Another Visit from Kundalini

I have taken to meditating in the middle of the day this week. Usually, this time is spent clearing my mind and connecting with my Team.

We discussed my fear reaction during the previous night’s dreamstate in which I felt the Kundalini rising. They reassured me that all was going as planned. My Companion was particularly excited and his energy was very uppity, more so than usual. He showed me a visual of a thumb and pointer finger real close together and said, “You are almost there.” As I became more relaxed and close to entering the trance state I saw a visual of Dorothy’s red shoes tapping together three times and heard, “There’s no place like home.” This brought me out of my reverie and I wondered about it, and heard, “The Union is close. Soon you’ll be Home. We’re waiting for you.” The energy around me indicated quite a few more members of my Team than I am use to. I tried not to overthink it, but typically when the numbers rise, so do my chances of a “big event” in my life. The excitement from my Team was tremendous.

Talk about a build, up, huh? lol

Dream: Choosing to be Bad

I was with a family consisting of a mother, father and young woman. The environment had a continuous golden hue about it as did the young woman who was the focus of my attention. I was traveling with the family to what would be the woman’s new school (university).

We approached an island in a boat. The island was magnificent with crystal blue waters surrounding it and white sand beaches. It also had tall, red porous rock (pumice) mounds formed from the magma from an old volcano. The rock was used as a building material for the housing of the island and I could see tall structures resembling human-sized ant colonies with blue glass windows indicating the separate living quarters.

We walked amidst many hundreds of other families who were all gathering there for orientation. I was sent to gather information when we stopped and stood at the base of an elevator. There was a feeling of anticipation mixed with nervousness, similar to how I recall feeling on my own first day of college. There is nervousness in going off on one’s own but this is also the very source of the excitement.

I went to the university cafe to order something to eat and saw a group of dark haired, Asian men in a group discussing something. An officer approached them to break them up and I assumed these men must be of the “bad” sort. I then watched some students mingling around a table. One was standing in an ant bed and had ants crawling up his trousers.

The men caught my attention again and before I knew it I was standing next to one of them. All I recall now is his dark hair because there was an intense attraction to him. He persuaded me to go with him and was very blunt in his advances. My entire focus was on him and the feeling he gave me. It was spectacular and I was enthralled by its seductive quality. I felt completely and utterly under his spell and did not reject it.

I spent the rest of the dream with this man who told me his name was Michael. He had 100% of my attention and anything he suggested I was willing to do, even if it was something I would normally never consider doing. Despite me describing him as “bad”, he was nothing of the sort. He was completely gentle, loving and compassionate. I trusted him with my all and knew he would never ask of me something that was not in my best interests. Besides, the spectacular feeling I had when around him was intoxicating. I knew without a doubt that I didn’t want to be with anyone but him.

The dream shifted. I was in a state of euphoria, going around from person to person asking them if they were going to attend the event. It had a name but it is lost to me now. However, I knew that it was similar to a divorce because in my mind the event’s focus was on my current husband and our dissolution of marriage. In the dream I was not upset at all about this. In fact, I was celebrating it.

The Micheal person who I had been with earlier in the dream reappeared then and began to discuss with me plans for our Union. I do not remember it  – or anything we talked about really  – I was too absorbed in the amazing, all-encompassing bliss feeling that was coursing through me. All I cared about was completing the circuit of this energy but was held back by him. “Not yet” was all remember him saying about it.


I woke up and the dream quickly began to fade, but my Companion was talking to me and continuing the conversation I was having with Michael in the dream. When I focused on his voice in my mind my heart lit up with an amazing feeling. It is indescribable! It was so much more powerful than I had felt up until this point that I wondered if I was about to die. All I wanted to do was succumb to it; to let it overtake me and be lost in it. It is beyond any ecstasy I have ever experienced and even that is an inadequate description.

I wish I could remember everything he said to me, but again the feeling was so amazing and powerful that my mental focus was nil. lol I had lost all resistance. Not one ounce of it remained. Even now all I can think about is losing myself in that feeling. I remember briefly thinking as the feeling waned, “I should be afraid. He (my Companion) could do anything he wanted with me and I would accept it. What if he is tempted to abuse that power?” I understood then the source of my fear for any human would be tempted by such power over another. Yet the thought disintegrated in the presence of the all-encompassing bliss feeling. I didn’t care one bit if I was abused. But I knew I wouldn’t be.

At this point my crown chakra was intensely blazing and it felt as if the entirety of the top and back of my head was a vast vortex of energy flowing in. My third-eye was also blazing but distinctly separate from the crown sensation. Since the heart bliss was still very powerful, I briefly thought the circuit was about to complete. All that was missing was my throat chakra! This is when most of our conversation becomes memorable to me.

From what I can recall of our conversation, he told me that the Union was forthcoming. My trip to Mt. Shasta was mentioned along with the soul exchange. He told me I would be “called” and in this case I knew it was in regards to my “work” here on Earth. There was a sense that after the Union my focus – knowingness – would be shifted into high gear and the doubt erased as to what I am suppose to do and why. It scared me somewhat because I knew partially what this entailed and my dream hinted at it.

He reminded me of something he told me during the last full moon (major K energy then, too). He told me, “When you see me, you will die a thousands deaths.” I suspect now this is meant to warn me of what to expect when the Union is complete. I attribute Union to the completion of the Kundalini circuit, but I may be wrong. All I know is that I am more than willing to die a thousand deaths and then some. That is how seductive the feeling is. It says, “Surrender to me” and the feeling is that when I fully surrender that I will cease to exist as me – that I will become We. I will go back to Source and become Whole; complete; restored to my full brilliance.

I can’t wait.




3 thoughts on “Another Visit from Kundalini

  1. artistpath says:

    What an amazing dream! Thanks for sharing your story!

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