The Temple of Atlantis

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday yesterday. I took the day off. Rested and relaxed as my recent dreams have been indicating I needed to do. Toward the end of the day I got an urge to do yoga so I did so for 50 minutes during which I got flashes of a dream in which I was doing the exact poses I was doing in the particular routine. Most of the poses were for the sacral chakra, which was interesting.

I was awakened around 11:30am by another intense Kundalini dream experience which followed me into wakefulness. This was by far the most profound one yet. I know I keep saying that, bear with me. They just keep getting more and more profound!

Dream: Initiation by the Sisterhood

I don’t recall much of the dream. My sister was the primary focal point, though she was not really my sister but a “sister” character. I remember she was trying to encourage me to do something I normally wouldn’t do (typical of my real-life sister lol). I considered it sexual in nature and so interpreted it as such in the dream. She had asked me to curl up in child’s pose to allow her to insert something into my root chakra (you can see why I thought it was sexual!). I don’t know what she was inserting but when she did it woke me up straight away. Not because it hurt or sent a sexual sensation through my body, but because of the tremendously powerful energy that it created within me and the accompanying visions received.

I am now going to separate into sections my experiences. Be advised that all of the following occurred at the same time. It was instantaneous and very powerful.


The Kundalini Experience

I saw that she inserted what appeared to be a scepter or a rod of some sort. Never did I feel a sensation of this (thank God) but instead felt a burst of energy in my root chakra that was intensely powerful. It rumbled there, smoldering and waiting as if preparing to explode. At the same instant, a hollow, tube-like structure seemed to form up the central part of my body. One would think this means it followed my spine, but it felt to be in the very center of me and it was quite wide, probably at least as wide as the cardboard tube that holds paper towels. This I know to be Sushumna, the central channel, or nadi, through which the Kundalini flows. I felt Sushumna – every living, breathing inch of it.

Sushumna rose slowly and deliberately. When it reached a chakra that chakra would activate and when it did it felt like a warm, swirling ball of energy. I felt every one my chakras activate all the way to my crown. In the end, Sushumna was felt from my root all the way to my crown as well and I felt frozen in the position in which I found myself.

I was awake through the majority of this experience and it did not in itself alarm me. This is because the Kundalini was not at it’s full intensity. The root was contained but I did feel very intensely my heart and crown. I suspect had I been looking at my energy body at this time that I would have looked like a light show….or perhaps firework display? 🙂


The part that most alarmed me was that while still awake and experiencing the Kundalini I had the most realistic visions I have ever experienced and that is saying a lot. There was a merging of consciousness at this time that was experienced. That is the best explanation I can give. The feeling was like being sucked into a scene. My consciousness literally was pulled into another Time and place. Or maybe it was the present for there seemed to be no Time at all really. When I try to make sense of it or picture what it must have looked like, I think it must have looked like a blending of my mind with another’s. The image is like my entire head being stretched until it blurs and blends with the scene. Crazy, right!? lol I felt like I was tripping out but that even doesn’t come close to an accurate description.

The visions alarmed me. Not because they were scary but because they were familiar to me. I knew what I was seeing and understood it completely. There was instant Knowing. It was like, “Oh yeah, I remember now.”

I saw something even I am struggling to believe so bear with me and keep an open mind.

There was standing on either side of me two priests (not sure what else to call them). They were wearing distinctive clothing unlike any I have ever seen. It was like a mixture of Egyptian and Mayan. They were holding staves in their hands that were lit with fire on top. Everything was golden in color and the room seemed to be ablaze with fire but it was not hot and the only fire I saw was atop the staves.

These two priests were familiar and I had sudden Knowingness that what I was going through was practiced for thousands of years. It was a rite of passage, an initiation and connected to the priesthood.

At the same time, someone was talking to me but I did not see him. I heard him from all around me as if he were everywhere. I can’t remember now what all he said, but his voice was booming and it felt very surreal. I heard what sounded like Temple of Alantis (note it did NOT sound like Atlantis for there was no “T” heard).

I want to explain how this vision felt a little more. It felt like I was one with the scene. It was not just experiencing it as if I was present there. It was like the knowledge contained in it flowed as one with me. It was as if the Knowledge was mine when received; as if it had always been there.

By this time I was able to sit up and function as normal while this merged state continued (yeah I don’t know how either). I got out a pen and paper and began to write what I was receiving.

