A Taste of Divinity

Exhausted is not the right word for how I feel this morning. Wrung out may fit better. lol

I began to get tired around 8pm but when I finally made it to bed around 9-10pm I felt wide awake. My guidance was right there in my face and close. I felt I should do yoga, so I did, thinking it may help relax me some. It did help with my lower back which has felt somewhat stiff since the Kundalini began to rise, but other than that it didn’t do much.

The minute I rolled on my side to try to sleep the energy began to pummel me. It was hitting me from above, the side, behind me – all directions and sporadically. The minute I closed my eyes my head began to spin and I remember opening them quickly and saying to my guidance, “Whoa! What are you doing to me?!” The vertigo was so intense that I became slightly nauseous from it.

I lay on my back hoping it would settle the energy and it did but my heart began to surge with energy up into my throat area and my head began to buzz with the energy helmet. I could sense my guidance right over the top of my head. I could feel very acutely my energy body and my physical body. This is not something I normally feel when wide awake. It is more common while in the in-between or prior to going OOB.

The energy stream continued to pummel me for hours. It sent me into an ecstatic high and my mind began to fill with all sorts of ideas about how to share my experiences. The urge to share was almost compulsive. I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs to everyone telling them they have no idea what is coming! This wonderful, miraculous power that is US is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW accessible!

What kind of download was this? I have no clue if it even was a download. When I think back on it and consider what my experience was like, it resembled Kundalini but coming from the top (crown) and going down into my high heart. But then it was not chakra by chakra either, it was all of my upper chakras at once and it was dizzying array of energetic sensations that I have no words to describe. My entire head was engulfed in energy and it snaked down the back of my neck, around the front of my neck and down into my heart. Where the energy hit my throat it felt explosive and alive, thus the urge to yell or sing or express myself right then and there.

But I didn’t. Instead I brainstormed. I need to do another video. Several videos. Soon. I need to express what is inside me somehow, some way.

I didn’t fall asleep until about 1am and only after I pleaded with my guidance to please let me sleep.

No surprise, I woke up with a headache.

I am fascinated by the Kundalini. I am absolutely in love with him/her/it. This experience is spectacularly Divine in every way. And I am told it is just the beginning. This is just a taste of what is to come.



4 thoughts on “A Taste of Divinity

  1. sophia kuzminski says:

    Enjoy the energy down loadeing at night.
    While day hours walk with Light Shining through you for all to see your Divine Love.
    You are Love
    You are Light
    You carry Divine in You from Way Above

    Liked by 2 people

  2. kittyasmith says:

    Wow, I knew something intense was going to be coming from yesterday’s post. I have been sending love and energy for support to your HS to be used at will. Thank you for sharing this wonderful message!!

    Liked by 1 person

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