The Rainbow

Last night, quite suddenly, I recognized a symbol that had been presented to me for the last 24 hours multiple times. Sometimes I am quite dense, especially now.

The Rainbow

The first time the rainbow came to me was when I published the last post on this blog. I was searching for pictures and in my mind I saw a brilliant rainbow connecting Earth to the Heavens. It seemed like a bridge so I of course thought of the Rainbow Bridge. Since my first thought was this was related to pets and not me, I chose a different picture and moved on with my day.

I had to visit the orthodontist to fix an issue that had come up with my braces. I have a slight overbite and they had to place bite turbos in the back but they had worn down and so had to be replaced. They put a new kind of turbo behind the front of my teeth. I now look like I have tiny vampire fangs behind my front teeth. lol These turbos cause me to talk with a slight lisp. They gave me a sheet to read over and over to help me to correct the lisp. The sheet was called “Rainbow Passage”. I read through it once without making a connection.

Finally, as I was trying to sleep last night, I entered into a strange kind of semi-delirium. I would seem to fall into a semi-trance type state briefly. This would border on sleep but I never would actually fall to sleep. Then I would recollect things that had happened but seemed to have no time frame attached. I also had dizzy spells with this – like my entire world would be spinning. Since I have never passed out but have come close I can only guess that what happened to me last night was that I passed out/fainted several times only to return disoriented. It is hard now to recollect everything that occurred during this time but one memory that I returned with was being instructed to immerse myself in the rainbow, allowing each color to permeate my Being. It was when this memory surfaced that I connected the other rainbow messages and understood.

There was so much knowingness when I would surface from these episodes of unconsciousness that I remember wanting to get out of bed and write it all down. Yet my guidance encouraged me to return to sleep and with their encouragement I lost all interest in remembering and fell asleep. It was a very strange incident and I’m not sure what to make of it.

Rainbow Symbolism

Rainbows have long been associated with following one’s heart and purpose. To make it to the end of the rainbow is celebrating as a great accomplishment. There is also the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow representing one’s dreams come true. Unfortunately, the pot of gold is often never found which can represent one’s endless search for something that will never be.

My vision of the rainbow bridge, however, suggests a connecting of my Earthly Self with my spiritual Self. To me this indicates balance and receptivity. This article explains the many meanings of the rainbow and the messages it brings.

It is especially interesting to me that the rainbow can represent ascension. I received a message on Wednesday. The message was, “You will be married in two days”. I understood this to mean a spiritual marriage. Since today will mark the second day, I suppose I will see if this “marriage”comes to pass.


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  1. herongrace says:

    Rainbow children, the millenials!

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