Dream: Portal to Sirius

I found myself in space amidst the stars with a group of others. I do not recall feeling as if I had form or shape, but I do recall a feeling of I AM. The purpose of the trip into space was to send off a friend. I recall seeing her vividly. She was tall and slender with long, straight dark brown hair. She appeared human but she had features that indicated she was not such as slanted, oversized eyes; pale, luminous skin; and smaller than average mouth and nose. She actually reminded me of an Anime character. There was also a faint, neon blue aura about her and all around her.

We were floating above a platform I couldn’t see and there was a sensation of moving very, very fast yet at the same time we stayed completely still. There was a type of silver, metal, arch that was rotating which was causing the sensation of movement. It was destabilizing the area in which we were located in order to create a portal for passage to another location. The neon blue aura was around this machine and seemed to pulse as I focused on it.

The dark-haired woman said something to me about this blog, saying that she would not read it because I never signed it with my real signature. Her exact words, “I won’t read anything that hasn’t been signed by the writer.” In my mind I saw an image of a person’s authentic signature written in ink. This confused me as I could not understand why she would tell me something like that but I knew I had not ever signed my name. I hugged and told her, “I would read anything your wrote, no matter if you signed it or not.” Then I wished her well on her journey.

Through the forming portal I can see the outline of a very large city. The structures were pristine, shining almost white and taller than the buildings we have here on Earth. I could make out several towers and multifaceted crystalline buildings.  For some reason I identified the city with Sirius and said to her, “I can see Sirius.” I pointed to the city and she nodded and prepared to enter the portal.

At this point I am able to perceive the others in my group. There are five of us in total but they hang back as if only to observe. I watch as the portal stabilizes and rainbows of color begin to arch out from it. The colors were iridescent and you could see right through them.

When I awoke I had only been asleep about an hour because it was 10:39pm. Information poured into my mind as I tried to make sense of my surroundings. I heard, “Annunaki”  and “way station” and knew I had been preparing to travel interdimensionally. Unfortunately, my body woke me up and the transfer was suspended. I had a strange sense of saying goodbye to a part of myself which left me feeling a strange dejavu-type feeling. I wondered briefly about the signature part of the dream. Perhaps it was a message to me to take ownership of my blog and other aspects of my Self I am not openly acknowledging?

In researching known E.T. species, I discovered that there is one that resembles an Anime character: The Yahyel (Shalanaya).



3 thoughts on “Dream: Portal to Sirius

  1. litebeing says:

    I love how you are able to link your dream info to data here in waking life. I felt a surge about the signature piece. When I began blogging, I signed each post with my given name. I later deleted all of them and decided I could reveal more this way. Looking forward to a point when I can be totally transparent, but not now.

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    • Dayna says:

      Yes, me, too. One of the messages I have been receiving for some time is to be my authentic self and I am definitely not being that. I hide my spiritual side. I did try talking with my husband the other night and it went completely over his head. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Why hide? It is time to not display fear. Thank you for this!

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