Mother’s Day OBE

It isn’t a grand OBE but since they are so few and far between, I will take what I can get.

I found myself sitting on a sofa in my house. Feeling very tired, I struggled to stay awake. No one was nearby and there was a strange sensation about me that made me a bit restless. Yet at the same time I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep.

For some reason my thoughts are hazy. I remember feeling that I was not dreaming – that I was awake. Yet at the same time I struggled with this consideration and kept trying to figure out how to wake up in the dream I was obviously in.

In this lucid state I fell to sleep only to find myself OOB and floating above some plants in my back yard. They were tropical looking plants, their bright green leaves sparkling with dew. They were spectacular and I kept inspecting them because looking at them brought me great joy. Even now the visual of these teardrop-shaped leaves is ingrained in my memory.

Then I was back in my body within the lucid dream. The shift from within this dream to OBE and then back seemed to awaken me even more. I recognized my house but everything was in the wrong place. The sofa I was sitting on was in the dining room and not at all where it should have been. My thoughts are still hard to contact here but I do recall that I stated over and over, “I am OOB. I am OOB.” I said it a good 10-15 times. As I did, I recall shifting out of my body in the lucid dream and feeling a tug back to my body that was very, very strong. There was also a very strong pull into unconsciousness that I was fighting. I felt as if a rubber band was around my lucid self and the self sitting on the sofa in the dream. Very strange!

There were thoughts at this time that I would surely fail to exit my body. But by some miracle I was able to separate completely. As soon as I did, I shifted out of the dining room into the backyard and up into the sky. I looked for the teardrop leaves that I had seen earlier but my vision was all gray, like storm clouds muddling the scenery. I did spot them but their previously green, luminous leaves were a solid, light gray.

I looked up at the sky which was covered in gray clouds and said, “I want to see light.” The sky began to lighten and I felt myself lighten along with it. And the more light I felt, the more I felt pulled upward and into the sky. But I did not want to go up into the sky. I wanted to stay and inspect the beauty that surrounded me. Despite my desire to explore, the sky kept pulling me up, up, up and I feared I would be taken out into space. I don’t know why I got afraid when I felt this pull. I consciously know that it is a signal that I am shifting to a higher level; that my vibration is rising. Yet this time I feared it.

My vision blacked out and instead of shifting into a different scene I felt myself re-enter my sleeping body. The vibrations were really erratic though and a bit disturbing. Something felt very off about the energy and I rejected it. I did not want to return so perhaps that is why it felt so off? It was like I was being shaken very vigorously and had I been awake it most certainly would have made me nauseous.




2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day OBE

  1. Laura Moore says:

    I had pre-OBE vibes a few nights ago where two beings were shaking my ankles and wrists pretty violently. Yuck!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dayna says:

    I’ve not had any Beings of any kind in my dreams or experiences for some time.


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