OBE: When the World Goes Dry

I was awakened this morning by my youngest. He crawled up into the crook of my neck and cuddled with me, stroking my arm and saying, “Mommy” over and over. Though I did not want to be awakened so early I couldn’t help but feel an overflowing of love for him. So sweet and full of love.

After getting up for a short while, I went back to lay in bed not intending to sleep. I should have known I would go OOB.

Lucid Dream: Flooded Past

Very briefly I remember my guide saying to me, “It’s not over yet.” This was in response to a brief panic I had because I felt completely disconnected spiritually from everything when I awoke.

Then I was at my old house in East Texas where I spent the first 9 years of my life. I was outside and my husband was with me. We were walking along the border of the property and there was a tall, wooden fence between it and the neighbor’s property.

I had in my hand a bowl of cereal. I remember looking into the bowl and seeing what looked like Raisin Bran without any raisins. Every so often I would take a spoonful of cereal and eat it. I remember tasting it even. It was good and slightly sweet.

I watched as my husband became more and more curious about the neighbor’s place. I could see over the fence and saw a tall, mansion-like house. I told him he could explore, that the neighbor’s wouldn’t care. The whole time I had a very carefree feeling and was eating cereal.

My husband jumped the fence and began walking around. I could see the neighbor come out of the house. I peeked over the fence and saw that it was not what I remembered on the other side. The was an entire village on the other side that appeared to be from another time. There were people going to and fro, busy with their lives and dressed in clothing that seemed from a long forgotten past. The road was gravel made of tiny, colorful pebbles, and the buildings were aged wood. The house was the only thing that appeared to be more modern – massive and white with columns in the front.

I kept calling his name trying to get him to come back, but he never did. So I jumped the fence to find him. It didn’t take long before he was next to me. I was telling him excitedly about my memories from childhood and pointed toward where the pond was where my sisters and I use to fish. I saw that the pond was flooded, the water way higher than I had ever seen. I commented on this saying, “I have never seen it that high and I’ve lived here all my life….well I was gone a while…my sister caught a 9.5lb black bass in that pond…” I told this to the neighbor and my husband continued to explore, going straight to the flooded area.

My husband continued and I followed, telling him to be careful because the flooded area was not deep but once it got past a certain point it would be. I pointed out the cars that were parked in some of the flooded area and then pointed farther past them where a line of police cars was parked, marking the deep zone.

He ignored me and waded into the water. It went nearly to his waist. I tiptoed around it and found a way to keep dry, but my feet did get a bit water logged. I managed to find a trail and met him on the other side. Then I looked up and saw the mobile home of the couple who would let us fish on their part of the pond. I noticed there was another double wide next to it and then looked out on the pond remembering how much I loved that time in my life.

Though this dream was not fully lucid, I recall gaining lucidity when I noted the cereal and when I saw the flooded pond and old mobile home.

Then I was flying along side a thick forest of pine trees. The pines were not fully grown and very obviously planted purposefully. I recall this was common in the area where I lived. They would clearcut a forest of pines and then replant saplings in rows only to come back when they matured and clearcut them again. I knew without a doubt I was OOB at this point.


OBE: When the World Goes Dry

I felt the very obvious vibrations and my physical body at this point. I also heard lots of noises-off, like my children were having a party outside my door. I wanted to go back to the pine trees and OOB. Something was calling me back to them. It took a while but I got up the nerve to try to exit my body. When I did, it felt like pillows were piled on top of me and I threw them off one by one and escaped the heavy pull of my body and the bed.

I went to the door and it was unfamiliar. It looked like the door to a barn. It was green and had a big cross across it. I thought I would not get through but when I attempted to go through it, the door vanished and I came out on the other side.

I went down the stairs and looked at my arms and hands because I could feel the energy was unstable and I did not want to go back to my body yet. Then I began to sing over and over the words, “I will see when the world goes dry.” I have no idea why I was singing those words.

I went out the front door and my vision instantly cleared and I saw an entire neighborhood that was not familiar. It was beautiful, with cobblestone streets and houses that were much more grand than any I had seen. I turned to my right and saw the road led to a tiny, European city. I decided to go that direction.

As I moved I found I could not touch the ground. I was floating and being pulled upward despite my resistance. I hovered over a group of people gathered in the city center. They were all sitting on or standing by their cars. It reminded me of when we use to go to the park to watch the fireworks. We would drive up and sit on the hood of the car and wait.

Fascinated, I looked down at all of them and noticed they saw me. A woman and her small boy caught my attention and I noticed the woman pointed at me. I wanted to go down to them and talk to them but every time I tried my astral body was sucked upward.

This didn’t upset me in the least. I was happy and enjoyed being in the air floating above them. I was still singing, too. “I will see when the world goes dry.”


I came back into my body with the words and melody still in my head. I kept thinking the reason the people were looking at me was because I resembled fireworks. Who knows, though.

The lucid dream was very vivid to me and I thought about it for a bit. Only when I wrote it just now did I recognize the message it was bringing me.

The flooded pond was from my childhood. So I suspect there repressed emotions from this time that need to be looked at. The police cars are symbolic of control and authority but when I see them I think “caution” and I want to stay away from them. In the dream I recall the mobile home of my neighbors. They were my parent’s best friends – a couple with no children. This particular man was the one my sister said molested her. As I wrote this dream I thought, “That is the reason I was there. There are repressed emotions/memories from that time in my life.”

I also remembered that earlier in the night I had a dream with police cars and officers in it. I was walking and came upon an RV. Inside, I was in a tiny cramped kitchen with my guide and then I was trying to get the RV to run, looking under the hood and seeing that a wire had been purposefully cut. The police were helping us.

The bowl of cereal is from a past OBE.

As for the song I was singing, the only thing I can make of it is that when there is a flood the water hides what is underneath. Only when the water recedes are you able to see what is hidden.


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