Dream: Transformation

After this morning’s Kundalini rising, I returned to sleep and fell into a vivid dream which I feel I should record.

Dream: Transformation

I was with family in a very large house, mansion maybe. My sisters and I were together with our brother. My brother and I had a very strong bond. We were “joined at the hip” and my sisters often commented about it and were suspicious about our deep connection.

Sometime later it occurred to us (me and my brother) that we were in love with each other and wanted a romantic relationship. I openly admitted this to my sisters and family, telling them that I didn’t care what they thought. It was empowering to follow my heart and ignore their objections.

The dream shifted and we were discussing a very unsettling family situation. A male family member and his wife mistreated their infant son and had four very vicious dogs. He also had a sporty vehicle he loved and kept immaculate. He and his wife often had violent arguments in front of their son, hitting each other, cursing, and yelling. This upset me because it was damaging the child. The child picked up this behavior and so treated others like this, even his own parents. It was not unusual for him to try to strangle his father in his sleep because this is what he had seen his father doing to his mother.

So we took the car and secretly sold it for $9,500, way beneath its value. We took one of the black, vicious dogs and made it docile – wiped its memory and made it like a new puppy. It became very loving, sensitive and cautious. At one point I picked up the baby boy and tried to cuddle with him. He did not know how to respond to hugs. It was like he had never had one. I decided to fix that with more love and hugs.

I took the now docile dog to my home to live because to send him back to his old home would likely lead to his demise. When I brought the dog into my home, the dog shifted into a young woman with long black hair. I showed her the house and the rooms of her siblings. She especially enjoyed her younger sister’s room and wanted to stay and explore the toys in it. She followed directions very well and thrived on love and attention.

She was very new to being a human – never been human before – so I was showing her how to be human. She really loved red wine, though, and often over indulged. I remember this causing upset in the family because she did not know how to control her consumption of wine.


I believe this dream is me trying to make sense of the Kundalini experience I had this morning. It is like a continuation of the lesson. I can see very clearly a transformation taking place within myself which is obvious in the dream. What is done to the baby, dog and car are happening to me in various ways. The young woman is the new me, or the me who needs training. She is like a blank slate and needs to be taught how to live in a human body. She tends to overindulge, however.


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