Me, Persnickety?

Just some random dreams I am posting for later reference.

Dream: Assignment

I put on a pure white, very heavy, knitted sweater. I knew it was too hot to wear, yet I chose to anyway. I felt uncomfortable wearing it.

Nervous, I walked into a conference room. Situated at a very long conference table were approximately 13 individuals, men and women. The atmosphere was very laid back. In fact, several of the men and women at the table had their feet up on the table and were casually conversing amongst themselves. I stood in front of them, nervous. Much was discussed but all I remember was the topic: my job. It wasn’t a job interview. It was instead a job assignment. I knew that I was a counselor, or at least that is what I felt my job was.

A woman passed me and another woman a list of what we were to do. My list was longer than the other woman’s yet our jobs were identical. I remember feeling this was unfair and so I objected, raising my hand and asking, “Why does she not have as much to do as I do?” I don’t remember the answer but I accepted it quietly despite still feeling it was unfair.

In the back of my mind I remember thinking to myself, “You should speak up for yourself before you end up in a situation you can’t get out of.”  But then I still didn’t because I felt so unsure if it was the right decision. I didn’t want to seem resistant, but I was.

When I woke from this dream I did not know who I was and I could not identify anything other than the fact that I had just received my assignment. It took me a while to remember who I was and my first thought was, “Why would I wear a sweater like that!?” lol Then I realized I had been communicating with my Council. No wonder I was nervous.

Dream: Persnickety 

I was with a group of friends and we entered a craftsman style home. I went directly out the back door into the back yard. It was dark outside and I heard one of my friends chattering away behind me. She was familiar with long, straight black hair and quite pretty. She was telling me that one of our friends went to get take out and then asked me when I got the automatic lock/unlock feature on my door. I told her I hadn’t as I went back inside. I checked the door and sure enough there was a small, black box next to it with a blinking green light. I guess we did have that feature after all.

A girl arrived with the take-out which was fried catfish. She was handing out the food so I went up to get mine. She asked me, “Do you want the fish with the persnickety seasoning on it?” I looked down and saw baked fish with red colored seasoning on it. I said, “Is it any good?” She said, “Yes, it’s great but it might give you indigestion.” I remember wondering what persnickety tasted like.

I woke up knowing that someone was making fun of me in this dream. They called me persnickety! Which, I probably am and it probably has given me and others lots of indigestion! lol

Dream: Mosquito

In a semi-lucid state I was standing downstairs in my kitchen speaking to a man that I could not see. As we talked something kept buzzing in my ear. I swatted at it a few times and then stopped talking to try and focus on killing the darn thing. It sounded very much like a mosquito and in the dream this is what I assumed it was. I could see it zipping back and forth. I was never able to kill it.

I suspect the mosquito that was bugging me was my guides trying to get me to listen. lol

Dream: Evil Teacher

In this dream I was reporting to a new job. I was a special education teacher and went into a classroom. It was to be my temporary room and another teacher was already inside. She had all the students busy and looked like a teacher I use to work with in the past. This teacher was really annoying so this is likely why she was in the dream because I remember thinking I could not work with her. I soon changed my mind and asked her for some suggestions and that whole section of the dream ended.

Then a man with dark hair approached me. He said to me, “I know you” and in my mind I recalled other dreams in which I had done things I was not proud of – all pertaining to school/education. I felt very ashamed of myself and knew this man knew all of my past misdeeds. Instantly I wanted to get away from him as fast as I could. I ran out of the building into the parking lot but he followed me.

I went to a nearby building, an old museum, to hide but he followed. I tried to bar the doors but he somehow got inside. So I decided I would confront him. I grabbed a large US flag with a pointed pole and sneaked up behind him. I saw that he had a young boy and my youngest son with him. To my horror I noticed evidence that he had molested them. Angry, I took the flag pole and stabbed the man in the back pushing the pole up through his abdomen and out the front through his throat.

This is probably the most disturbing dream I have had in over a year. When I woke up my root chakra was pulling and it confused me. I was told I was purging the final vestiges of blockages there. 



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