On Lucidity

Today I am reminded of a message recently given to me by my guidance:

“If you can take what you have learned via the dreamstate – via your OBEs, via your communications with US, via your inner journey – and apply it to your waking state consciously and with intent you will see that your upsets and dramas over seemingly very large ordeals are surely a waste of your time and a distraction away from your true purpose here. It is in availing yourself of the opportunities you have been given via your spiritual insights and experiences that you will find the most success in this lifetime.”

This message reminder came along with a common saying and one I believe to be true – What you resist, persists.

I am the queen of avoidance (resistance). LOL

So I began to think of my OBEs. What lessons have they taught me? Have I been applying those lessons to waking life?

The evidence will be noted in both my waking and dreamstates. The lessons needed to be learned are more evident in the dreamstate because thought instantly creates reality. Here, in physicality, not so evident. Slower.

Part of being consciously aware is being lucid in waking life, not just in your dreamstate. The amount of lucidity that you have while dreaming is directly proportional to the amount of lucidity you have in your waking life. This is because the dream and the “reality” are one in the same.

On a positive note, I have made huge gains as evident by my dreams. My dreams are blending with my waking state more and more frequently. Often I cannot distinguish one from the other. Did I dream that? Or did that really happen? The answer: Yes. To both. lol

I won’t say “negative” but as a student of life, there are still many, many lessons yet to be learned. My avoidance of certain areas of waking life is beginning to catch up to me. My guidance has been trying to show me in my dreams and OBEs but I do not see. I don’t want to see.

In an OBE, if I do not want to see something and try to avoid it two things might happen: 1. I wake up or 2. I am trapped within the scene until I recognize what it is that needs recognizing and then I am free to move out of that scene. If I wake up, guess what happens if I go OOB again? Yep, I go right back to the scene I left. LOL

This is exactly the same thing that happens in waking life, too, just more slowly and with spaces of time between so that we think we have avoided what we want to avoid. We think, “I am free of [insert hellish situation or that which you wish to avoid]!” Then in a few months, years, even another lifetime, there we find ourselves right back in that situation.

I am not dense, I know this, many of you know this as well. It is true. Life repeats itself until the Truth is seen (lessons learned). If something continues to present itself, there is something still unseen.

At present, I am reminded of an OBE where I continued to come back to my teenage bedroom in my mother’s house over and over (9 times at least) regardless of how hard I tried to escape. I didn’t stay to learn what I needed to learn, so I kept returning. I am reminded of how conscious I was of this while it was occurring. Not very. 😦 In fact, my lucidity has been quite poor for a while now. It has dropped just in the last year.

Similarly, I am reminded of my waking life now. How are my actions similar to my actions in the above OBE scenario? Hahaha Exactly the same. So the solution? Stop trying to leave. Stay put and let life show me what it needs to show me. The lessons are right there to be learned, I just keep resisting them, trying to run from them. Why? Who knows. Probably attachment to outcome. Yep, that’s it.

And in staying put, allowing and accepting my present situation without trying to escape it, what will I find? Who knows. The key is to not over think it. It will find me and when it does and when I allow myself to see that which it shows me, I will be freed of it. This freedom could just be an acceptance of it or even finding joy in it. Ultimately it will free me up to change the scene if I still wish to do so. In an OBE this would be me materializing in a completely new place. 🙂

All of this goes along with following the heart as well. The mind is the one trying to go somewhere else, to greener pastures of whatever. Lucidity (awareness) moves up gradually on a gradient specific to the individual. The heart will tell the mind what to see, not the other way around. In an OBE, if I am not heart centered I am in what I call “the child” personality. I get nowhere in that state usually, but I have a lot of fun doing it. lol The child has been running rampant too long and wreaking havoc on my waking life as well. Love her and lovingly put her in her place (cage her more like it lol).

I hope this makes sense to you all. If not take what does and leave the rest. Or you can label me whatever you like and move on. 😉


11 thoughts on “On Lucidity

  1. mollyb111 says:

    ❤ this post. I label, lol, you as wise. Thank you. I had to pair my inner child with another (older/wiser) aspect of myself for awhile and when she resurfaced, it was a surprise to me. Gotta love our inner child though. It does know how to get our attention (at times like a kid who needs a nap or had way to much sugar).

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  2. Durinda says:

    This was so clear and concise. This journey can be enough of a challenge, so this explanation in terms that are easy to connect with is awesome.

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  3. […] My emotional state is still “in the dark” but Night time is also a time of dreaming.  This post on Dayna’s Living Life In Between blog is descriptive of how dreams and lessons coincide. […]

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  4. Interestingly my so far only OOBE led me to my teenage bedroom in my parent’s house. I didn’t analyse that too much, because many have reported projecting into their rooms of the past. But if I follow your route and try to give meaning to this as to a lesson, I would probably think that I need to go back to this self of mine, more true to my nature, than what I have become under the pressure of circumstances. I will give that another thought, thank you for the prompt.

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    • Dayna says:

      We tend to go back where we feel most comfortable or to a place we spent a lot of time in our lives. It does not necessarily mean you have things to resolve from that time period, but in this case, for me, it did. I have lived in many, many places. I spent quite a bit of time in MT yet I have never projected from there. Why? IDK. Same with the house I lived in for 7yrs. Yet I project from (exit my body and spent time OOB) the house I live in now. So, for me, the projection location usually has significance.

      Once you get more experience with projecting you will find you visit the same places time and time again. These places have a vibration/resonance that you are attracted to for some reason or the other. Could just be that you loved that time in your life or that space (could be otherworldly) or that you have issues to resolve there.

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