On Dreams and Expectations

I’ve gotten several indicators that today is the day of my “new birthday”. Yet nothing so far has happened. I slept hard for the first time in over a week, though. Yay! I fasted all day on the 2nd as instructed, but it was a juice fast since I couldn’t handle no food at all. I even got to astral project during a nap twice yesterday! So why didn’t the Kundalini rising continue as foretold? Probably because I’m a schmuck.

I was not in a good mood when I woke up either. I was mad because there was no K energy and nothing happened after I spent all day fasting. I was being very hard on myself for falling for this “nonsense” – all of it from my connections to my Council, to Twin Flames, and soul exchanges. I even had it in my head to just stop writing in my blogs altogether. I have been doing so for long enough anyway – since 2011! 5 years of writing and I could have written several books in all that time instead of babbling away about random spiritual life happenings, dreams, OBEs and my rambling considerations of such things.

Taken In-Between

One of my guides was very close and I was pulled into the in-between where he was standing next to me. His size and coloring were immediately  apparent. He stood at least two feet taller than me and his coloration was of greens and blues that seemed to shift and move as if he were iridescent. Unfortunately, I could not see his face. He was most definitely not human!

We were inside a small viewing porticus looking over a beautiful, expansive city that extended as far as I could see. The land upon which the city was situated was very flat and I could see lights dotted about and in lines zig-zagging here and there indicating buildings and movement similar to one of our Earth cities. I was surprised to be there with him but immediately disinterested, feeling he was trying to distract me with other worldly delights. But this was not his intent at all. He spoke to me about this city, even giving it a location in space. I lost the name of the location almost immediately but knew this was a grand city whose primary purpose wast to extract a certain mineral resource that was not available on Earth. I recognized we were standing in some kind of viewing window overlooking this city from high above. I suspected then we were on some sort of space craft.

The mere presence of his energy caused me to immediately shift into my heart space. It’s like he flipped a switch and my mind shut down and my heart opened up.


Discussing Expectation

Then he was talking to me, discussing expectation. I am upset because I feel I am not allowed to have future expectations. I think, “But this is what motivates me and gives me something to look forward to!”

My guide gave an example, then. He said, “If a man is shot, does he not bleed?” Yes, of course. Then he said, “There are some things you know will happen.” And the word, “Science” came to mind followed by the all familiar phrase (Newton’s Third Law of Motion), “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

I thought about it and I understood. Sure. Whatever. That still makes me feel like crap because the information I get about spiritual things is by no means scientific. I have not studied what I am going through and neither have very many others. It is hard to find information about the K energy, about spiritual awakening, about all the stuff I am experiencing. There seems no specific pattern, no clear-cut stages, no “if this happens, then this happens”. It all seems up to chance.

My guide then explained that having hopes/dreams is not the same as having expectations or attaching to a certain expectation/outcome. It is the attachment to a certain outcome – the “putting all your eggs in one basket” approach – that is to be avoided. It is by doing this that we become upset when things don’t go as we would like. Instead, we should not hold any one outcome as better or worse than the other. We should accept the outcome as a learning experience, learn from it and be pleased we were allowed an opportunity to learn from it.

He then gave began explaining the purpose of dreams and as I typed this he came through quite easily and unexpectedly as if to reiterate his point:

“Dreams are the explosion of our creative potential into a specific targeted direction. Once we dream them, they are dreamed and we do not dwell on them long. They are gone as soon as they appear and we hold them not in our minds as the “one thing” we must or should have. Dreams are the canvas upon which we paint our life. Without them, we would have no life worth living for life indeed would be very drab.”

With this I was reminded of my projections and how when things within the astral environment change I do not flinch or allow it to cause me upset. I note it, accept it and move on, even if that object or thing happens to change multiple times within the projection. Very often I am surprisingly pleased that the change has occurred. It is viewed as “new” in that moment and like a child I find it amusing and fun.

For example, doors are always moving around in my dreams and my projections. They will start out where they are suppose to be and then reappear behind me or disappear altogether. I do notice this happening, or else I would not remember it at all, but I do not become upset or worried about it. I see the change and think, “That wasn’t there before” and immediately it is gone from my mind, nothing more than a mild curiosity that had I dwelt upon it would have distracted me from what I was there to learn and ultimately ended the projection altogether.

“So you see, my dear one, how our dreams allow us the opportunity to try on different realities so that we can choose correctly in this physical incarnation that which we would like to experience. I say “correctly” only so that you understand that we all have choices, multitudinous choices, from which to select and though all are correct not all will be tried and tested within the dream state. If you can take what you have learned via the dreamstate – via your OBEs, via your communications with US, via your inner journey – and apply it to your waking state consciously and with intent you will see that your upsets and dramas over seemingly very large ordeals are surely a waste of your time and a distraction away from your true purpose here. It is in availing yourself of the opportunities you have been given via your spiritual insights and experiences that you will find the most success in this lifetime.”

All of this I was surely not expecting upon rising this morning! What a surprise! “It does indeed give you something to chew on, does it not dear heart?” Yes, indeed.


5 thoughts on “On Dreams and Expectations

  1. truthcodex says:

    LOL. I *just* got done with a channeling about shifting expectations. Then I came on here and saw your blog about the same exact thing. Receiving the same info – again.

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    Gosh I love the first part of this – the truth. I get it! Really though, I ❤ all of this and YOU!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. artistpath says:

    Your journey is fascinating to me! I haven’t studied the Kundalini and I’m learning so much from reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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