House Cleanse and Multiple Me’s

Yesterday I felt a need to smudge my entire house. I have not done so since we moved in. So, for 20 minutes, I took sage and smudge every corner while demanding negative entities and energy leave and asking the light to come in and protect us.

I have not done this in quite some time and my own energy was low in the beginning. I did not think anything of it until I reached the room where I often sleep. In reality it is my son’s room but he refuses to sleep in there – he’s only slept in there once in the nearly 2 years we’ve lived here.

While in the room I felt a distinct difference in the energy from the other rooms in the house. With this sense there came flashes of images and emotions that hit me one after the other. I realized there were quite a few imprints left here by a young girl and I knew who she was. She was the youngest daughter of the previous owners who had gotten caught up in gang life and been kicked out of the house. Apparently, this room had been hers at one point.

I recognized that she had been visiting (another aspect or her astral self) the room over time. The unsettled energy was imprinted upon the room and her frequent visits revived it. So I changed my clearing technique and focused on the imprints and the girl. I prayed for her to have closure and for healing and assistance and asked for the imprints to be cleared. I stood in the center of the room and prayed for her and then smudged the window again as this was a heavy area.

I left, finished smudging the house and felt a distinct difference in my own energy. It felt like I took a damper off of it. I returned to the room and prayed for the girl again and then checked my daughter’s room for similar energy because she has had sleeping issues recently. I found no lingering energy or imprints there or in any other room.

I can’t believe I have been sleeping in that room all this time and never noticed the energy difference!

Multiple Me’s 

While meditating this morning, I was reminded of the smudging from the day before and noticed the room’s energy was much lighter and calmer. Pleased with myself, I focused on my own energy and breath for a while, entering into the trance state quite quickly.

I noticed several strange occurrences while meditating. All of them appeared to be aspects of me exiting. The first was of a hand reaching for a cup that was not part of my reality, yet I perceived it as real and the hand as mine but not mine. The same situation arose when I felt a distinctly different part of me cross her legs but my own legs remained in their present position. There was recognition of another place as well – one in which the other me was dressed in a white lace gown.

The most significant of my observations was when I witnessed this other aspect literally get up and rise out of my chest and walk away. This was quite a shock! An entire body arose out of me. A head came out of my heart and the rest of the body climbed out with it. I did not have time to focus on what she looked like because the shock of it broke my trance state.

In hindsight, I believe all three – the hand, the legs and the entire person – were one aspect that I somehow was able to perceive. At first I thought maybe I was just falling into a dream and witnessing part of the exit from my body and the beginnings of an OBE. This almost seems accurate except that I never felt vibrations and never lost consciousness or felt the shift, etc. The typical OBE signs were never present. My only conclusion is that I witnessed another me – a multidimensional aspect. It raises questions but I don’t bother to ask them. The feeling is that I am correct in my assessment and should count myself blessed to have gotten to this point of awareness.




10 thoughts on “House Cleanse and Multiple Me’s

  1. truthcodex says:

    This is fantastic! It’s what my guides have been telling me about recently – these are different ‘reality streams’. By our intention, attention, and expectation we align to these various realities all the time. It’s only because it’s so fluid that we think the continuity of this experience is just one overall reality. But in actuality we make every choice conceivable through all realities all the time.

    It sounds like you were able to perceive yourself doing different things in other slightly altered reality streams. Fascinating!

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  2. kittyasmith says:

    Could you be bilocating as the yogis do? At your level of development, I would think this is quite possible. I have seen a fascinating picture of Dr. Edwige bilocating. You can google her, she also has a FB page.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dayna says:

    I don’t think this is the same thing. I think I witnessed my astral body leaving.

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  4. kittyasmith says:

    Could you explain why you want to shed the astral body? I have never heard of that, so naturally I’m curious.

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