Message: The New Grid

With the new moon approaching, I decided to spend some time considering what exactly I want to manifest in my life. So last night, I did this, speaking aloud my intent. Instead of giving specific Earthly manifestations I would like to see, I spoke of quality. For example, “I AM in loving, mutually respectful relationships with others.” This was not the specific one I vocalized but it is similar.

Prior to voicing my intent, I did Hatha yoga and spent some time meditating. I had full crown chakra activation while meditation and the energy snaked down my neck by the end of it.

Again, as has been the norm for this entire week, a major thunderstorm struck after bedtime. This one had house-shaking thunder and room-brightening lightening along with torrential downpours. I have lived in and visited many places but never have I encountered such intense storms as the ones we get here in Texas. Wow.

Dream: Hybrid Children

This dream began with me driving down the road away from my mother’s house. Someone else was driving the car and I was looking out the window. I saw a woman curled up in the fetal position on the side of the road. Her belongings were packed in a suitcase. I told the driver  to turn around. He did not want to. We were on a schedule. I convinced him to anyway.

I got out of the car but the woman was not there. Instead, there was a very long vehicle that looked like a station wagon that had been stretched into a limousine. Inside were more children than I could count. They were playing and all around them was a golden light. I was immediately drawn to them and began talking to them. One girl showed me her toy. It was made for her fingers and she showed me how to use it. I remember commenting that I had never seen anything like it.

I remember the children had a caretaker with them but he stayed back and allowed me to talk with them for a while. I felt such love for them and wanted to stay but knew I was needed elsewhere. So I moved on.

I came upon a strange structure that could have come from a Dr. Seuss book it was so bizarre. It was a long machine that appeared to have row upon row of teeth. You put an object in at one end and out the other end it appeared transformed.  A young man was with me explaining how it worked. I never saw him until after he had been inside the machine. When he came out he had changed. Instead of looking human, he looked very alien. His face had changed dramatically. His eyes became hollow and deep set in his skull and his mouth and nose merged. His lips disappeared and his mouth widened, stretching towards his now nonexistent ears. His nose became two slits.

I remember saying to him, “You are an avian-human hybrid! Look, you are covered from head to toe in tiny, down-like feathers!” I looked him up and down and was shocked at his transformation. His entire body was a light, golden brown color, like the color of the golden eagle. He wore no clothing and his body was very slim. But most noticeable was his face. He looked very odd but to the me in the dream he was quite normal looking, beautiful even.

I put his briefcase into the machine and out the end came what appeared to be something edible. I remember saying to the hybrid man, “You probably won’t like this.” I remember thinking he would want to eat worms now. lol



When I awoke I was upset because I knew I was suppose to remember a name and could not recall it. I also could not recall anything about the context in which I had received it. But I did recall the hybrid children and avian hybrid.

I did, however, remember other dream experiences at this time. I had dreamed of being on planes and traveling. Plane after plane after plane. All with the same group of individuals who were “family”. I remember one man clearly. He was from my Mt. Shasta trip. My family had bought me a ticket to travel with them. I remember it was on American Airlines. We were traveling to Chicago. I had already been there, I told them. But had I?

I knew that the dream was symbolic of my travels in my sleep. I had been on craft, traveling and discussing my mission.

Another dream came forward in my memory. In this one I was a new recruit and after arriving for training had gotten distracted and could not find my squadron. I was distracted by this body (physical reality). I did find three others who were as lost as I was. I remember seeing an indoor water park with one of those wave pools and recognizing I had been overwhelmed by the huge waves (emotions). Me and the other recruits sought out help and a short, black woman came up to us. I remember standing in front of this woman and her looking at me very closely. She asked me, “What’s wrong with you?” I felt that no matter how tall I tried to stand that my eyes shifted to the ground and my shoulders slumped. She said, “Where is your motivation!? We need to do something about that.” I replied, “I know, sir.”

With all these memories there came the voice of one of my guides. When I looked at him, he was very tall. His shoulders would be at my eye-level, that’s how enormous he was. His arms were very thin and sinewy and I remember reaching for his hand and holding it. The fingers were as long as my own hand and very thin also. I hugged him. Then I became aware of massive wings. When I noticed them he said, “We all have them, even you.”

