Second Amplification Nearing Completion

Sharing this post from Sandra Walter which was passed onto me by a friend (thanks Molly!). It confirms what I was told and posted in my other blog. Sandra calls this a period of amplification that has sent many of us into cave mode. lol I find this an appropriate explanation! She also states right away to expect this phase to end in two weeks (April 20th) – the exact amount of time given by my guides.

I love it when the universe sends validation!

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe, The second amplification wave of 2016 completes on April 20. As mentioned before, that will be the end of cave time for many Wayshowers and first embodiers. Take advantage of the next two weeks. Enjoy the deep reconstruction of the Resurrection phase. Do the inner work that has presented with this latest amplification; photonic frequencies always raise what needs to be removed in order to ascend your consciousness. Surrendering to Divine Will and the work, the new, the next, with an open heart  is necessary for embodiment. Yes, the visions, experiences and sensations are getting other-worldy. Enjoy the lifting of the veils; let yourself bathe in the experience………

Source: Second Amplification Nearing Completion


4 thoughts on “Second Amplification Nearing Completion

  1. truthcodex says:

    Haha, coming out of the cave. Yes that’s what I’m being told to do as well. Synchronistic, awesome, spot-on. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. SKYLAR A says:

    Yes, amen to that:-)! Beautiful date, should be a feast day then;-)…

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  3. GAF says:

    I saw Sandra’s message earlier and it does indeed resonate. One the many sorta “urgent” messages I’ve seen in the last day.

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