Nothing Like an Afternoon Projection….or Two

Despite a rough night and a full week of energy onslaught I took my guides’ advice and am doing a liquid fast today. I chose to incorporate juicing because my high-metabolism-body needs more than just water and lemon juice all day long to function properly. The fast started last night around 8pm and will go until tomorrow morning if I can make it that long. Approximately 36 hours.

So far so good. No major blood sugar drops. Only side effect thus far is a headache but that is because I skipped my daily cup of coffee. I had two different juice combinations for breakfast along with a hefty amount of water – an antioxidant one with strawberries, blueberries and lime and another that was carrot, apple and ginger.  I had a double round of a melon detox juice (yum!) and I did sneak a few bites of watermelon. I didn’t see the harm considering it is mostly water anyway. 😉 Just now I had a juice made of more greens than I normally eat in a day. Hoping that one does not come back to haunt me.

Since I am as exhausted as a mother with a newborn these days, I have been laying around most of the day. I only put forth effort when I make the juice and if you have ever juiced then you know it is quite an effort, especially to clean it afterward! My husband took the kids with him to help me out and so I went directly to bed. Of course, when I lay down I was not tired and my mind went through a gauntlet of thoughts. I felt my guidance, though, and as I became more and more relaxed, they became more and more present in my energy field.


They sent me a vision which was quite unexpected. I saw very clearly a man standing in green grass with a device in his hand. My attention was drawn to his feet which were completely bare. Then I noticed what he was doing: surveying. I laughed and came out of my reverie. Barefoot, just like I was in a recent dream. To me it means I have gotten to the point of allowing myself to feel vulnerable and freed of self-limiting beliefs. But it can also be a sign of indecision or a choice needing to be made. The surveying part was a message that me and my guides are preparing for what is ahead; making sure everything is exactly right. I was reassured that I am “ready”.

OBE: Spilling Milk

I should have known I would project. Laying there in bed in the middle of the afternoon, alone and with spiritual intent, I was reminded of the early days of my awakening. I use to take afternoon naps all the time to induce a conscious exit and then play for hours in the astral. So I said point blank to my guides, “I want to astral.”

The most common way to project for me is to go to sleep and then wake back up (WBTB) but since this was the afternoon I chose the meditation route. It was not long before I felt the energy settle over me like a blanket and my crown, third-eye and heart begin to buzz. What happens after is usually hynagogia but I skipped that part. It all just blacked out for a moment and then I heard noises as if my family was in the house. Of course, they weren’t in the house and I knew that, so as soon as I recognized the noises-off I sat up in bed and literally walked right out of my body. 🙂

I entered my old bedroom from high school. The colors were all gold and my vision was not as clear as I would have liked, but oh well. I still heard the noises that I had heard before but now I was able to focus on them. It was the sound of the television from the other room. I went through the door and into the living area, picked up my youngest child and went straight outside into the front yard.

Outside it was the middle of the day and the sun was almost too bright. I saw a bunch of people gathered in the driveway. I didn’t know them but I saw a man I thought I recognized standing with a woman I thought I recognized. Rather that talk to them, I took my son by the hand and led him up the gravel drive. It was very obvious to me then that I was barefoot, too. I remember thinking, “This normally would hurt my feet.” But there was no pain. I lifted up off the ground about a foot and led my son up the drive. What is odd is that I had in my hand a nearly empty gallon of milk and I was pouring the remaining contents on the ground as we flew up the drive. I was really happy to pour out the milk for some reason. lol

When we got to the end of the drive my son went to the mailbox and opened it up. He put something inside and I was about to ask him about it when the man who had been down by the car interrupted me. I don’t remember what he said but I knew him then. He was one of my guides. I don’t think I was suppose to be there either.

This guide was quite big and his hair was a nearly white blonde and shoulder length. He grabbed me and turned me toward him quite roughly. I was in a playful mood so didn’t care. I reached up and kissed him square on the lips. I think I was hoping for some Kundalini rising, but there was nothing like that.

He kissed me back but he also returned me to my bedroom and lingered there until I went back to my body. It was like he escorted me back. Ha!

OBE: Woman in a Headdress 

Whatever his message was, I don’t think I quite got it because as soon as I was back in my body I heard the noises-off again and knew I could exit. As soon as I began to sit up, I both saw and felt someone standing over me. My vision was not on yet so I began to open my eyes and squinted as I began to see the outline of a very beautiful woman take form. I think I had expected my blonde guide because I said to her, “You’re a woman!” I could see jewelry hanging off of her. It was gold and she appeared to have both a necklace and dangling earrings. She touched me on my back and rolled me toward her. Still in my playful mode I was thinking she was being sexual but I was not interested in that. I just wanted to see her more clearly. Unfortunately, it was like she was back lit so it was hard to make out any of her features. Whoever she was, she was quite beautiful energy-wise and from what I could see of her. She also was wearing some kind of very large headdress. The headdress was spiky and seemed to form a star over her head. The way she was moving my astral body I began to wonder why she was there. She kept rolling me back into bed and toward her, as if she was trying to lay me flat. Eventually she got what she wanted and my projection ended. Right before I went back into my body, though, I saw very clearly gold-tipped, white, feathered wings coming out of this woman’s back.

When I came back into my body I was laying on my back with my arms over my head. I don’t remember being in that position to begin with. I wanted to try and go back OOB but my energy seemed to fizzle. I got the message quite quickly that I needed to get up and get more “sustenance”. So I did.





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