Dream: Organ

I got to sleep in this morning! No interrupted sleep. No Kundalini. Just a nice, restful sleep!

Unfortunately, as soon as I awoke there was not so good news from my husband. Why must my mornings be clouded in such a way? I must take the news in stride. Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday party. It will be a good day!

I had an interesting dream I want to share with you all.

Dream: Organ

I was with a group of teachers and administrators at orientation. Apparently I had taken the position of school counselor. I remember discussing my salary and schedule. There was mention that I would be making $4000/month but only if I agreed to add a class at the end of the day. I agreed, but can’t remember what the class was about nor my title which was a split title between counselor and something else. I recall another teacher listening in and knew she had to work more hours than me but got less pay. It seemed wrong but I didn’t say anything about it.

Then I was receiving the key to my room/office. I remember asking where it would be and pointed to the number 33 on the key ring. The lady who was giving it to me said she had to check the school map and then showed me room 428 or something close to that. I said, “Isn’t that on the 4th floor?” and then realized it was in the high school not the middle school. This was when I recognized my position was full-time and at a high school. For some reason I had not expected this. I didn’t want to work full-time.

I lingered in a room with several other teachers and was shown an old, large organ that had a domed cover on it. It was made of wood and in fairly good condition. I remember that I had requested it for my office because music was very important to me. I opened it up and played some notes, wishing I had kept up with my piano lessons in college. I played a few chords and another teacher requested I play her a song. I told her I couldn’t, that I was out of practice. So I selected some music that was saved on the organ and let it play.

In inspecting the organ further I saw that it had a screen with a list of movies organized alphabetically. I went through several of them and watched as the organ projected them up on a screen in the room. Several teachers stayed to watch as I played several for short periods of time. I never selected one because I didn’t recognize them. Many were Disney cartoons and several were old shows. I remember one was about dinosaurs.

A male teacher requested one and so I attempted to play it but accidentally pushed the “log out” button. The screen shifted to the log-in screen and I realized I did not have the log-in of the previous owner. Uh-oh. How would I ever retrieve the movies or music now?

The male teacher said, “We can just watch Star Wars” and went to a cabinet below the projection screen and opened it up to reveal a TV and DVD player. He popped in the DVD and they began watching one of the Star Wars movies. I remember being beside myself with this new problem of losing everything saved on this organ and never being able to retrieve it.

Behind the Dream

Behind the dream scenes I was struggling and having a conversation with one of my guides about upcoming changes to my life. There was a large bed and I would feel very, very tired and climb into it. I kept putting the pillow over my eyes and recall others trying to get my attention and me feeling too drowsy to give it to them. At one point I climbed into the bed and there was an old man in it who wanted to cuddle with me. I couldn’t stand it because the bed was really horribly hot and uncomfortable. That is when I finally chose to not sleep and discuss the options laid out before me.


The theme of the dream is around my career and choices I have. I have been looking for work but struggling to find anything that I am interested in. There is one job that would suit me well but it is a 30 minute commute from my home and is with students who are part of the alternative education program. My main concern is that I will be back working with kids who are in such a program. The other concern is going back to work full-time. I keep looking at the job but not applying. So the dream is likely me looking over this part of my waking life and discussion my options.

Organs symbolize one’s spiritual connections and religious views. I suspect that this particular organ represents my life path. The movies are representative of my life and indecision because I am not able to choose one. They can also represent life passing one by. The music represents emotions and enjoyment of life. I am able to play some music but feel sad that I had not learned to play more. This is likely my regret of not enjoying life more.

The accidental log-out is likely discussion of the soul exchange phenomena and my concerns about the results of it. I could also be reconsidering it since I accidentally log out.


The feeling when I awoke was an inability to confront some things in my life and I just wanted to return to sleep. There happened to be a baby roach on my ceiling when I woke up. I did not see it as a good sign but when reading about them I realized that this one was affirming my thoughts upon waking. I felt change was coming for me and there was a sadness about it. Roaches symbolize metamorphosis and bring the message that change is coming. They just happen to be part of the beetle family which I wrote about recently. When one sees a roach it likely means they are spending too much time alone or in the shadows. Time to step out into the light.




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