OBE: Are You Hungry?

So what did you think of the massive download energy this weekend? Exhausting is the word I will use since I was flat out barely able to find any energy to function because of it. Saturday was the worst day but yesterday I woke up with it and kept lounging in bed unable to free myself from its grip. I felt tranquilized. lol I asked for a solution and was told to get outside, so I did and it did help.

I was forewarned about the energy stream, which I wrote about here. The entire weekend event began with a massive Kundalini rising episode, too. Way to start off the weekend, eh!?  🙂

The main reason for my posting here today is because I got a surprise OBE this morning. Yay, right? Um, not so much. lol But I also had many vivid dreams last night and three – yes three! – friends of mine were with me. Pretty rare for my dreams.

Dream: Missing My Son

I was in an airport with my friend Yvonne Perry and some others of our group who I cannot remember now. She was leading the group and I could see her blonde hair almost glowing. It was shoulder length, which it is not in real life. She said to us, “You better get ready, we leave in an hour. We had to move up the schedule.” I asked, “What time?” She said, “2:30.” I asked, “What time is it now?” I heard, “1:30.” I remember thinking to myself, “That is not enough time to get ready!”

Then we boarded the plane and found our seats. It reminded me of a plane from another dream – way bigger than any normal airplane with a domed central area. A flight attendant came to inquire about what we would like for lunch. He was a nice looking, young black man with smiling eyes. I liked him instantly. We had a brief conversation about what I could and could not eat. We joked about my braces and their limiting my eating of “good” food. LOL

At some point we arrived at our destination. Where that was, I don’t know. My friend Molly was talking with me about leaving behind her children. We were both leaving behind our children. I remember saying to her, “I just have to say goodbye one last time.” I was getting sad at this point and a feeling of grief was quickly becoming evident.

trainThen I saw a set of three tiny toy trains on the floor. One was brand new and bigger than the others. I knelt down and put them in a circle and said, “He loved his choo-choo’s.” Then I saw him there, playing with his trains – my youngest. He was so happy and babbling away as he played. I watched and felt huge waves of grief hit me. Wave upon wave upon wave. I said, “It is not that I am sad that he is gone. I am sad that I will never see him again.” With this it felt as if I had left him, not that he had left me. It was like I was Spirit looking back at those in my life who were still living. I was the ghost and they were the living. Yet in the dream it appeared that my son was a ghost.

I woke up sobbing so intensely I could not breathe. My Companion was with me and I saw/felt him holding my hand. The feeling coming from him was that he understood. There was also a strange feeling that the dream was preparing me to leave. I wondered why losing my son was affecting me so and heard, “He still needs you.” That made sense. I use to have the same reaction when my mother needed me. Once she didn’t, I had no problem detaching. I heard from my Companion, “We are in this together.”

Dream: Dogs and Popcorn

In this dream I was inside the garage of a house. I heard a noise and went outside. There was this massive black dog roaming around. I saw him and tentatively put out my hand. He sniffed it and then went back to pacing in front of the garage I had just come from. There was another little dog, too. They seemed to be on alert to something. I was able to pet the black dog a few times before I went back inside.

Inside my friend David was handing out bags of caramel popcorn to me and my children. My bag had already been opened and I said something about it. My middle son said, “I did that.” lol I remember being worried about the dogs coming in and closed the garage door really fast. I did not eat my popcorn but gave it to my daughter.

OBE: Are You Hungry?

This OBE actually happened between the two above dreams. I had woken up at 3:30 sobbing and so got up to get a snack and calm down.

The next thing I remember is hearing my children moving about the house. I knew it was way too early and remember mentally cursing my luck and wanting to yell at them. Then I thought, “It is likely just the noises off that go with the trance state. Just ignore it.”

So ignore it I did only to hear the noises of my children even more loudly. I could not stand it. They were up way too early! I got out of bed and opened the bedroom door, yelling at them, “Get back to bed! It’s too early for you to be up!” But when I opened the door I saw a kitchen table in front of me. What??

I knew instantly I was OOB. Oops! How did that happen? lol

I calmed down and went toward the table. All three of my children were sitting at the table. My daughter had my youngest in her lap. My middle son was sitting in a chair by himself.

I sat down in front of my son. For some reason I was very happy to be there with them. I looked at them and I guess because they were at the kitchen table I assumed they were hungry. I asked them, “Are you hungry??” My daughter nodded her head no, as did my youngest. My middle son didn’t answer.

This is when the OBE turned really weird. Ultimately, my root and heart chakras exploded to the point that I woke up wondering what the hell just happened.

Not only had I been duped into having this OBE (I had no intention whatsoever to go OOB) but it appears that I was being encouraged to released some sexual tension. LOL I will say that since the Kundalini episode Saturday I have been extremely sexually frustrated. In considering the question I asked my children – Are you hungry? – the answer was clear.





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  1. mollyb111 says:

    Wow… I got chills. I love you and this.

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