Taco Woman: Etheric Experience

After waking at 5:30am from a very eventful night, I tried to return to sleep. My guidance was close and I suspected I would not get anymore sleep because my energy was unusually high.

At some point I became acutely aware of music playing to my right. It was not music I recognized but it was loud and enjoyable so I tuned into it despite knowing this was part of the trance state. The words are lost to me now, but at the time the voice of the lady singing sounded familiar, like Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) but she was singing with another woman and their voices blended perfectly.

Sensing the subtle vibrations that indicated I could exit my body, I contemplated rolling out of my physical body and attempting an OBE. There was a distinct feeling at this time that said to me, “You know better.” So, I decided not to attempt an exit and just linger in the energies which encapsulated my entire physical body.

At some point my astral vision turned on. All that was visible was a shifty, black and white atmosphere of energy. This is indicative of the etheric which is the closest plane of existence to that of the physical. Usually it is an exact duplicate of the physical plane but in my experience this is not always the case. What I know for sure at this point from my experiences in this shifty, heavy energy zone, is that I am still very much connected to my physical body and something about this connection limits my perceptions and ability to move about. It is only when I shift into one of my other bodies that I can escape the heaviness of the etheric and enter the astral plane. This article gives an accurate description of the etheric body and explains what I experienced this morning. I believe it is also offers a great explanation on my experiences in the in-between.

As I lay in my bed observing the etheric plane all around me, a part of my consciousness detached from my physical body and moved around. I never went very far and I never felt the energy indicative of exiting my physical body. Yet I was able to experience the etheric in much the same way as I would have if I had been OOB. In hindsight, this is fascinating to me because it was so very obvious that I have been doing this throughout my entire spiritual journey and had never been witness to the specifics steps involved.

I saw that superimposed over the top of my bedroom was another room. This is the room I had entered and where the music, now silent, was playing. There was a large table in the center. It looked like a table one would find inside a restaurant kitchen – metal and quite high and about eight feet by six feet, maybe bigger. There were two woman bustling about. They were going through a refrigerator located at the far end of the room. I never saw it but I perceived it. One by one they pulled out empty containers from the fridge and put them on the table. They were discussing a need to replenish supplies as they did this. One woman put a large jug of orange juice on the table and there was an exclamation from one of the ladies but I don’t know the exact words other than to know she was pleased to have found the orange juice.

At this point I moved across to one of the ladies who was in the process of walking around the table. I reached out and touched her shoulder. I remember wondering if it would be solid. It was. I could feel her. Apparently she felt me, too, because she stopped suddenly, her eyes quite wide. I attempted to hug her and she pulled away. She said to me, “You can’t see me.”  I said to her, “I can see you well enough.” I remember trying to focus on her and was able to get a good glimpse of her overall features. She was shorter than me, about 5ft tall, wearing a light colored blouse and blue jeans. She had long, black hair and her skin tone was medium. Her body shape was very round and squat. I knew she was Hispanic.

She was very uncomfortable but remained there, never quite looking at me directly but instead straight through me. I asked her who she was and why she was in my bedroom. She didn’t seem to notice my room but she said to me, “Your husband buys tacos from me.” She then said something about being curious about him.

During this time I could feel the energy shift and the familiar feel of losing my firm connection to the etheric. It feels like a whirlwind of energy sucking me back into the physical. I remember thinking to myself as the woman spoke to me, “I need to look at my hands or say ‘clarity now'”. I did neither. Apparently just thinking about controlling the energy kept me from shifting back to my body awareness.

I apologized to her and let her resume her activities. I then turned to the other woman and asked her who she was. She was less apprehensive and her energy was more accepting. Unfortunately my son yelled from downstairs and I came back to awareness in my body before I could talk to her.


Upon waking up in my body I wondered about this strange etheric experience. Were these woman real but in some other location that I somehow traveled to? Did my husband really know this woman? Was she dead or alive? Why was I allowed to go into the etheric but I could not astral project?

One of my guides was near and explained to me that I could not go far from my body right now because my Light would attract unwanted attention. I wondered aloud to him, “What do I look like? Am I really that bright?” He showed me what looked like a blue and purple flame. I recognized it. I had seen another who looked like that in one of my OBEs. I had been extremely attracted to that “flame”. It is so beautiful!

I wondered how the women perceive me. Did they see a blue/purple flame? I was then shown how they perceived me. I looked like a brilliant white and silver energy in body form, ever-shifting and fluctuating. Woah.

He explained that I was only allowed to travel to the higher realms now – the astral and lower planes were off limits. I wondered how I got to these higher levels. He told me They brought me to them, bypassing the lower planes/levels.

Later, during breakfast, I asked my husband about “Taco Woman”. He told me a woman matching her description often came by his work to sell tamales and other food during lunch. He buys tamales mostly. lol She speaks English but he usually talks to her in Spanish (he is fluent).


11 thoughts on “Taco Woman: Etheric Experience

  1. litebeing says:

    Maybe you should call her tamale woman 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fungi2bwith says:

    Wow, so much resonated with me in this post. 1) I can shift easily into the etheric, with eyes open, and see energy. 2) Your husband should ask the lady if she remembers you. 3) I love tamales, i feel like having one now ;)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      🙂 I asked him to ask her, but he probably won’t remember. I love tamales, too. He has brought them home before and they are really good – homemade, the real deal.

      I believe I have shifted into the etheric with eyes open before by accident. Since you can do it easily, how did you learn how? I want to do that! So far I can only do it when meditating and I definitely can’t meditate with eyes open in my chaotic life. lol

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      • Fungi2bwith says:

        I was in San Andrés Tuxtla, Mexico, on a bike tour, hungry, soaking wet from all-day heavy rain, stuck with no place to go at an empty bus terminal, when a lady with a basket of fresh hot tamales on her head walked by. We ate all of them. One of the greatest food moments of my life 🙂 Me loves real tamales!

        I used to shift into the etheric on accident although I could feel the change energetically. Now I can shift into it within seconds using the mandalas. Everything turns bright white. Edges of contrast, lines, between form turn silvery, and I can see color vortexes if I ask for it.

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      • Dayna says:

        Wow, a bike tour? You just get more and more interesting, don’t you? 😉

        I have seen what you describe before. I didn’t realize that was the etheric. Sounds like I need to use your mandalas more. I have trouble keeping my eyes open, though. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • Fungi2bwith says:

        Everyone can see the etheric. If you have ever been in a light trance and stared at your hand, then suddenly moved it slightly and saw a brief outline, usually bluish in color, that is etheric perception. Everything turning white and silver is a little deeper into it, alpha state.

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      • Dayna says:

        I just thought I was seeing auras. Oh but then that’s the same thing, isn’t it? lol Duh. I’m really not so dense usually. No blonde jokes pls. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sometimes when I close my eyes I see a greenish yellow swirling energy. Then it slowly fades. What is this, I’ve randomly seen it all my life. No matter how I focus it fades away.

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