Dream: Manna

Wanted to share the full version of this dream because it may have significance for later.

Dream: Manna

I was with a group of individuals, approximately three others, maybe more. I remember we were introducing ourselves to one another. All I recall now was that a woman said she was from Georgia.

We had a guide or leader who was male. The scene was somewhere in the deep South. The mood was nervousness mixed with concern for being caught.

We were keeping to the shadows, our guide leading the way. There was an abandoned house of some sort. It reminded me of an old gristmill. Our leader told us it was empty so we entered cautiously. It was decided we would stay the night there and leave in the morning.

I was afraid and sought out a hiding place inside the building. The worry was that some bands of raiders would find us and either kill us or take all of our food. While I was looking for my hiding place, our guide reassured me that there was nothing to fear. He seemed to give me a lesson during this time and a full history of what led to the circumstances we found ourselves in.

Some kind of major event had occurred and the current state was that all resources were limited. Water was scarce and those in power had taken over all remaining sources, restricting it even more and causing people to panic and resort to whatever means possible in order to obtain it. Food was also limited, but the main focus of the population was on obtaining water. I remember the guide explaining that the restriction of resources was purposeful, the intent was to have power over others. The lack was an illusion. There was plenty to go around, but the population was kept in ignorance. There was also discussion about the “natural order” of things. That Mother Earth was out of balance and had people allowed her to remain in balance none of this would be happening. The outcome was that people would suffer loss above and beyond what would have been the case had balance remained. The feeling here was that rather than lose a child or two to disease or a family member to illness, now entire communities would be lost. It would be seen as a devastating blow by humanity.

Someone was spotted outside the building and our leader reminded us to remain calm. A group of thugs entered bearing weapons. Their intent was obvious – take whatever they could and kill anyone who resisted.

When I tried to withdraw, our leader put out his hand, indicating that I should stay where I was. He then reminded us that there was no lack, that we were willing to share whatever we had. He made sure the men heard him, too. I remember being shocked as he went toward one of the armed men and offered him food. The man was shocked as well and put down his gun.

Our leader then told the men that we could create our own food. He spread out his arms and from the sky seemed to materialize tiny, square pieces of what appeared to be bread. He said there was plenty, enough for all. Each of us had a square of this food in the palms of our hands that seems to materialize out of thin air. It was known that one square was enough to feed a person for an entire day.

Then our leader taught us of the importance of the group; how we must gather together for the survival of mankind. If we didn’t, if we remained focused on our individual wants/needs and if we continued to allow fear to rule our hearts, then mankind would most definitely perish. There was a sense that this kind of group cohesion was so strong that any one of us would be willing to sacrifice our lives for the group. This is not to be confused with a kamikaze or suicide bomber type mentality. Instead, it is a willingness to offer ourselves up where we are most needed, even if that need may mean that we lose our physical body so that another may keep his.


When I awoke from this dream there was to my left a Being who has in the past visited me. His energy felt like that of the Lord Commander Sananda, but I did not ask as it really made no difference who he was. What mattered was that he was there and had given me an important message for mankind. I knew immediately that he had come to reiterate the messages given in the dream. The part that hit home the most was the part about being provided for, specifically the food which seemed to fall from the sky. I immediately called this food “manna” and understood that it would be provided to us. My thought was that it would indeed come from “the sky” as a gift from those who have been watching over us; those who are here to ensure the survival of our species.

6 thoughts on “Dream: Manna

  1. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Grand Dreams.

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  2. Karin says:

    Hahaha, what a wonderful suggestion of this dream! Manifesting bread out of thin air! Now this would be a great solution to any money or job loss problem. I have read that there are people around who know how to do this.
    I had something odd with money happening to me once. Two 5 Euro bills seemed to have turned into two 10 Euro bills. Really strange. Here, I wrote about this, and readers added more weird stories in the comments:

    I can’t wait to hear about your miracle stories about manifesting food or money.

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    This make complete sense to me Dayna. Plus, if you look at texts that speak of manna, it came from the dew. Animals recognize this and lick dew from the grass. I know other people who have witnessed this.

    Your vision is given in reference to what you will most easily understand.

    Manna exists here now and some of us are already perfecting methods of locating and collecting it.

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