I see two priests holding staves of fire on the temple stairs. Steep pyramid rising up behind them resembling a Mayan temple. Fire everywhere. It is as if they [the priests] look into my soul and I looked into theirs. As if I can see into Time or maybe Time is within me. My root is filled with energy and all chakras are lit up but not completely. This is the Pillar; establishment of the Pillar. A rite of passage, one traveled by the initiates of the Temple of Alantis (Atlantis?). I hear Alantis but I think Atlantis. Where’s the T? Vast amounts of knowledge held here. I feel a part of me is activated. I am asked/told I am to do this – be a part of this – lighting the fires within. I am told the fires will rage within me and cannot be put out.

OMG I see the Temple again. There is a massive golden globe lit up with fire from within. It is hanging or hovering at the top of the stairs in the center of the Temple. it spins and the continents are glowing. They do not look like the ones from today. The Arc of the Covenant is from here – it contained ancient knowledge. It [the knowledge] was lost – burned – destroyed.

These images feel sacred in my mind – they are a part of me and these priests are as well. This is my ancient heritage.

There is memory that I did not write down at the time, but I will share now. It was that when Atlantis was destroyed priests (individuals) were sent out with the knowledge they were able to save. They were to share it so that it was not lost, but vast amounts of knowledge were still lost. Some was buried, but most was destroyed over time or distorted over time.

There was Knowing that I was going to receive this knowledge. I was not afraid of it nor was I nervous even.

There was memory of dedicating our lives to our “ancestors in the sky”. I don’t recall doing this myself per se. It was more like We did this but it was the shared memory of it rather than my own. Hard to describe.

My Considerations Afterward

After the energy settled and the merging ended, I was looking at my guides and thinking they were playing a joke on me, laughing at me from wherever they are. This is their personality so I wouldn’t put it past them. Ha!

I, personally, have little to no interest in Atlantis, Egypt, the Maya, or any of this part of our past other than a slight fascination and curiosity. The past life memory I have of being a priestess in Egypt was clarified. I don’t think it was Egypt that I saw/remembered from the life. It was most likely Atlantis. But now I am not sure. Maybe it was Egypt. Maybe it was Meso America. Maybe it was Atlantis. What I saw in this recent merging seemed to mix the two known civilizations. Which is which? Who knows.

All I know for sure is that the Kundalini is REAL. I felt it. And it is ALIVE. This is not just some energy that brings orgasmic sensations. It brings Knowledge far beyond anything I have ever experienced. I experienced BEING the Kundalini. WTF right? lol And the Kundalini wasn’t even fully active. I can’t imagine what I am about to experience as it is clear that I am prepped and ready for whatever it to come. Sushumna is open; completely clear (I felt it up to my crown) and ready. I should be excited, but I’m not. It still feels very much like a dream. And even if I am to receive this knowledge from the past, what am I suppose to do with it anyway? Oh, probably write a book. We’ll see if I am given the tools to do that as I feel completely unprepared and my knowledge inadequate for such a task.

And why did I hear Alantis and not Atlantis??

Edit: I wanted to add, when I awoke and the K was rising, I could still hear fireworks being set off in the neighborhood. I also believe that had I looked at the clock when I first woke up that it would have been 11:11pm. Wish I had looked.



17 thoughts on “The Temple of Atlantis

  1. Durinda says:

    I have also felt drawn to Egypt, the pyramids and symbols. Also not a strong desire to read about it, but this pull toward pictures, etc. I once met a young lady in a workshop I attended a couple of years ago and when she sat in front of me I heard the words “high priestess”. I felt compelled to tell her and she said her spiritual mentor had told her she was a high priestess. It is all just awe inspiring.

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    Sometimes I hear Atlantis as Alanis so interesting you said no, t. I often don’t hear either t. I received messages and was also like, this is nice but I want to know about…. haha. Since I’ve been grateful. Ended up explaining some of my personality, why I do certain things and in time I felt like I was able to clear some now not needed aspects.

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  3. mollyb111 says:

    Come to think about it… I’ve had that happen with other places/guides as well. A get A Star for ashstar and I know there are other examples. Ashstar (to me) also looks nothing like what I see on google images either. He doesn’t have to be a blue eyed, blond hair white guy, lol.

