest inside!” I was upset because now that the peach was removed the mother may not find her babies. The woman with me set it inside a pile of dirt and rocks that was as high as we were. I heard her say the bird was a white starling. I saw in my mind a fairly large bird that was completely white. I wondered how it could even fit inside the tiny nest! The woman with me was reassuring me that the mother bird would find her babies and not abandoned them despite them being moved. I believed her and the dream ended.



I was reminded of the waterfall and damn symbolism that came up recently. Apparently I have overcome this obstacle and now the water has receded so I can see what is underneath. In this case it is peaches. Peaches symbolize pleasure and joy and indicate that things are going well. The nest of birds suggests the birth of something new that needs to be tended to. When I awoke I couldn’t recall the type of bird and heard very distinctly “starling”. I understood this to be related to Starseed but in an immature form – like a baby Starseed. I didn’t even know if such a bird existed – but it does.

Dream: Last 5 Minutes

I was attending a lecture inside what resembled a church. There were pews and everything and someone was standing behind a podium located at the front of the room. I heard the announcement that during the last 5 minutes someone would speak a few words. Part of what was said was, “For those of you who may like to leave early, it is advised that you stay.” At that moment I was trying to sneak out without being seen. Everyone looked at me and I made some excuse and went back to my seat.

Then three people in wheelchairs rolled in and surrounded me. I thought it odd that they were in wheelchairs and they made it impossible for me to leave.

Dream: Visiting Friend

This dream then reminded me of a previous dream in which we had a guest who was a college professor. The professor was familiar and had driven many miles to meet me (from Cambridge). I recognized him as someone who I have communicated with online and wondered why he was in my dream. This didn’t wake me up, though. I had a concern that he was romantically interested in me but this thought was dispelled quiet quickly. It was known that he only wished to help and I was reminded of the worth of the relationships which I am building at this time.

We had all retired to bed when I heard noise and got up to investigate. I walked around to the front of the house and saw the garage door had been opened. Then I ran into my mom (we were at her house). My mom was being very nasty in the dream – irritable. She said they only got 5 minutes of sleep. I said, “Only 15 minutes?” She said to me, “You didn’t listen to what I said. I said 5 minutes.”  The professor friend had been out with a female friend of his during the night and had not slept either. He was preparing to go for a hike. I remember looking at his boots and noting he wore brown, leather, hiking boots.


2 thoughts on “I’m Done With School

  1. herongrace says:

    WheW, must be a relief to know those awful high school dreams are done! Last Tuesday a.m. I dreamt of unwrapping a big cluster of greyish baby birds in newspaper. I think they were owls. I was going to take them all home and raise them, Then I properly realised the sabian symbol for that a.m.s full moon was “a large aviary”! Beautiful hey? As is that lovely white starling. What a fitting pun on words which describes you. A white STARling!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Well I hope there won’t be anymore high school dreams. And yes the starling was a beautiful analogy, except if you saw how ugly the babies were you would cringe. Like dinosaur ugly. Lol


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