Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough

This song has been following me around all day. I woke up hearing the chorus, “Sometimes love just ain’t enough”. Why was I hearing this upon waking?

In reading over the lyrics, I have to say the message doesn’t seem to be a good one.

Hang Gliding Dream

The dream just prior to waking may be a clue. I don’t recall much of it now, but I do remember very vividly a bright red hang glider that was being ridden by a young man. It was like he had wings and he kept getting in my way. I was walking up some very steep stairs and he landed right in front of me, blocking my way. The entire dream scene itself was like something out of a movie. What Dreams May Come pops into my head and the crazy afterlife scenes of never-ending stairs and people flying through the sky. This was the kind of place I found myself in.


Scene from What Dreams May Come

There was a  vast, golden stair leading up to a large ledge. From where I stood on the stairs I could see I was close to the top and the steep stairs seemed to stretch on and on below me. Below that, a vivid green expanse and blue sky that seemed to go on forever. The sky was filled with puffy white clouds and hang gliders. Each of us was preparing for our own take off from the building high above. There were conversations but they are lost to me now. All that remains in words is the above song and that one line. Weird.

Hang gliding or seeing a hang glider in a dream symbolizes the wish for freedom from one’s limitations or limiting circumstances. The color red here may be symbolic of the root chakra and feelings of safety and security. The stairs symbolize achievement of understanding and making progress on one’s journey. The fact that I am near the top is significant here as I am able to see how far I’ve come and how close I am to reaching my goal.

There is some behind the dream memory of discussing my marriage and relationship with my husband. These discussions also occur when I’m not dreaming, so I do not doubt they continue during dream time. I can’t help but put it all together and notice. This comes with a feeling of not wanting to acknowledge some obvious truths. Even now I don’t want to look too hard for fear of what I might find. Yet, when I read the lyrics some parts practically yell at me to pay attention. Specifically the parts about staying just to have someone by my side and thinking something’s going to change but it never does.

My husband is very stubborn and determined. Even if I decide that I want to leave, he will not allow me to. He is that pig-headed. The only way he will ever let me go is if he decides it for himself. I don’t think that will ever happen. And honestly, I do love him very much, but, like the lyrics say, maybe love isn’t enough?


4 thoughts on “Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough

  1. mollyb111 says:

    I’m hugging you.

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