Three Dreams and Another ReUnion

Last night the energy sludge shifted a bit and with it came an intense third-eye pulling sensation that came and went until I went to bed. I should have known this sudden chakra activity indicated a change was coming since I have had barely any chakra and energy activity for over a week now.

When I went to bed I felt Them and acknowledged their presence. I was greeted with a message reminding me that I had been chosen for Contact. I did not react but just acknowledged the message and then asked to Remember more of what was going on in my dreams. This was granted. I asked what would happen and was told, “It’s a surprise.” Too tired to react to Them, I fell asleep.

Dream: Golden Key Ring

I had numerous dreams. In this one, I was in a huge high school with more people than I can imagine would ever been in any high school. In fact, it did not even resemble a high school but more like an elaborate convention hall with numerous rooms and cathedral ceilings covered in gold leaf embellishments. Every staircase was a grand one and every level was filled with people milling about. The excitement was palpable.

I was led around and followed without resistance because I felt out of my element and was confused a little as to where I was and who was with me. I met with some “freshmen” and remembered that I was a “sophomore”. I walked with a young girl for a while until our paths diverged and then I found myself standing at the entrance to a grand event hall.

In the entrance was a podium and a man took me to it and pointed out a woman who was quite short and did not look human but kind of like a disfigured dwarf. Her head was misshapen and in my memory now all I see is a golden blob as her head. The man stayed and handed me a golden key ring. I took it and looked over the many keys on it. Each was an elongated, golden heart. As I fiddled with them a discussion began about practicing self-protection. I was questioned about whether I had ever fired a gun. I said, “Yes, silly. I’ve shot all kinds of guns.” I mentioned firing an AK-47 and M-1 Carbine. Memory of doing this was vivid in my mind at the time (in reality I did fire these guns and many others).

Satisfied that I knew how to use a gun, discussion began about using a knife and I recall seeing a golden knife thrown a the podium. I admitted I had no experience in this. The man pointed to the dwarf woman and said she would instruct me.

Dream: Too Much Jewelry

In this dream I had been awakened before dawn and saw my husband had left the front yard in a mess and deposited a huge pile of dirt in the middle of the lawn. I began to go out and clean up what I could but decided not to. It was his mess.

When I went inside I had been presented with gifts, so many I lost count. I began to try and organize them. There were trays upon trays of silver jewelry. I put them on the table next to the bed and hid some underneath. A friend of mine from high school joined me and asked me about them. I tried to give her a tray of some of the more normal jewelry but she declined. I remember some of the trays were full of hoops and rings and others of jewelry that were of symbols I did not recognize.

Dream: Three Boys and a Kiss

All I recall of this dream is seeing three young men. They all seemed to glow with energy. I kissed one of them and it felt very, very real. When I kissed him the feeling I got was that it was not allowed and that I was not following orders. I did not feel anything energetically from the kiss.


Honestly, there is so much symbolism here that I am a bit blown away. The feeling is that something is about to change and I am preparing for it. The golden keys in the first dream represent status and one’s adaptability to a changing situation. The guns and knives seem to indicate a need to learn to protect myself or an alertness to potential danger.

The jewelry symbolizes one’s own self-worth and knowledge. The fact that it is given as a gift indicates acknowledgement of  and incorporation of knowledge. I am feeling overwhelmed by having so much jewelry (knowledge) and am trying to organize it and even gave some of it away. Seems like I am trying to figure out how to handle what is coming to me.

The last dream indicates a need to be more open and honest with my feelings and emotions. There may be a better way to express them.

Overall there is a sense of smaller groups connecting to form larger ones. I feel I and many others have been doing quite a bit of preparing behind-the-scenes. It feels like another ReUnion is approaching or in process.


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