Preparation for Next Phase of Acceleration

Once again I am feeling very much distanced from the spiritual part of my life. This goes hand-in-hand with a lessening of communication with my guides and a decline in energy sensations and spiritual experiences. These periods of “rest” or “normalcy” are not always welcomed. Usually I resist them vehemently. However, this time around I feel this resistance only sometimes and early in the mornings. It fades quickly upon waking and usually shifts into a calm, accepting and pleasant mood.

Despite appearing otherwise, these are times of integration and deep, inner spiritual work. Most, if not all, of this work is being done during dream time and throughout our daily lives via our multidimensional counterparts. The reason for the spiritual slow-down (lack of guide communication, energy sensations, spiritual experiences, etc) and the focus on the mundane is to occupy our waking mind – to focus it – so that the underlying work can be accomplished without interference.

Some may find that they are running into or drawn into physical life issues/concerns at this time. These physically-oriented issues come in all shapes and sizes. Illness is perhaps the most common (illness of self or loved ones), especially with the on-going integration of the intensely high energies at this time. However, other issues/concerns can and often do appear. All will be centered on the physical and our physical experience on Earth. For example, some will find their interest in spiritual things will shift almost completely to the physical. Politics, finance, family matters, career, future plans, etc. Additionally, willingness and motivation to participate in 3D life will increase. Sometimes this participation will be forced. This is especially true of those who resist the “rest” period.

It is of the utmost importance during these “rest” periods for us to find balance despite being drawn into physical-life issues and situations. Remember that this physical immersion is meant to occupy us while some deep, transformative work is being done. To completely toss the spiritual would throw us out of balance and slow down the process. The best way to remain balanced is to continue your spiritual practices – meditation, relaxation, mantras, yoga, grounding activities, etc – despite feeling a lack of motivation to do so. I, personally, struggle with maintaining my nightly meditation routine when my guides have gone silent and energy-sensations have dropped nearly to zero.

The good news (or not depending on your perspective) is that this rest period is coming to an end soon. My guides have given me the date of April 4th, but some have already entered into the next acceleration phase. For those in the second wave, this acceleration period will ramp up their transformation. Expect more heart chakra activity as more is cleared and released. This means possible anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations or speed-ups, random aches from heart chakra activity, perception changes (especially visual), and individual activation manifestations. This is a continuation of what came in with the early March energies.

For the forerunners, the energy will stabilize and individual patterns will be brought up for inspection. Depending on your role, you may be asked to continue to clear Collective energies, stabilize the grid, or make decisions regarding your personal and group timeline. It could be all of the above. 🙂 Some will be integrating other aspects quite rapidly while others will be shifting gears as they prepare for major life changes. If you have yet to experience contact from other dimensional beings you may find it is your turn now.



2 thoughts on “Preparation for Next Phase of Acceleration

  1. mollyb111 says:

    So good! Love this! This is what you do! Teach/Guide!

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  2. Cheryl A Smith says:

    Thank you, Dayna. Good to know what is going on or coming around the corner. I have found that I roll with the flow much better than previously. When it goes spiritually quiet, I seem to maintain my practices much more willingly and keep my eyes open. I find that opportunities to practice the latest lessons come up for me frequently. The lull also gives me time to see very clearly how information overlaps and meshes.

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