Merkabah Activated

Too much energy this morning to get my thoughts in order. I feel like I am going to explode I have so much energy swirling inside me. Whoa!

I don’t think I got more than a couple of hours of sleep last night, if that much. The energy settled over me as soon as I laid down. It was unlike any energy sensation I have had before and that is saying a lot. My entire chest and torso was lit up in an energy beyond energy and my crown was wide open. The energy was so strong, so intense, that it made it impossible for me to get comfortable. My entire body was jumping and pulsating and shifting. And when I closed my eyes I got symbols and information and crazy, hectic energy in my head that caused me to feel like I was going to skyrocket into oblivion. Powerful beyond powerful beyond powerful.

I was higher than I have ever been while in body. And I was completely in my body. There was no OBE, no in-between state, no lucid dreams. All of this was while I was fully awake. I felt every bit of it.

I saw pages of symbols, as if someone had written me a letter or I was reading a book. I have no idea what the symbols were now, sorry. I recall being in a place that was familiar but not any place that I have been to on Earth. Maybe it was an astral city, maybe another planet. I don’t know. Everything was gold there, like a light, white gold color, not the yellow gold of the metal. People were gathering there from all over. It was breathtakingly beautiful with a central garden and stairs that led from all around into the garden. There were geometric symbols carved into the stone, specifically the Merkabah and various circular patterns similar to the flower of life.

There was a feeling inside me that was really explosive and alive. I had an almost excruciatingly strong desire to have a make-out session. LOL Not sure why. I just wanted to share what I was feeling. I kept wishing I wasn’t alone but did not act on it. My husband would NOT understand. He would immediately assume I was initiating sex with him. NOT what I wanted. I just had so much love to share. It was just pouring out of my entire Being. Not just my heart, but every single chakra.

I also got more information on Atlantis and the Kundalini. I am still processing it, though. Not sure when I will share it.

The most crazy, powerful part of last night/this morning was the vivid recollection of being inside the Merkabah, feeling the top portion descend and connect with the bottom portion. Then it was spinning all around me and the energy was crazy. I would fall asleep and be thrown into wakefulness over and over again. My mind was unable to keep up and I am not sure how my body didn’t go into convulsions.

When I finally got out of bed, a bit dazed but still experiencing the flood of energy (still am now), the Merkabah was vivid in my mind and I knew mine had been activated. I know it’s a “big deal”, too, but am not sure how or why and don’t really care. All I care about is channeling all of this energy right now.


2 thoughts on “Merkabah Activated

  1. rios2995 says:

    Omg I woke this morning thinking about a Merkabah book I had and didn’t finish😊…wow…

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