I awoke around midnight from another dream experience that has me a bit shaken.

Dream: John 3:16

I was alone in a dark room. Prior to this there had been a brief episode of sliding down tubes similar to being on a water slide. I stood in the center of the this room and a light was shining down on me from above. I could not see the source of the light. The room was made of rough, dark stone and reminded me of a dungeon.

Scripture was being read aloud. I was reciting it. The specific scripture that I kept repeating was John 3:16:  

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I was reciting other parts of this chapter of John, too, but I don’t remember it.

Eventually I was screaming this up at the light, hoping someone would hear me. I could hear others reciting the scriptures with me but I couldn’t see them. I remember being both the person standing there and the Observer of the scene. As the Observer I saw that the me standing there was draped in chains.

As I became more and more lucid, the scripture became more prominent and the scene less so. I focused on the 3:16 and somehow felt it corresponded to the month of March – March, 16 (2016).

Message: Velantium

I awoke from this dream with a start and feeling as if I had just been drowning. There was a panic I felt but it was not overwhelming. I was also very confused and disoriented so it took me a few seconds to get my bearings.

There was a group nearby in the shadows. I recognized them but because I was in such a frantic state still, their energy scared me and caused me to doubt their intentions. One Being stepped forward, just a silhouette. He had on his head a pointy headdress, which he took off and placed on the ground as he knelt in front of me. I recognized the headdress. I had seen it in a recent OBE on the lady/angel who had been standing over me. What was it? Was it a crown? Was it a helmet of some sort? Why was it pointy? And then I noticed all the others with who accompanied this Being who was kneeling down wore similar headdresses.

There came with this scene before me a feeling of not wanting to experience this, whatever it was. There was also a fear of what it meant and a knowing that it was not going to just “go away”. In realizing this there was an ever more fierce desire to escape the inescapable.

The group before me, whatever their origins, whoever they were, began to transmit messages. I was unable to do anything about receiving them. If I tried to remain awake, I was pulled into the in-between where visions and messages seemed to flood my mind.

I received this message:

17,900 years of waiting.

A great flood (vision of a room being flooded and feeling of connection to Altantis).

An army of mystics returns.


Eventually I returned to sleep. When I awoke later I felt calmer but the dream experience was still vivid in my mind. There still is a feeling that this, whatever it is, will not stop. It makes me feel a bit crazy on the one hand but on the other I feel totally sane, maybe more sane than ever.

I felt very much connected to the vision that came with the above message. I recognized it somehow. There was a conversation somewhere in the night with my guides reminding me that I could not ignore “the call”. The feeling is so intense that I want only to withdraw completely from this spiritual path and immerse myself in mundane things just to feel normal again.


8 thoughts on “Velantium

  1. Wow, This feels very important.

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    I feel the importance as well. Can I ask why you chose the Ark of the Covenant to illustrate this post?

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    How interesting. The ark comes up for me a lot for the manna it carried or, better said, protected. Exposure to sunlight caused it to vanish. It also levitated the ark.

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  4. This may be completely off the wall but my impression is that you were experiencing those chained by scripture and the religious spirits associated with them. It’s somewhat confirmed by the priest removing his headdress …. removing the appearance of spirituality presented by the priesthoods and breaking free of religious indoctrination.

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    • Dayna says:

      This very well could be the symbolism of it. Thank you. I find it interesting, though, that this scripture was about being reborn, which is a process I am currently going through.

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