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  4. Durinda says:

    I like to think our guides come to us in ways that either we can relate too or what will help us understand the best way possible. Though some of the forms they take can be quite startling lol.

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  5. truthcodex says:

    I’ve heard from somewhere [I think Bashar] that Atlantis is what we in modern times call it. It was referenced as something slightly different back then. And I do believe it was Alantis rather than Atlantis.

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  6. teleile says:

    Kundalini is only half the process. It works to remove your imperfections, but that’s all.

    Kundalini and the New Earth. [the New Earth isn’t a 3D material ‘place’].

    “On the new Earth, kundalini is unnecessary and won’t be a part of the human experience. The purpose of the activated kundalini energy is to clear the soul’s karmic energy which kept it attached to the Earth and it’s lower nature. As a soul ascends to the new Earth, the karmic energies are cleared through Christ. Thus they are free of these attachments as well as Luciferic influence. In addition, the second chakra is the lowest level on the new Earth, therefore the kundalini mechanism which sprang from the root chakra has been bypassed and eliminated through the Earth’s evolution.
    Solomae has intuited that during the next 7 years there will be an increase in kundalini awakenings.
    These awakenings will lead many astray as they will feel divine, but will be directed by the lower energies through the root chakra level which has now been cut off from Christ.”

    See link:,183291,184031

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes, I understand that as it was already explained to me by my guides just not in the same terms. And I disagree – the K IS divine and I disagree that anyone or anything dimension or otherwise is ever “cut off” from Divinity. Maybe forgotten or unseen but never cut off.

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  7. I’m not even sure that Atlantis actually existed in 3d. It’s primarily an Astral domain. These domains are quite substantial and can be confused with actual physical realities experienced in 3d. Alanis sounds like the female counterpart to the high mind male dominated Atlantian domain. Carlos Castaneda was given “writing” as a sorcerers task by his NAGUAL mentor Don Juan Matus.

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    • Dayna says:

      Where it exists/existed is of no consequence really. That is interesting about Castaneda. I lost interest mid-way through his book The Teaching of Don Juan so have not read any more of his writing or about him.

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  8. herongrace says:

    Totally awesome experience Dayna! Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Of course Atlantis existed all and was totally destroyed in that biblical great flood. It was a very cosmopolitan, international continent which was situated in the “Atlantic!” ocean.
    They had long before its destruction set up connections, trade with Europe, The Americas and Egypt,
    I totally agree with you that where we are headed towards has no place for petty fears and judgements of others.
    I do hope to also be getting physical/ emotional clearance sometime. Maybe I am, it’s just very subtle?

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    • Dayna says:

      A long while ago I was given information on Atlantis, during the beginning of my awakening (2003-2004). I was fascinated by it then but lost interest in it over time. I remember knowing it was protected at one point by a dome because of the climate changes on Earth and recall a life in which I experienced the flooding that ultimately destroyed it. Now that this information is returning and in a quite profound way, I am wondering why now?

      The Kundalini being involved is also curious. Is this my clearance? IDK. Honestly, I have no idea what is going on really other than knowing what it is like in the moment. Once it passes I am back to, “Did I dream that? Did I make that up?” This reality is so starkly different from that and no one really can confirm or deny what I experienced. When I read this post I think, “I am a great fantasy writer.” I always did love fantasy the most. 😉 Perhaps that is all it is, really, and then I guess who cares, right? At some point, if this is REAL (whatever that means) then I suppose my other reality (physicality) will disintegrate completely. And maybe that is what is happening now?

      I am sure you are cleared or will be – whatever that means. But then I should ask, Are you sure you want it? lol

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      • herongrace says:

        Thank-you Dayna for your reply. I’m up for it!
        O.k. Atlantis… As I’m sure you are aware, we all tend to reincarnate within our group soul.
        Most of us come from Atlantis. Karmically we are asked this life time to act ethically as spiritual scientists. Back in Atlantis scientists were advanced in crystal technology and mucking around with genetics but a bit short on common sense and foresight and blew the continent up.
        Today we are facing similar choices. After Atlnatis Soul Group then practised much healing governance etc in Egyptian lives, then ancient Greek, Britain and so on through to Western so called civilisation.
        I think your visions are showing your clearings to receive downloads of previous knowledge and amazing abilities.
        Interesting to see if you start to gravitate towards working with crystals.
        Also the people who come into your life are part of your soul group and you will all activate each others memories.

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