Dreams: Prison, Dead Dog and History Class

Found this in my drafts folder from over a month ago. Not sure why I never posted it.

Very active dream night.

Dream: Prison

I was with a group consisting of two men and two women and myself. We had just been released from prison and were in holding together. There was a backstory connected to the two men, but I cannot remember it now. What I do remember is being with the other women, segregated from the men. I was suppose to take a bath and clean up and was walking back and forth between the bathroom/women’s quarters and another place. I don’t remember being naked but I do recall the men staring at me. Yet I was comfortable with them. It was like they were my family.

The feeling is that we were preparing to be released after years spent in a sort of prison. Prison is the best word, though I do not feel it is an accurate description.

Dream: Dead Dog

I was in a dorm-type room and it felt similar to college for some reason. I did not feel like I belonged there. Again, it was a segregated-type feeling. Men were with men, women with women. The women didn’t like me and had killed my little, white dog. They laughed at me as I took the body of the dog and fled out of the room. When no one was looking, I took the body of my dog, now in a small wooden box, and sneaked outside. It was a brilliantly beautiful day and I could see a field of green in front of me. In the distance was a forest. I could see the door behind me, lit up against a stark, white building with no other openings. The building rose so high I could not see the top.

I began to tip-toe into the field when I heard a voice and saw that a group of the men were coming in from a training exercise. I could not hide. I was out in the open. So I just froze there, hoping no one would see me. I never got to bury my dog as I was seen and taken back inside to my room.

Dream: History Class

I found myself inside a classroom with other students. In front of me was a test, a U.S. History test. I felt out of place and did not understand why I was in this class again! I saw the teacher in the front of the room watching everyone. I took the test but knew all the answers and didn’t care if I passed or failed. I was going to get this fixed because I did not belong in this class.

The teacher had us grade our own tests. I only missed one. He took them up and then passed them out again and had marked on my test. The grade was an 86 and he marked two more wrong. 3 wrong? I was angry at him.

I left the classroom intent on fixing the issue by changing my schedule. I was NOT taking that stupid class again!!


Writing what I think the dreams mean now, versus a month ago when I had them.

The prison dream had a feeling of awakening with it and upon reading it again I realize this is an accurate interpretation. There was a series of dreams at this time in which I was with a small group of family in Spirit. We were being released from contracts I believe and preparing to go out “on our own” so to speak. I can see the developments in my life pertaining to this dream now as I prepare to head to Mt. Shasta.

The second dream is relating to how I had been feeling at the time. Trapped and struggling with an internal split. I felt betrayed (dead dog) but not sure by who. I escaped but was recaptured indicating a feeling of failure or lack of ability to free myself from life’s circumstances.

The history class I believe is related to past life events and healing/learning from them. I feel I have already been there/done that yet I am still required to review and test over the same subject. It is very frustrating!


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