Chapter 5

So much has transpired in the last week that I tend to forget some of what I am told by my Team of guides.

One such tidbit of information was that I had begun Chapter 5. If you have been following my blog for some time, you will be familiar with the chapter theme. I have been given chapter numbers for a while now and Chapter 4 began in March, 2016.

In considering what has transpired since March this year, I will say that indeed my focus was put all on my family and spiritual transformation. Distractions were removed but it took some time on my part to remove them all. I do not recall being asked to channel much in this time period, though. I believe my distraction was the main cause. I was too fixated on a particular issue to be bothered with channeling.

Chapter 5 is about communication and interaction with others. In receiving information about this particular chapter I noticed how this chapter seems very much to correspond with the 5th chakra. In considering this it was confirmed that chapter progression is linked to the Kundalini progression upward through each chakra. This makes complete sense considering I was told there are 7 chapters total.

What I was shown/knew about this next stage in my development was that I was to work on expressing mySelf and all I had learned about mySelf via the most recent transformative process (beginning the fall of 2015). Communication is an essential part of manifestation. You must state clearly what it is you wish to manifest. This involves also being in tune with yourSelf, specifically having a clear and open heart.

Honestly, I don’t feel I have an issue with communicating. If anything, I am too blunt and honest and don’t put near enough thought into what I have to say before I say it. I blame my Sagittarius moon for this personality flaw (or gift depending on how you look at it). Yet there are things I rarely express in words with the people in my life that will need to be said at some point. Most is related to my spiritual beliefs and experiences.

Then there is the sharing of my experiences with others outside of my family. The focus is on face-to-face communication here. Getting out and meeting new people. This is also part of Chapter 5. I will be flying to Mt. Shasta, CA at the end of this week, so this part of my path is set to begin really soon.

Chapter 5’s theme also goes along really well with what my astrological forecast showed would be happening for me starting this summer and ending next summer.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. GAF says:

    “The focus is on face-to-face communication here.”

    Interesting that is where you’re at personally as that is where the biggest part of the light worker force is now – time to take the show on the road, to show one’s True Self, to take what you’ve learned from your own process and share that info / wisdom with the world.

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  2. […] I’ve been meaning to write about my recent chapter adventures but kept forgetting. So much has been going on that it slipped my mind. Sometime last week, actually around the 20th, I was told I had begun Chapter 7. Okay but what happened to Chapter 6? lol The last information I had received was that I was on Chapter 5. […]


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