Kundalini Woes

The tiredness continues for me and is starting to get annoying. I am so over tired by the end of the day that things like too much noise or having to focus on someone talking just really annoys me. I feel like my mind and body are totally fried.

It doesn’t help that during sleep my mind is in overdrive. There are so many dreams going on that despite seeming to sleep deeply I wake feeling like I have been working all night long. Which I probably have been. Usually I would take Benadryl to help this issue but I have been advised to avoid it and stick to herbal supplementation. Valerian root can only do so much. I may have to try Melatonin tonight.

On top of endless dreams all night long, I keep being thrown into lucid dreams or OBEs (like yesterday’s) that result in major chakra explosions which wake me up. This is getting really tiring because 1. I don’t want it to happen and 2. it makes all of my lower chakras raw afterward. When I say “chakra explosions”, I don’t mean the Kundalini bliss kind, though they are directly linked to the Kundalini. I would much rather have the Kundalini bliss kind than what I am getting. lol This is very sexual and very out of the norm for me. I think the Kundalini has confused my body, either that or made it hyper-aware.

I suspect what is happening is major alignment work on my lower chakras because of the rawness in them afterward. The feeling is similar to how my body felt after giving birth. If you don’t know what this feels like, well I have nothing else to compare it to. It is like my insides ache all the way up to my diaphragm.

Honestly, right now I feel like I am being pursued by the Kundalini. It is relentless and I am so tired that I can do nothing about it. It is said that the Kundalini has it’s own mind and that resistance is futile. I find this to be true. Though I do not feel I am resisting, apparently a part of me is. This morning’s Kundalini-enforced “fling” is proof of this as I tried to leave and was persuaded to stay. And always I become very lucid, which makes it that much more uncomfortable.

I suspect the heightened lucidity is purposeful as well. It feels like a training exercise. Even in yesterday’s OBE I remember hearing a part of myself talking to me – like there is a part of me, a higher part, instructing me on how to react to this very physical energy. This morning’s dream (which woke me at 4:30 BTW) was similar. As I began to intentionally wake myself up to avoid the encounter I was reminded that I should stay and how to stay (refocus or in this case dampen my lucidity). And I listen to this instruction, which is a surprise to me!

Ultimately, I think these incidents are to prepare me for the next Kundalini event. I often prematurely end the Kundalini episodes. There was only one time the energy was allowed to complete and ever since I have woken up too soon. Either I feel overwhelmed, as in the last one, or I become too lucid too quickly and abort it. I don’t want to do this next time so I think I am practicing with the more physical version of the energy. I am sure many people would be happy to practice like this. Me, not so much. It makes me feel like a sex addict and throughout my day it continues to just nag at me. It makes me hate my body!

Now that I think of it, this rejection of the physical aspect could be why this is happening…..Sigh. Why can’t I just be normal??



15 thoughts on “Kundalini Woes

  1. mollyb111 says:

    LOL, normal?? For months I’ve been saying each moment is anew/different and this seems to continue yet in an even newer/heightened way, lol. One minute up, one minute sleepy land and so many other places/things. Are we there yet? ❤

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  2. rios2995 says:

    My first kundalini experience was so powerful that I stopped it the minute I became aware. I was so confused. When it happened again, it was like I was talking to myself…I was telling myself to breathe deeply and bring up the energy. Holy cow, energies moved up the root while energies moved down the crown. And it was like I exploded in the inside. I was shown a pillar then fireworks…awesome

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  3. Brendan Ring says:

    ‘Normal’ is no longer an option!

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  4. Its normal! Each time the resistance softens a little. Feeling sick after a clearing of blocks was a regular experience. It does get better as more blocked material is moved. Harnessing sexual energy instead of feeling shame about it has always helped and pouring that NRG into something creative can be beneficial….and it can make you wildly creative, which if you are a creative person is a huge plus. Let every ounce of resistance be your indicator that there’s more work to be done. And chin up!

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    • Dayna says:

      Thank you for this. 🙂 It is hard to find information on the K and what to expect and how to handle it. I am finding it easier to handle as time goes on and no sickness since May (so far). I have found that channeling the energy into something creative is helpful. Unfortunately, I have not had time to do most of the things I have thoughts of doing so far. Thanks again for your help!

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  5. I definitely relate—it has led me to work with others on creative projects just to speed up the process because it all can come so fast. Also working collaboratively is pretty magical after spending decades working alone. K made you sick?

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    • Dayna says:

      I am assuming it was the K. The first time it hit me, it hit me in the heart and then shot up and down at the same time. I ended up with a sinus infection (first one in my life) and to take antibiotics. The second one in May was not as bad and I got a sore throat and yeast infection on the same day. lol So nothing major, just irritating.


      • Sounds like an inflammation response! If you find this happening again, might be a simple anti gun flam story might work…there are a lot of very good natural ones like cercumin, and Pau D’arko. If your sinuses wind up being troubling a neti pot with warm saline is good for irrigation and there is a natural solution I use to keep sinus infections from getting bad. Its an old remedy and works if you catch it early. Its called ‘alkalol’ and was first formulated over a century ago. You will want to check to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. It beats having your system assaulted w antibiotics…which sometimes is a necessary evil.

        I know that there was a time when my body was creating a lot of fluids to try and soothe itself from the electricity of the active K and this often meant some inflammation, which makes for a breeding ground for germs, yeast, and all the rest. Anywho, here’s hoping it was just an isolated incident. Yours truly,
        the village witch doctor


      • Dayna says:

        Correction, I got sick with the sinus infection after the one in Feb – this one: https://livinglifeinbetween.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/why-is-this-happening-to-me/ Just so happens it was suggested in the lucid dream in which the K explosion occurred that I start taking curcumin. I have been taking it ever since and double the dosage after my last illness just on a whim. So very interesting that you mention as well. You are a very good witch doctor. LOL 😉

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  6. Well isn’t that interesting? Sounds like you already have excellent advice/intuition! Sorry- autocorrect misspelled “antinflamatory” and cut it up into a near indiscernible series of words.

    I had some tutoring by some presence within prior to the rise of kundalini, so I asked because I feel that we very much are being guided (if only we can utilize it instead of looking for teachers or gurus…its in us..).

    I have some stuff on Atlantis you might be interested in. One an interview on South America and another on a legend the Maya have about a lost country that sank (they fled then to South America the story goes). Perhaps you have been tapping past life experience/knowledge having to do with kundalini? Sorry for the yammer.

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    • Dayna says:

      Not yammer at all. Very valuable info/advice IMO. I’ll take all I can get, especially since I am full of questions about the K. I am very sure that past lives are coming up. I have spontaneous past lives pop up all the time. I have been actively guided since 2003 and get warnings of when the K will rise. The most recent guidance was that it will correspond with “lunar events” but since the solstice mine has been active almost nightly and is even shifting into the days now. Yay for me! lol

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