This morning I went outside and sat for a while. I noticed movement below me. I looked down and saw a tiny snail crawling along a blade of grass. I knew it was a message to me: slow down, give yourself time to change and adapt.

The message of the snail is far beyond slowing down. The shell represents the spiral and expansion, thought and evolution. The snail itself represents taking one’s time to reach one’s goals, adapting to changes and growing with change. The spiral in other culture’s symbolizes the moon and the phases of the moon. It is also the snail’s only means of defense. Additionally, it is the snail’s home. It is at home wherever it is.

The message to me seems to be to work with what I have now and to take things slowly and allow everything to unfold in its own time.


6 thoughts on “Snail

  1. PeaceNowFlower says:

    Mollyb11 seems to be seeing Turtles and Snails lately too.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Cool synchro! Last night I was outside wandering around and it was very wet after the heavy downpour we received yesterday morning and I was at the water tank and noticed 3 large snails like the 1 in the photo. I was watching them as it is rare for me to see them.
    I just remembered too that I think Gray Crawford started her post on today’s Gemini new moon with a beautiful photo? of a snail shell.

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