Guide Initiated OBEs

Have I told you lately just how much I love OBEs? Or how much I adore my guides? Well if not, I just did. My Team is awesome, even if they do laugh at me sometimes.

The night was eventful but I will start after I woke at 3:00am to one of my guides trying to get me to talk about following my heart and being my true Self. I was too tired to talk and so tried to ignore him. That didn’t work. Obviously.

OBE 1: Someone’s Behind Me

I had been in a lucid dream before I woke up in the dream and took over. The reason I woke up in the dream was because I heard someone talking to me and also because when I walked back through a normal size door, it shrunk to the size of a dog door and I barely squeezed through.

I could hear my guide and though I don’t recall what we were discussing there is memory here of going outside of the school I had been in. When we went outside it was a beautiful night and the stars were so brilliant that I was stunned by them. I remember seeing a city sprawled out in front of me. It was reminiscent of something out of a story book with older buildings and narrow streets of cobblestone. I remember there was a clock tower and a bridge.

I recall on of my children being with me temporarily during this OBE. I was showing them how to fly but at one point I remember making the decision to leave them behind. This, I feel, is significant for me. Usually, if one of my children is in my OBE, I make sure to bring them with me. When I made the choice to leave my child behind, the presence of my guide became very apparent.

At some point I became so absolutely joy-filled from the experience that I remember completely surrendering to my guide. With that, I felt myself going up towards the stars and then I floated there for a while, immersed in their brilliant light and taking in the scenery of the city from a position high above it. I felt someone gently nudging me forward so I felt around – behind me, on both sides – no one. Yet I knew he was there. I felt him nudge me! Then I began to move up, up, up and I thought, “I’m going to go into space.” I was all for it, but then I was held back by invisible hands. With that, my vision began to darken and I felt myself come into my sleeping body.

My main memories of this OBE are the feeling and the clarity of my vision. Both were spectacular.


OBE: Here I Am

When I felt my body all I wanted to do was return to sleep. There was no desire to be OOB and I didn’t care what happened, I was going to sleep. Yet it appears that was not up to me because the next thing I remember is being with a tall, slender, dark haired man inside a small room with children.

The children were my main focus as was the room. It was small, with a brightly colored sofa in the middle, a kitchen sink behind the sofa, brightly colored pictures on the walls, and toys and stuffed animals all around. I sat on the sofa with the man, who I did not really notice right away because I was talking to the children. We were talking about the things in the room, but I forget most of this part now. I recall one time seeing a small tea cup (child-sized) full of milk and pouring it down the sink whose drain had been tiled in beautiful mosaics. That was how the entire room was – mosaics, patterns, and geometric shapes in brilliant colors covered everything.

There is fuzzy memory here of practicing manifesting. I would create things, watch them appear, and then show the children. At one point, I went inside this section of the room and there were animals of all sizes piled in the corner. They had been mounted/stuffed by a taxidermist. While we watched, the animals came to life and suddenly all of them came running toward us. Thankfully, they were all small – rodents, squirrels, rabbits, otters and weasels. A mink crawled on me and I remember laughing because I could feel it’s tiny claws on my skin. There was no fear at all.

Then I was sitting on the sofa talking to a man. I didn’t question it at first. It was something I did all the time in body and out, so why would I? Then the man was laying on top of me, completely naked. He was facing up and I could feel his bare skin and see all of him except his face. I hugged him to me, feeling his warmth. His skin tone was darker than mine, sort of tan/golden and he was very thin and wiry/muscular. At this point it was like we switched places, back and forth. One minute I was looking at him and the next I as looking at myself in this body. I kept seeing my breasts and they were sagging and wrinkled like those of a woman much older than me. I wasn’t completely horrified but I remember not wanting to see it. lol

While I am seeing and experiencing this, we are talking. He says to me about my reaction to him, “You are not like the others.” I said, “Really?” The rest of the message came in a feeling/knowing – that the others reacted sexually or took the experience very seriously without recognizing him or the dream. This got me thinking, “What others? Oh, wait he must be my guide.” He confirmed and said, “I’m your guide.” Then I asked, “What do you call me, then?” He said, “You are my assignment.” That made sense and I completely accepted it and went back to feeling completely happy and joyful. It was like I was with an old friend hanging out.

There was in front of us a large television, one of those massive big screened ones. My guide encouraged me to inspect it and I touched it and the screen shimmered. I thought, “Portal” and so tried to go into it. I couldn’t. What? Then I was holding a cell phone and texting a message which was quickly edited by my guide. I don’t recall the message now but I know who it was to.

After some more talking, I remember wondering about his name and hearing, “Why don’t you ask me?” I remember thinking back, “I don’t care what your name is. You have many names, remember?” lol But I knew he wanted me to call him Tom, Major Tom, as in the song by David Bowie. Always a teachable moment with my guides. 🙂

I came back into my body at this point. My energy settled indicating I was not going back out. I wondered why  because at this point I was having fun and he said, “You need to remember”. I tried to remember but many points were fuzzy and he sent a “See, told you. The memories are fading” type of feeling to me. I remembered meeting him and laughed about it because he was butt naked. Then he reminded me of what he said and said, “You did not respond sexually, why?” I thought about it and said, “I’m not interested in that with you.” Then I thought about my counterpart and my heart lit up and he said, “Ah, yes, you are interested in him.” Then it was back to why he initiated the OBE in the first place, which I will save for another post – maybe. I think I may keep that to myself for now. 🙂




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