OBE: What’s Your Intent?

I woke at 5am hearing the chorus to the Steve Miller Band song, Fly Like an Eagle,  in my head: Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future…” lol I could hear the music and everything. So weird! I was hungry so went and got a snack and went back to bed.

Lucid Dream: Come Back Down

The scene just seemed to appear before me. I suspect because of a sudden increase in lucidity. What triggered it, I don’t know. It was a beautiful, sunny day. No clouds in the sky and a warm breeze. I was looking up at the sky at an object that was just hovering there. I was not focused on the object, so the memory of it now is blurry, but I remember enough to know it was a UFO. It was silver and blended into the sky around the edges making it appear like a misshapen, discolored cloud.

What I was focus on was a person hanging off the end of a white parachute. The parachute was not descending, it was ascending up toward the ship. There was a long rope that dangled from the person all the way to the ground. I watched as the parachute slowly rose higher and higher, the parachute full of air.

Then what seemed like an invisible pair of scissors came out of nowhere and clipped the rope that was dangling from the person. The rope fell the the ground in a heap. The parachute instantly lost the air that was inflating it and became a mass of white fabric that dove toward the ground like an arrow.

The person, just a tiny dot of white, began to fall as well but then it was as if an invisible hand yanked on the remaining rope connected to him. The person flew into the ground with such force that a cloud of dust and debris went flying up into the air.

From where I was standing it looked like a tiny atomic bomb went off. I was astonished but not worried about the guy. I knew he would not be hurt. For some reason I kept thinking he was like a cartoon character. lol

The debris cloud made me question what was going on. Where was I? I looked around me and saw that I was standing on a narrow dirt road. Alongside of me was tall, green grass that was swaying in the breeze. Small trees were in the distance and the blue, cloudless sky seemed to take up almost all of my visual field. It was beautiful!

Everything was so realistic but I knew I was dreaming. Wow. I decided to look at myself and held both my arms out in front of me. There they were completely solid looking and normal. No distortions or fuzziness. I moved my hands just to be sure.

Then, I looked down at my legs and saw them, too. I was wearing shorts and white tennis shoes. Then I looked at my mid-section, even pulling up my shirt and looking at my stomach and pulling out my waistband to see if I was “all there”. LOL Which I was. I remember thinking, “So…. all of me is here.” Funny! I am still laughing about this part.

My last thought was, “This is the most lucid dream I have ever had.” BTW, this isn’t true but at the time it sure felt like it.

OBE: What’s Your Intent?

I do not recall going back into my body, but the next thing I remember is being in my bed and fighting the energy sensations I was having. It was not intense but the energy was making me feel fidgety. I had this urge to move. In my memory this time is confusing and it is hard to decipher exactly what was going on. What I am guessing is that I was fighting going OOB but that particular thought was not among the many I remember having.

There was this sensation of something around my neck. It felt like a neck pillow. I also felt something covering my eye. It was annoying and I blamed it for my restlessness.

At one point I realized something: They were trying to get me to get out of bed. They wanted me to stand up. “They” being my guidance I guess. Reluctantly I sat up in bed and then just stood up. The restless energy ceased immediately. I still had the pillow around my neck. By this time I was thinking, “I can’t take it off. It will make me wake up.” But then I was like, “I don’t care.” And I ripped the darn thing off my neck and threw it on the ground. The lightness I felt was a relief! It felt like something was on my back as well, like clothing of some sort. I ripped it off, too. There was a feeling with this action, like I was freeing myself from self-imposed bondage.

I was afraid to open my eyes. I peaked out a half closed eye lid and saw a normal bedroom. It was dark but my vision was super crisp. I sensed I was in my mom’s bedroom (why? lol) but it was not her bedroom. Again, I felt completely solid and normal. No frantic energy or heaviness. It was so real, so solid, that I kept arguing with myself about whether I was OOB or not. lol

Eventually I just accepted I was OOB. I also knew I was being guided by someone in my head. I felt urged to move, so I left the bedroom. When I went out the door, I fully expected to see the kitchen but it was on the wrong side of the room and it was no kitchen I had ever been to. The wall opposite of me was all cabinets, with a sink, dishwasher and pantry. The cabinets were white and the appliances all silver. There was a small window over the sink. Very country-like but modern and pretty. To the right was the door that went outside. It was white with a fairly large, curtained window.

Despite the unfamiliarity, I was still convinced I was at my mom’s house (weird). I went directly to the door and right through it. Outside it was still dark and directly in front of me was the swimming pool. It was lit up and sparkling blue. When I saw it I felt an increase in energy and ran toward it, diving right into it despite seeing the surface of the water had some dead bugs floating on top.I remember considering the nasty dead bugs but decided I shouldn’t care because it was a dream anyway. lol

I have not been underwater while OOB in a long time and the feeling of it was welcomed. One of my absolute favorite things to do when OOB is go under water. While under the water, my eyes were open and I could see the surface covered in the dead bugs and also the light making patterns in the water. I took a deep breath in because I knew my tendency was to hold my breath.

I was in the shallow end so stood up and let the water trickle down my face. I could feel every tiny drop, the coolness of it thrilled me. I kept thinking, “This is so real!” lol

As I stood there, I remember wondering what I should do next. This is when I heard a voice ask me, “What is your intent?” My answer was, “I don’t know.” I was about to say, “I just want to have fun” but I was practically jerked out of the scene and slammed back into my physical body.


Back in my body the energy was crazy wild and my heart was beating super fast and irregular. Had I not done this a thousand times I would have thought I was dying. My crown was completely open and my breathing irregular as well. It was quite disturbing and it took a very long time for it to stop. I haven’t had my heart doing such weird things since pregnancy (it was common for me to have irregular heart rhythm in the last trimester because of increased blood volume).

While I was waiting for my energy to settled I was again asked, “What is your intent?” I still didn’t know. I realized the entire OBE and previous lucid dream was a lesson. I was being asked to choose; to make up my mind about what I wanted to do rather than just randomly go where the wind blows. While OOB I had no desire to do anything in particular. Similarly, I have no desire to do anything in particular in my waking life. My only intention was to “play”. LOL I suppose that is similar to my waking life as well, but I am not doing very much of it.

Almost 40 minutes after returning to my body, I finally got out of bed. It took that long for the energy to settle and it is still not completely settled. My head hurt when I stood up and then I felt sick to my stomach the whole time I was eating breakfast.

I think I understand what the lucid dream was trying to show me. I need to stay grounded; to come back down to Earth. I’m here for a reason and need to stop “playing around” with my head in the clouds.

The OBE is still very vivid and the message quite annoying. I wish my guidance would stop trying to force me to make a decision. I can’t make up my mind. Sorry. So shoot me. This is me in a nutshell: ambivalent about life. Do I go this way? Or that way? Do I want this? Or that? I don’t ever seem to know for sure.

It was made very clear to me, though, that until I make a decision I will remain in limbo land. Stuck as “life keeps on slippin into the future”. Hahahaha






3 thoughts on “OBE: What’s Your Intent?

  1. MollyB111 says:

    Ha! Our team is getting a bit stern with us, reminding us. Play time must be over. Or a new form of play will be starting.

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