Dream: Protection

Meant to share this earlier.

Dream: Protection

I’m inside a house that is unfamiliar. It is a small house and there is a section (fireplace?) that is barred on three sides with wrought iron decorative railing/fencing. One section, however, is missing. The missing section is pointed out to me by my adviser. He shows me via telepathy a visual of someone sneaking into the house and taking it. This someone comes into the house frequently and takes things. Little things usually, so no one will notice them missing. The person is taking bigger things now, feeling brazen. The reason this someone can get inside is because the door was left unlocked. In fact, all the windows and doors to the house were unlocked. I remember stating that my husband is the culprit. He purposefully leaves the doors and windows unlocked. He does this with his car, too.

I walked across the street to an identical house. The door is wide open. Unlocked. I feel upset by this. I shut the door and there is concern. What will this person take next? How can I assure they won’t get back in when my husband purposefully leaves everything unlocked?


When I awoke from this dream I was concerned and a bit alarmed. My first thought was that I needed to put up protection, like the invoking the violet flame or putting a bubble of protective energy around myself. But this didn’t make sense. I felt protected in that way. So what is this dream about?

Then I thought that I needed to change all the passwords on my accounts. I did this, this morning just in case. lol Can’t be too careful.

The dream kept returning to me despite being lost more than once. I suspect there is a message in there about my marriage since it is my husband who leaves everything unlocked. Robbery symbolizes an identity crisis or loss in life. Leaving something unlocked represents a kind of insecurity; being left wide open to outside threat. I also feel I have no control over the actions of my husband based upon the second house and my feelings about it being left unlocked.

In considering this, I will say that recently our relationship has shifted quite a bit. My husband is being more allowing of my spiritual connections and beliefs. Not that he agrees with them, but that he is allowing me to have that, to be who I am. Of course, when it gets in the way of his wants and beliefs he quickly shifts gears. I don’t know what to think of it all really. Perhaps this is why I feel unable to control him in the dream? I don’t know what to expect anymore.

It could also be that I am letting my husband be in control of me/my life/my path and should not be. Perhaps he is a threat that I am not seeing? The allowance of him into my space is potentially harmful. He is stealing from me. Hmmm. Something to consider………Ugh that interpretation feels spot on. What do I do what that??? [insert expletives]. How do you lock out a spouse? Okay, don’t answer that question it’s rhetorical. Really. lol



12 thoughts on “Dream: Protection

  1. teleile says:

    The house is you. The husband in your dream is also a part of ‘you.’
    As I commented before, and I am aware you don’t appreciate hearing this, astral travel is dangerous. Initiates skip the entire astral zone.
    Why? Because if you keep going OOB, the connection between your physical vehicle and your astral body gets looser, it doesn’t ‘fit’ properly. This has two consequences: 1), you become wide open to entities using your open, ‘unsecured’ body, for their own agendas. Be aware that no astral plane beings are reliably ‘good’; no advanced beings live there. 2), It creates the recurrent feeling of being dissatisfied with earth life, and wanting to leave.
    It is safer, in that case, to leave esoteric things for another lifetime, otherwise you can run into a lot of dangers; possession is one of them. You may find one day that you can’t get back into your body, because another entity has taken it.

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    • Dayna says:

      I can see how you might interpret the dream in such a way. I always say the best person to interpret your dreams is you. I go with the feeling this dream gives me and it most definitely is not suggesting I will be possessed by some astral entity. In fact, I do not believe any entity can possess another unless it is wanted. This I do not want. Of course, this can always be debated, but I don’t wish to debate it.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Dayna when I was reading this what came to my mind is that as sensitives and psychics, we tune in and respond differently to our environments than our partners do. I remember in past relationships often feeling anxiety that my partner was unable to sense the fine nuances of people and situations that I automatically was responding to. Trying to explain these feelings without wanting to seem too dominant and paranoid was difficult. It would usually turn out that I would be right in my judgements.

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    Well, from another post yo made that really resonated with me… the dreams will stop when you understand the truth. You should know soon whether you have found your answer. 😉

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  4. hink its a can of worms you just opened. Not bad, just maybe something you hadn’t been aware was there. The opportunity here though is to bring awareness to this issue while suspending what it is you think it might be. While it might seem or feel like he is stealing a part of you, it might be that he is trying in his own way to surrogate his own awareness of the fire that is kundalini in himself….by taking on some part of your own…which you might feel as theft…only because its not being done in a direct way but behind your back. But only you will know for sure, and I’m just tossing out one possibility. One thing is for sure; this need not be a bad thing. I sense a schism between two people that could be worked through provided both are willing to look at it and be honest w/ themselves. And who knows, it could be an unacknowledged coveting of your experience that he secretly or subconsciously wishes he had too. So how do we work with that without making the other not feel too exposed. People just don’t know the depths to which we can see who are awakened and its good they don’t because there are many who aren’t ready for that level of direct insight. Forget getting the horse to drink-some don’t want to even leave the shed! Sorry for the yammer, but moments like these often represent pivotal points in life…and how we choose to see them will have a big effect on how the process goes forward. We can either stand there grossed out at the counter with the can of worms, or we can say, “Oh! I think these worms belong out in the compost heap! A moment later, everything is set right…instead of our freaking out and squashing them all on the floor. Fear and lack of clarity about what an issue might be can serve to color how we respond to it. We have nothing to fear but fear.

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    • Dayna says:

      Point well made. I had not considered this take on the dream and it very well might be that he is secretly wishes he were experiencing it himself. I do know that he has expressed wanting to participate in what I am experiencing (sexually) but I will not allow that as it is not sexual but he doesn’t understand that at all. I feel like to interact with him in a such a way would be counterproductive for my own growth at this time.


      • I may be off track too…only you will know for sure…but what I can say is that if you set up road blocks to his learning more and understanding it better, he will likely wind up miss understanding and then feeling excluded or hurt, or even alienated. Its possible the dream is showing you that he is trying and it might all be in how you are seeing it. If he is truly interested it would seem the inevitable outcome would be that you teach him how to connect to his own energy. This might mean an awakening on his part. I think this is only how one can truly know. Otherwise, he remains content standing on the water’s edge feeling fulfilled that he knows you in the way that he does now.

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      • Dayna says:

        Oh I can really see this can of worms now. It is a big, squirmy, slimy one, too! lol

        My husband will not venture there. I have tried, and tried, and tried. Sigh. He will look, though, but he is on his own path and will not take a detour to learn about mine. We have many conversations (just last night actually). I find him utterly frustrating and impossible to talk to about my experiences.


      • Be patient. At least he is interested. My spouse acted like I had sprouted a second head…and it did not go well. A connection to a “twin” only brought suspicion and negativity as I tried my best to make sense of these inexplicable events. A woman can be an incredible source of inspiration for her man. How can you inspire him, even if its while he watches from the comfort of the river bank? The worms need not be bad. They are just there, waiting for a considered mind and heart to help bring awareness. But regardless, I wish you all the best in your new journey!

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      • Dayna says:

        Yeah, the twin connection does not help (whole other can of worms). Thank you for your help.


  5. theburningheart says:

    Dreams have many levels, but ultimately dreams speak about the Self, I will not get into your husband thing, you should have better insight on what’s going on in your relationship. The dream is talking about your heart, the fireplace, somebody coming and stealing stuff from it, because carelessness on the part of the owner of the house, not knowing your particulars I will not venture to point to anything except, you should guard and protect your heart, otherwise things gone go amiss.

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