Dream: Evacuation

After the K-rising incident this morning I was somehow able to return to sleep. I had a very vivid dream which I believe may have some precognitive components to it.

Dream: Evacuation

The dream started with me outside with a large group of people. There were police officers and people of “high rank” that called the gathering. They had megaphones and were directimg people in certain directions. I remember being inside a massive room with enormous windows from floor to ceiling. Looking back on it, it reminds me of an airport but I don’t know which one (DFW?). There were children running about and I was trying to keep track of mine. I got distracted by the many helicopters that were circling very, very close to the windows. I can still see the blue and white underside vividly in my mind.

Then there was an evacuation of large masses of the human population into an underground complex. The complex was completely air tight and had provisions and accommodations enough for hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

Inside it was all concrete and steel with ample lighting. I remember there was much confusion at first and I was searching for my children. I was told they were in a room with other children. I located the room which was the size of a movie theater and saw many children covered in blankets laying down to sleep.

Then the room seemed to spin and all the children vanished. In their place was a black sheet of ice. As I went toward the exit the ice began to crack and huge crevices began to form. One man threw some metal tools into a large fan. He was one of the many who had gone insane from the stress of the situation. The metal tools caused the fan to stick and sparks began to fly. I knew a fire was imminent and went to warn everyone. While all this was happening there was an underlying current of tension and panic from the people. The only thing I cared about was finding my son.

I found myself in a kitchen and there were several kids playing. I asked about my son and they told me he had climbed into a giant ice machine and gotten stuck. After some tense moments trying to shut it off, I was able to get him out. Inside was not ice but giant waffles. Very strange!

Then I was back inside the airport-type place with large windows. There was an announcement that seemed projected into the air above the windows. The announcement was that the President was unable to fulfill his/her duties so Clinton was called in to take over. I remember thinking, “Why would they call in Clinton?” On the screen was a clear-as-day image of Clinton as he announced some major changes to the US. He announced that the US was in a state of emergency and to seek shelter immediately.


When I awoke the feeling was that the dream had some very important precognitive messages in it. I am not sure what is precognitive and what isn’t, but the main feeling I brought back from it was that Clinton was important. My first thought was that his wife, Hillary, was the one unable to fulfill her duties as president. But relax, if you don’t want Clinton as president, remember, this is just a dream. lol

In considering the dream now, I feel like there will be something that creates a need for martial law and temporary evacuation of the population of some areas. The feeling in the dream was uncertainty. I felt very much like I did while watching the news when the planes hit the twin towers. A tenseness and feeling of “what’s next?”

I also think the scenes of the dream are two different time periods. The airport scenes are likely an evacuation point and it felt less tense there. I felt safe and reassured that if I stayed there I would be okay. The underground location was much more chaotic, like things had gotten worse and many people had died. I shudder to think what might have happened to make me feel like I did in the dream.

If this is precognitive then it also suggests the time period of such events. Bill Clinton will be alive, at least during the airport time period. I don’t know how old he is now but the image I saw of him in the dream was very similar to how he looks now. For all I know, the second time period of the underground location could be years later.

Then again, this dream may not be precognitive at all.

Picture found at http://pedrocarrion.com/dallas-fort-worth-international-airport/




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  1. […] is Redding Airport. These are the windows I saw in this dream. […]


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