OBE’s Galore

I woke at 4am after a series of dreams. I was starving so got up and ate some yogurt. When I returned to bed I fell into a lucid dream that I soon realized for what it was. I was looking at the inside of a home with large, brightly curtained windows. There was a beautiful Spring day outside the window. I saw things in such vivid detail that I knew I was dreaming and took over the dream. When I did, I ended up at the top of my daughter’s bunk bed looking down at a very dark room. For a moment my vision remained but when it turned dark I lost lucidity and came back into my body.

Surprised that I had projected, I allowed my energy to settle for a bit. It was pretty calm compared to how it was the last time I projected. The next thing I knew I was OOB again after that. I projected back to the brightly lit room. Then I came back into my body not long after. I did this about 8 or 9 times total, the projections getting longer and longer as I went.

Since I don’t remember every single projection, I will recount the ones I do remember.

OBE: Peahen

In one projection I was standing at the front door of a house and saw a peahen. I talked to her as I let her out of the house. I said, “Oh, mama peahen, you must get back to your little babies.” lol This mama peahen was not like any I had seen, and we had raised many of them when I was young. She had the brown feathers of a female peahen, but hers were outlined in gold with tiny eyes that mimicked the male peacock. Each of the eyes was a dark, amber color. She was spectacular for a peahen. I knew during the experience that this was significant. Peacocks = manifestation. Female peahen = female manifestation. Female power.

OBE: Bunny and Tiger

One short projection was primarily focused on a little, gray bunny. I watched it hop around for some time. I followed it and discovered it playing and snuggling up with a very large tiger. Shocked, I watched as the tiger purred and snuggled with the bunny. I kept worrying it would eat the bunny but remember hearing someone say to me, “The tiger will only chase if the bunny runs. It’s instinct is to chase that which runs. The bunny’s instinct is to run but it is not following its instinct. Instead it is doing the unexpected. This passifies the tiger.” I watched, amazed.


OBE: Witnessing Source

In another projection I had grown frustrated with being unable to create the scene I found myself in. I kept returning to this one room in this one house with this one large window that looked outside on a beautiful, bright Spring day. I rarely could get outside and I had just gotten outside only to end up back in my body. I had requested help and felt I needed to focus on my heart. So this time when I entered the bedroom, I focused on my heart and stated, “I want to see Source.” I relaxed and willed my body to be taken where it needed to go. The room and my body began to spin gently. I fell into a horizontal position, as if lying on a bed but I was floating in the air. I rose upward and through the top of the house only to end up going back down into the room to face the large window. Through the window, though, I could see a magnificent sunrise. It was fuchsia, yellow and orange and it sang to me. The colors vibrated and moved toward me and I could HEAR them. OMG it was so beautiful! I put my hand on the window and tried to pass through it but I couldn’t. I said aloud, “How do I get to it [Source]? I want to be in it.” The window stayed and I could not go through it. This was upsetting to me because in the projection prior to this I had gone straight through the window to the outside where I saw a large white dog. Now here I was seemingly trapped after I had just risen right through the roof! Why!? With this thought I felt it was not my time yet. Not yet. Sigh.

OBE: Seance

I came back into my body. This time, however, I thought I was awake. I had a false awakening. There was this heavy, go-back-to-sleep feeling and I felt drugged. I remember laying in my bed thinking about how I wasn’t ready to wake up. lol At one point I recognized again I was dreaming and could exit so I did. This time I exited into a scene in which there were several people sitting together at a round table. One woman was in a trance and channeling Spirit. Was this a seance? I thought it was fun because I was going to be Spirit. lol So I gave the woman a message and she passed it along. I told her a bunch of things the last of which was that the man she was reading for tended to bully people. She asked the man across from her to stop being a bully. I had not told her that at all! Realizing my messages were not getting through accurately I gave up on talking to them and went toward the window to exit the scene. I succeeded in exiting via the wall. I just went right through it. On the other side it I found myself outside amidst the trees. I could see the stars and I felt so free that I began to sing loudly. The more I sang the more energy I felt in my astral body. I began to rise up into the air and spin.

OBE: Freedom

In this projection I managed to get outside very quickly after projecting into the room. I went through a window and found myself standing on the back door step looking at a clear night sky full of sparkling stars. I stared at the sky for a while and there was a conversation going on in my head about what I should do. All I remember was thinking, “I want to be free.” I tried to fly but felt a strong magnetic pull toward the ground. Eventually, I was able to fly up and I began to try and fly as far from the house as I could because I had been stuck to it throughout all my projections. I was able to get quite a good distance. I remember traveling toward a brightly lit, crystal blue swimming pool. Unfortunately, I lost my vision and soon after ended up back in my body.

I experienced several false awakenings after this. Each time I would feel drowsy but know that I needed to project and off I would go. At one point I remember feeling like my pants were way too tight, like cutting through my skin, and tried to loosen them. This happened recently in another experience I had, so I knew it was related to work being done on my energy body.

OBE: Not My Life

The last OBE I had was after a false awakening. I remember my children being there but my middle son was gone visiting my mom. I was in my bed and my SIL and her friend who hold the school for my middle son were there to pick him up. Since he wasn’t there I was going to send my daughter and they offered to also take my youngest. It became a mixed up lucid dream at this point and for some reason I ended up looking inside the freezer for a lunch for my daughter and only found gluten free and vegetarian stuff. The last thing I remember was thinking, “This is not my life.”

When I woke I asked about the strange sensation of having a string tied around my mid-section at the separation between the heart chakra and solar plexus. What was that? I was told it had to do with the separation of the energy bodies.


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