Revelations from the Kundalini

It has been an Ah-Ha kinda morning! When I woke up, I even talked to my husband for a good 30 minutes straight about my realizations. That in itself is a shock. lol

Since the Kundalini has begun to rise with such intensity, my Companion continues to ask me the same question over and over. “What do you feel?” he will ask. I think and think but the answer has been too complicated. What I feel is too difficult to describe! It is beyond my ability to articulate!

At night and during any meditation break I am asked this question. Last night was no exception. “What do you feel?” I was asked again. Just thinking about the feeling made me cry. It is so amazingly beautiful!

I was unable to stop my tears. They just slowly dripped from my eyes as I recalled the feeling of the Kundalini. My memory of it brought back the heart warmth and only made me miss it more. I remember thinking, “This must be what a heroine addict feels like.” lol

As I calmed, the only word that came to mind was “potentiality”.

That’s when it hit me. The feelings were my own potentiality being realized. The Kundalini is self-realization.

I had already heard of self-realization, or self-actualization, from my school years. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs came to mind. Read the article in the link if you need a refresher. With this my understanding of self-realization/self-actualization was complete. I never truly understood it until now.

In explaining it to my husband this morning, it was just made more clear to me. The reason the K is so intense, so overwhelming beautiful, is that as it rises one’s full potential is expanded and realized via each of the chakras. So, as the K rises through the root chakra, all one’s potential to create and experience within the scope of this chakra is realized. It creates a heavenly explosion of all that the root chakra encompasses. And to be clear, the explosion of potentiality is neither good nor bad, it just IS. And with each chakra the potentiality is realized and builds upon the others.

In my mind I understood with complete clarity what was occurring and why and what I was feeling. It is like every emotion, every lifetime, and all the potential within me to express myself is contained in the K energy. It is unrestrained, unrestricted, undefined. It is timeless and all-encompassing. And all of it, every seductive, succulent piece of it, is ME.

This potentiality within the experience of the Kundalini is so vast, so expansive, that when one succumbs to it (which one cannot avoid) there is no longer a need to experience within the confines of the physical because the potentiality of all of the Self is realized. This explains the feeling of impending “death” that accompanies the K. With death, one completely succumbs and let’s go. They transcend this reality and enter the the place of no-time. The place where everything just IS, all at once. There is no wanting, no lacking, no judgement.

Within the lower chakras is contained every emotion and expression therein that I am capable of. Within the upper chakras is contained my manifestation potential. The spark that lights the fire of creation. My fifth chakra, the chakra of communication, is the first manifestation outlet. Speak your truth. Create your reality via expression. Sing your emotions. Sing the life you wish to create. Give your potential a voice, a personality, a channel from which to project itself.

Entrance into the physical reality singles out one’s potential. It is focus upon specific potentialities. So that when we are here in this physical experience, we are choosing to manifest a specific aspect of ourSelf – a potentiality in physical form. The reason the K can create such upset for one within the physical experience of it is because the physical is incapable of expressing all of one’s potential in one lifetime. It is meant to limit us to only the expression of some of our potential. It is finite.

The path to K is overwhelming to the physical Experiencer and can result in insanity if irresponsibly set upon. Resistance to the K once initiated can also result in a feeling of insanity. So if you have K-rising, just accept and succumb. The results will be beyond imagining.





4 thoughts on “Revelations from the Kundalini

  1. truthcodex says:

    Thanks for this. Beautifully put. There is some serious K activation happening right now!

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  2. mollyb111 says:

    At first I was :)… then I loved! reading all of this.

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