I did not question this. I understood I was being shown one of many thousands of forms We take. There were more important things to discuss. My mission especially. I acknowledged my lack of motivation. He asked me, “What can we do for you?” I honestly had no answer. Where did this lack of motivation come from? I knew it was because everything that is my life does not match my heart. The intents that I had stated prior to sleep are not my reality and I need to take action to make it so. Knowing this made me completely apathetic.

I was then asked to come with them. They wanted to show me something. Soon I was seeing a map of the U.S. below me. It was an outline map. My attention was directed immediately to west Texas and I saw a small stream of yellow that grew massive the farther west we moved. The yellow was like a stream in Texas but by the time it got to New Mexico almost the entire state was covered in yellow. Arizona, especially the central to southern half, was completely covered and so was the entirety of southern California.


I grew too conscious of what I as being shown at this point and withdrew. What was this? What was this yellow color? There was memory of the human physical aura and I understood that this was equivalent to the physical aura of the U.S. What composed it? The collective thoughts of the people inhabiting these regions. Yellow in the physical aura indicates a virus. Yellow in the mental aura indicates over thinking/analytical thought. Do the people in this southwestern U.S. have a collective mental virus?

My attention was brought to other areas of the U.S. The Midwest and central regions were dotted with red and yellow. Red is inflammation and anger, it can also be sexual energy. My thought here was that many in these areas were locked up in root chakra issues. Then I was taken to the region just over the Great Lakes and a bit above into Canada. Blue and aqua. Quite beautiful. Then I was taken down toward the southern U.S. and saw once again red streaks. There were several giant bubbles of red over Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama along with more yellow streaks.

Memory then returned of my lessons about the energy grid and how it had been disassembled. My gridwork was complete but another type of gridwork had begun. Work with the collective consciousness. Connections needed to be established. It is like a world-wide-web of consciousness. This is the new grid. It is IN US, in OUR thoughts.

But there is still the question of my lack of motivation. It is horribly apparent. I can’t help but think that this Mars retrograde is to blame. But then the lack of motivation is suppose to be affecting the men, not the women. Why am I so affected?

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5 thoughts on “Message: The New Grid

  1. PeaceNowFlower says:

    I do report that in my Travels I too have felt my home area of the Great Lakes would be of Blue Energy compared to the places I visited. It is little things we do, like holding doors for each other and smiling at each other.

    The Natives in the area had an Origin story placing Mackinaw Island as being of great importance. I think in general the effect of the great lakes has been to heal the area from what most the country seems to suffer. We are not perfect, but different then the rest of the U.S.A.

    I’ve been told (in channeling) that I have soaked up the Healing (Rain Bringing) energy of the area, and might someday be re-located to California or Sedona, AZ where I wouldn’t be bringing too much rain.

    My ability to bring Rain is linked to Gardening. This year I only did a patio garden so hope to attract less rain then last year. My connection with the Fae seems lessened this year, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. herongrace says:

    Wow! I love that bird person connection in your dream. Don’t be too hard on yourself Dayna. It can be hard to bring through your purpose onto the material plane and you already work hard and achieve much.
    I would imagine that quite a lot of your energy would be needed just to assimilate all the downloads you get.
    Being shown the colours of the different states is interesting. I have been feeling for a couple of years now that the amount of underground activity pipelines, nuclear facilities etc that is happening is polluting your country and people, so this may create a general malaise as well.
    I am sure any grid work would be beneficial.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      He was really cool looking! I wish I had the artistic ability to draw and paint him. I think I may try. It was too vivid and unique not to at least try.

      The way I understand it the colors correspond to the collective in those areas. So I was seeing what most people are thinking/feeling/experiencing. It is sad that so much of our nation is in the red and yellow. We should all be at least in the green. 😦


      • herongrace says:

        I’m trying to think what book I was reading that had a chapter on a fascinating bird person encounter. It may have been 1 of Michael Roads earlier books.
        According to that book they were part of Earth’s past. Yes tall, thin light weight for flying.
        It is so hard for those of us who love nature and the planet to know how we can redress the unbalances. but I think awareness is a huge part and am thankful that star people such as yourself have made sacrifices to come and help the planet.
        Wishing you all a loving boost this Gemini healing New Moon!

        Liked by 1 person

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