Upgrade Time

At least for me. It is going on a week (more?) but the last two days and nights have been over the top. The energy itself is bearable. It is the information with the download that is overloading my system. I am soooooo tired right now. If I could put on the brakes I would, but apparently the only options available to me are accelerate or neutral. Neutral it is. Not interested in accelerating this right now. My mind is fried. My body hurts (back mainly). My eyes can’t focus well. I’m not hungry. My motivation is nonexistent.

This is affecting my family, too. Last night my husband laid on the floor next to me and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I had an awfully unproductive weekend (insert multiple examples here). Can’t you do something to help? Do I have to ask you for help?” There I am laying in a similar unmotivated fashion thinking, huh? I told him, “First off, your mom went into the hospital. That was your main focus. Second, how am I suppose to motivate you? I can’t even motivate myself!” lol This morning he was saying the same stuff. At 6am! I told him, “You don’t have to be doing all the time. Maybe you just need to not do, feel the feelings you are having, then maybe you will know what’s really going on. Have you thought of that? Maybe you should relax?” He said, “Relaxing for me is doing something productive, like a project.” I told him, “Sounds like you need to give yourself permission to not do. Change your definition of relax.” Then I invited him to come to my mom’s with me and the kids this afternoon (so he could relax lol). He hesitated and said, “Sorry, I have too much to do today.” He should have come with us. Sigh. Gemini’s. lol

My middle son is really struggling today, too. After about 30 minutes of swimming he fell asleep and now he is sleeping again! My mom thinks he is sick but he seems fine. He is just plain exhausted. Me, too!!!

I stayed in the pool probably 2 hours. I didn’t want to get out. Then, when I did get out, I felt so heavy and tired. Afterward, the drive home was tough. I was struggling not to go OOB on the highway. The highway seems to do that to me a lot these days. I see the rows of cars, hear my music playing, and begin to lose focus. It all gets very dream-like and unreal. Sometimes I see the highway like a tunnel or feel like my car is me flying (really cool). I have to tell myself over and over, “Focus.” Thankfully, I don’t stress out or anything. And no, this happens even when I am not tired. Today I had to focus a bit harder than usual.

And the downloads coming in, well, I will just call it a “building up”. My guidance tells me we are approaching an embodiment phase. Lots of us are about to receive a massive download called our Higher Self. Ready? Me, too.

Edit: I just learned that Neptune went retrograde this evening. Since Neptune is pretty much the planet that propelled me into this spiritual journey I am on, this must be significant for me, especially considering I am entering into another spiritual upswing as mentioned in my forecast.



2 thoughts on “Upgrade Time

  1. mollyb111 says:

    Oh I don’t like OOB while driving… that’s happened to me several times. I know I’m safe yet… The pool makes me feel great! And we both used the same word – embodiment – synch! 🙂

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