A Message in an Email

Have to share this because it is such a perfect example of how the universe (and my guides) sends messages.

Backstory – I have been periodically applying for positions here and there as I feel guided. A couple of weeks ago I applied to Pearson. The work is part-time and seasonal and most of the jobs are for scoring tests. I figured I would go ahead and apply since I am trying to avoid traditional work right now.

Last night I was checking my email and noticed a message in my inbox which had been there since 1pm. Not sure why I didn’t notice it until 9pm, but it was meant to be that way I am sure. This is what the message title was: Offer to work the Tennessee 2016 – Geometry. 

I saw the word “Tennessee” first and nearly fell out of my chair. Then I looked closer and laughed some more. And then some more. Too frickin’ crazy! LOL

The closer I looked the more I understood. There was no way I was going to be able to take the job. Why? Well for one, they wanted an answer the day the email was sent. Then, IF I was to take the offer I would have to bust my butt to get paperwork in and meet with HR by Friday so that I could go to training on Monday full-time for a week. The job would then continue until the end of the month with overtime expected (nights and weekends).

Since I received the email at 9pm there was no way to figure out childcare or scheduling. My husband was already asleep and no amount of nudging him was going to wake him up. My MIL, the person who would watch the kids, would have freaked out if I asked her last minute to babysit. So it just wasn’t feasible to take the offer. So I declined it.

Good news is, there are many offers coming as they are always scoring. Also, the location is 7 minutes from our house. 🙂 Nothing more convenient than that.

So it is obvious that this job offer had only one purpose: to get a message across to me. Go to Tennessee in 2016. I assume that “Geometry” is significant here, too. Sacred geometry maybe? Lots of significance there. Pretty cool!

Bad news: I woke up with an ear infection in my right ear. Boo! The Kundalini is probably to blame. On a positive note, I have medicated drops from the last one. Also, since the issue is in my ear it suggests that the K is doing its work up near the third-eye. Progress is being made. Still, it sucks. My first ever ear infection was when I was 31. Since then I have had a couple more. Never anything serious, just outer ear, but they HURT! And I can’t hear a darned thing.



8 thoughts on “A Message in an Email

  1. MollyB111 says:

    As soon as I saw the message title, I couldn’t wait to get to the comment section to type in bold – SACRED GEOMETRY and then read on, haha… you know this 🙂 This is exactly how the Universe works for me, too. ❤

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    You have become a part of my message confirmation system. I am getting goose bumps. Layers upon layers of confirmation I am on the right track now.
    Events in my life the past couple of days were like a test to see if I would commit this time. It shook me, but now more than ever I am choosing to keep going.

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  3. herongrace says:

    Good synchro spotting! But watch your infection. I noted from the 20th this month it is an energy around us and I have noticed it amongst people around here. There is a fair bit going on @ illness/wellness.

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