Two Recent Signs

The universe has been sending me some pretty obvious messages lately that I wanted to share.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay has visited me before back in January, but recently he is showing himself again. The first time was quite unexpected and unusual. I cannot recall just when this happened (a couple of weeks ago maybe?) but on a walk with my youngest one afternoon I came upon three baby blue jays hopping about on the sidewalk. They were too young to fly yet, so likely they had prematurely falling from their nest. They had enough feathers and ability to fly short distances but would have been an easy catch if I had wanted to do that. Instead, my son and I stopped and watched the three babies bounce about and chirp to their parents in the trees above.

I had never seen a baby Blue Jay before. In fact, I have not seen many jays in my lifetime, at least not this close up. When I lived a hour north of my location now blue jays were very, very rare. Here near the city they are more common, this year especially.

In addition to the close encounter with the baby jays I have a pair of blue jay parents dive bombing my bird feeder. I purposefully bought a finch feeder with very tiny perches to keep the larger birds away. I prefer feeding the pretty songbirds like Cardinals. Anyway, the jay is very smart and has figured out how to get to the seed despite being way to big for the feeder. I have been watching as they grab some sunflower seed, take it to a nearby tree to eat and then return for more. The somehow manage to get the seed by balancing on the lower perches sideways, wings flapping. They also have babies that look like adults who they share their winnings with.


As if the Blue Jays weren’t enough of a hint, the universe decided to give me a more obvious message. Yesterday afternoon I kept feeling something on the inside of my pants that created a slightly annoying itch. I brushed my leg several times and the last time I noticed something was stuck to my leg. I pulled it off and it was this:


Though the image is very large here, this is a tiny sticker maybe half and inch square. It is likely an inspection sticker from my pants. When I saw it I laughed out loud. The universe couldn’t have been anymore obvious!

When looking up the angel number of 11 I usually go to the Joanne Sacred Scribes website. This time, however, that explanation did not feel right. So I went to this site instead. I like how it immediately states that the number 1, which is doubled in 11, indicates a new chapter or fresh start. Two ones together, 11, symbolize a doorway. New opportunities await.

The message hit me hard while I was doing yoga. This is not unusual, something about yoga intensifies the connection I have with my Team. Usually my crown or third-eye will light up. I was hit very hard with a realization that something profound was approaching. I remember the realization made me hold my breath because the consideration of “it” made me a bit nervous. It was primarily a feeling so I can’t say what exactly “it” is. Regardless, the message of 11 was reinforced.


12 thoughts on “Two Recent Signs

  1. Durinda says:

    I just saw a blue jay on the sidewalk on my way to work this morning. I was at a stop light and looked to my right and there it was moving around on the sidewalk.

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  2. litebeing says:

    Maybe my team is waiting for me to try yoga again,lol! I love birds and my neighbor has a bird feeder which attracts more close by. I like the 11 message as I am such an 11 girl! I learned recently that the Urantia book has references to awakening and the 1111 phenomenon.

    For me lately it is all about the squirrels. They are showing up in dark hues, and interacting with me more and seem enchanted. Squirrels are about trust and this is huge for me. I love blue jays and am happy you encounter them.

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  3. herongrace says:

    Funny! I asked the Sabian Oracle a question the other day and the answer was 24* Sagittarius..A bluebird standing at the door of the house!. I don’t think we have blue birds here. Splendid wrens.
    Wishing you a wonderful time at Mt. Shasta!

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  4. Ive also been having Blue Jay sightings, two blue jays are eating from my birdfeeders as well. I once had a dream with my hybrid kids and they were pretending to be baby blue jays. Lots of animals coming to me too. Mainly birds. Crows, Hawks, and Cardinals. I even had a dream last night about a bird of prey carrying around an animal, I think it was a hawk. I’m listening to them lol

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  5. GAF says:

    Do all of you look up “animal totem” info about the animals that make themselves known to you? Just plug that term and the animal name into your search engine.

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