Visiting Artemis – Message: Slow Down

It was a busy night and morning for me. I woke suddenly from a strange dream sequence at the end of which was a distinct memory of being in outer space surrounded by stars and planets. The outer space scene was completely different from the dream sequence and came with a knowing that I had been visiting with others during the night.

Dream: Mother Goose

The dream prior to the outer space experience was about helping a mother goose and her single gosling. I took them out of a cage and put them in the grass. We (I was not alone) watched as the mother and baby bonded and thrived. I remember walking to the edge of a stream. On the other side was wire and signs that said, “Keep out”. I remember being told I was not allowed to venture to the other side of the river and fence yet. If I tried, I would be stopped.

Memory Behind the Dream

The memories behind the dream emerged slowly. At first, there was just a knowing that I had been in contact with my counterpart. We were together on a ship of some sort, but we were not allowed to get close or touch. I vividly recall seeing outer space from within an open space aboard a craft and being in communication with a very, tall. E.T. I remember little about the E.T. other than seeing his hand and a feeling of great love and respect. There were also several planets visible. These planets were brightly colored, one reminded me of Jupiter.

Then there was memory of my interactions with my counterpart. There was a lot of conversation between us, but I can’t remember it now. At one point he was either dreaming or I was seeing symbolic representations of his current issues. It was explained to me that we were both working independently on our own issues and to not interfere with his lessons. What I saw of his issues/lessons looked like many small fires that were lit. Some were bigger than others, but most were small. There were approximately five total. I remember holding a garden hose and wanting to help him put them out. I was not allowed and it was explained that if I interfered the fires would actually burn out of control.

Then there was memory of standing on what I at first thought was the surface of a planet. I later was told it was a way station. I asked what it was called and heard, “Artemis“. In reading who Artemis was, I am certain the name was meant as a message to remind me to keep my own “fires” under control. lol

As I stood looking at the vastness of the universe from this vantage point, I saw a tiny craft landing. It was circular in shape. It’s entire bottom was lit up with a single, yellow light. There were also smaller lights projecting from either side.


I had so many questions about what had occurred and my guidance had to calm me down because my energy was sky high. The guide closest to me sent me an image of him coming down to my level and spinning me very, very fast. He told me, “This is what will happen if you meet him now. You need to slow down.” Then he began to spin me in the opposite direction and I felt my energy stabilize.

Calmer now, he sent me another message. This time I heard, “Inside Out” (the movie). I have not seen it but my family has and I knew what he meant by the message. He confirmed saying, “When you connect, all your emotions – everything you are – will come to the surface. All at once.” The feeling received with this message was too much too soon would be a bad thing. Again, the message was “slow down”. He said to me then, “You need to stay grounded. You are stabilizing more than just your own energy.”

I understood the messages but still, my energy was sky high. I knew something more than I remembered had happened. My body was aching all up and down my spine and my lower three chakras were raw. Apparently I am not allowed to remember everything at this time. Oh well. lol

As I tried to return to sleep, a song popped into my head. Yet another message to stay away right now. lol



6 thoughts on “Visiting Artemis – Message: Slow Down

  1. I was curious if you felt The Artemis was a starship? Like the Arcturian Starship Athena? It seems the ships usually have similar names of greek goddesses.

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  2. herongrace says:

    You mentioned Ephesus the other day. It is in Turkey and there was a large temple there dedicated to the worship of Artemis. It was 1 of the 7 wonders of the world.

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  3. Fungi2bwith says:

    It’s not about putting the fires out with water. It’s about learning to stop the pyromaniac.

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