Good Year

As I was driving my children to their mini-summer school, I looked up and saw a sign I see every time I drive that route. A Goodyear sign at some business near our house. When I saw it I recognized it instantly as a message and I bubbled over with laughter. My heart literally jumped out of my chest. Yes! It will be a good year!!

The memory of a message I had received upon waking returned to me in that instant – thus the bubbling over with joy and knowingness. I had been forewarned of my upcoming Return. But this time I connected it to my solar return which translates as my birthday. Which is very, very close. Return = solar return = birthday = good year. hehehe

Can you feel my energy!? I am high on life. Flying in the clouds like the…yep…Goodyear Blimp!


Oh and the song that way playing was this one, yet again the chorus. But how does one bottle up this kind of energy? No way!

Molly, this post seems like it could be one of yours. Couldn’t help but think of you when I wrote it. ❤


3 thoughts on “Good Year

  1. Keep Flying high Dayna.. and enjoy xx

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  2. Dayna says:

    Thank Sue. 🙂 Ended up crashing again this afternoon. Nap time. lol


  3. mollyb111 says:

    haha and awe… I love you, too! With you in Spirit. Energy has been intense most of the day for me. All I feel is love, teary eyed joy. Been busy in many places 🙂

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