The Ankh

I awoke this morning in a similar state to how I fell asleep but without the dizzy spells. In this state I was speaking with someone and repeated a name several times. Or at least at the time I thought it was a name. The only part of it I remember now is Ankh. I specifically recall the name had two syllables but the first part – Ankh – is all I could recall once fully awake.

Not long ago I was given the name Hermes by one of my guides. Hermes is linked to the caduceus which in turn is connected to the Kundalini. In this article the caduceus is also linked to the Ankh.

I have Egyptian connections via past lives. These have just recently been revealed to me but I do not have nor have I ever had a specific interest or fascination with ancient Egypt. Yet this morning when I heard the name I knew instinctively that it was Egyptian in origin and my first thought was that I needed to look up Akhenaten. My first thought when I read about Akhenaten was Ancient Alien theory. This is mentioned in the above link. I connected this with my Starseed origins but did not overthink it.

I am not sure what all of these symbols mean yet. Since they continue to arise in my conscious mind I must assume there is a reason.


6 thoughts on “The Ankh

  1. artistpath says:

    There is always a reason. Good luck on your quest!

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  2. herongrace says:

    A long time ago I had an Egyptian vision of being a young woman, getting up in the morning and using a switch on tool with a rotating round head and running this from my feet just away from the body and right up along my body. I had the knowledge this was a regular practice done on awakening and would seal the aura from entry of anything detrimental to the person, so that sickness was very rare and we would live a long time.
    Funny thing was like you I had no interest or knowledge about Egypt, but in a short period I received quite a lot. This was years before Graham Hancock’s theories were published, which I had some written down.
    I later realised the Ankh was very similar to the tool I had seen and believe that its original purpose was forgotten.
    If you study the art of Akhenaten’s family and also Nerfertiti, you will notice the length of their skills which seem to be deliberately drawing our attention to this.

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    • Dayna says:

      I recalled a life in Egypt recently as a priestess and had another life where I was a young boy who lived near the great pyramid. Not sure if I had anymore. I wish we had that tool you were using today. Sounds like it would be very, very useful!


  3. herongrace says:

    I read an interesting article on The Higher Density Blog about the pyramids and other sacred places recently being charged with high energy. It resonated with me as I saw this some time last year and mentioned it here, but have looked and can’t find the comments.
    Oh well, good to know I was on the right track anyway.

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