Geysers of Kundalini

When we were warned the energy would get more and more intense as this year progressed, I really didn’t think anything of it. But this energy intensity is through the roof and has been (for me at least) since the solstice. I am like a walking zombie most days. Lack of sleep, Kundalini energy pouring through me, constant downloads of information, feeling a direct link with the universe/my Council/my Team. This is just way over my head (mind). I can’t keep up.

Thankfully, I did get some sleep last night. BUT – hahaha – guess what? Yep. The K visited. Surprise. Surprise. lol I laugh because that’s all I can do. It is kinda funny. My guides are probably all having popcorn, drinking beer and having a good ol’ time watching this movie that is my life. My Dad is probably there laughing so loud no one can hear what’s going on. Hi Dad! lol No one needs to “hear” anything anyway. It’s all visible in my aura of fireworks and firecrackers.

Dream: Geysers

I reported to a new teaching job. When I did, I was talking one-on-one with my supervisor who had black hair and was my age. He was asking me questions. The one I recall was: Do you like football or tennis? I knew he was asking because they probably wanted me to coach, but football? Really? lol I told him I liked tennis and use to play in high school. He wrote it down and then showed me a map of the Middle East. He pointed to Kuwait and then went over to Afghanistan and pointed at it. This confused me but I connected it to the position I was being considered for. It knew somehow the job was to teach history. The first country corresponded to football and the second to tennis (I know, weird!). The map was so vivid, too. It was like each “teacher” was stationed in a country to “teach”. I felt like I was about to be deployed to serve overseas.

He was about to leave when I asked, “Um, do I get my own classroom?” He replied, “We actually don’t know what position we will be putting you in yet.” Then it was like I was lifted up into the air by some unseen force. As I hovered there with someone I was shown a forest. We were just above the treeline and the forest was quite dense. Then I heard and saw multiple geysers erupting all over the forest.

The water from the geysers was powerful and they were exploding all around me. In this instant my root chakra exploded and a powerful surge of energy shot up through my lower chakras. This woke me up instantly and the surge continued. There was no controlling any of it so I just allowed it. Plus, it was quite pleasant anyway. LOL

Energy and Messages

Thankfully, the energy was bearable but it left me quite sexually frustrated. Lately, when the K hits me like this it leaves me feeling all “hot and bothered” as my mom would put it. This is the K everyone knows best. If you had asked me about Kundalini years ago my reply would have been “sexual energy”. I now know this is not completely true, but my most recent encounters with her are proving she does have quite a sexual appetite.

For approximately an hour I lay there unable to shut off the energy and my lower chakras remained lit up. My lower body felt completely hollow. It actually felt like I had no lower body the energy was so enormous there.

Some may wonder if actually having sex would fix this issue. My answer is – no. It would only exacerbate it. Trust me. lol My advice to anyone in the midst of this kind of energy: do nothing; allow. Oh and try to shut off your mind. That is really hard to do.

While waiting patiently for things to settle down, messages were constantly coming in via my crown. No shutting that down and there were so many that it will be hard to recount them all.

I saw a visual of a large, round watermelon whose fruit was almost completely gone. There were only a few remnants remaining and they were being spooned out. I understood this to be symbolic of my root chakra. It was being completely stripped down; emptied of its contents. I don’t really understand the symbolism but it was explained to me that when it was completely empty it would be refilled with “new” material/energy. The new energy would then surge into the above chakras and clean out any remaining residue in the same way.

With this I saw a pyramid with its base at my feet and the tip at my heart chakra. I was shown the energy filling up the pyramid. I heard with this very clearly: Ishtar. I also heard Ashtar. I feel this was purposeful as my dream indicated I was reporting for reassignment and I have had many memories of being on board ships and even meeting Ashtar himself.

Continued Energy Work

I was able to return to sleep (yay!) and fell into a dream in which I was filling a huge, empty swimming pool with water from a garden hose. I got dirty as I hauled the hose to the side of the pool. The pool itself was not made of concrete but of earth and huge chunks of mud were falling off the sides into the pool as I filled it. I remember watering the grass along the side to try and prevent this.

When I woke the energy was still present in my lower chakras and I could feel it move up, then recede. Up, down, up, down. Really weird. My crown was still active – wide open. Two Beings were positioned on either side of me. I was curled on my side at the time and I was told to lay on my back. When I did, I could hear tones in my ears. Right ear first, then left. I had the urge to reply with a vocalized tone, which did. Again, very strange.

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3 thoughts on “Geysers of Kundalini

  1. kittyasmith says:

    The pyramid represents the male energy. The inverted pyramid is female. I wonder if that comes next?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Maybe that is why I saw geysers then? Water = female energy. I at least made the water-female connection. I didn’t know the pyramids represented male/female. I thought the bottom was Earth and the top Spirit/Source. And yes, I have been told that once the energy rises from root to crown completely that it will reverse and come back down into the heart where Union will take place. This will be when I am “whole”.


  2. MollyB111 says:

    I love, love, love this. And I get it. It is laughable/light. So not like the serious work of clearing. And great dream! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

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