Random Dreams

Just need to write these down to help me sort through them a bit. 🙂

Dream: Rainbow

I was receiving instruction. During this time, I saw a rainbow of colorful, wide, horizontal bands appear over top of my body. It appeared to follow the chakras and my interpretation was that I was aligned and ready for the next step.

Dream: Dirty Car

My husband told me he was taking my car. I got angry and stood between him and my car with my arms out. I told him, “You can’t take my car. Take your own car. This is MY car!” He ignored me and tried to get into the driver’s seat with my keys. I got in his way and noticed the black leather seats were covered in dirt. I said to him, “Look! See! You get it dirty and trash it every time you use it!” He said to me, “I will clean it up. I like using your car.” I didn’t believe him.

Dream: Moving to California

I was on a plane but this plane was much larger than any plane I have ever been on. There was a man in a very large bed who was having an affair with another man. I remember watching as he and his lover cuddled. There was an internal conflict within me. One side was okay with two men loving each other in such a way. The other felt it was unnatural.

Then I was being told I needed to buy a ticket to California. I was shown the round trip ticket was $202. Confused again, I questioned this because I knew I had already purchased my ticket. The screen showed it was a flight to San Francisco.

Then I was flying above a residential road in L.A. I was with my daughter I think but there was also a younger male with me who I knew very well. The feeling from him was that he was a friend/guide/mentor and that we often traveled together. As we flew, I remember discussing moving to California and explaining to my daughter why this was a good idea. I pointed out that we were in a rural area just outside of L.A. and so we could avoid being around too many people. There were houses situated on large plots of land. There were several that resembled houses from a Dr. Seuss book – purple and pink with lots of windows and pointed roofs.

Then we were walking along a road toward the city. We were on a hill and I could see the entire city below. It was beautiful. The sky above was a mix of day and night together. I told my daughter, “Let’s lay here and look at the stars.” I laid down on the dirt road in savasana looking up at the stars. I remember feeling happy for a brief moment. Then, a flock of sea gulls came flying in from above and landed just behind me. They began to come closer and I knew they would peck at me, so I turned and confronted them. They were so vividly real and quite large. I turned and walked toward the city.

Dream: Washing my Face

I’m in an apartment with others. The man from the last dream is there with his male partner. We are all staying together for some reason. The room is small and there are two bathroom sinks nearby. One is near a round window. I go to it to clean my face. I wash it but I notice my skin is peeling. I am sad and tell someone near me, “I hate my face.” She suggests I clean it again. So I do and noticed the peeling skin is gone but I am still unhappy with how I look. There is a huge amount of despair here and then total apathy. The woman with me tries to help me understand but my feelings overpower her words.

Dream: Winter Storm

There is a discussion about an approaching winter storm. I see images in front of me while the discussion takes place. I see a blizzard and ice and a map of the U.S. I remember telling one person, “In Montana, they have had snow as late as April. In Alaska, as late at May.” I remember being a bit confused as my waking mind tried to interfere in this dream. I was alarmed about the information because it matched a previous lucid to OBE experience I had. There is memory of visiting the southeastern U.S., specifically Florida but also the other states nearby. I see the mountains covered in a light snow and there is also snow on the beach.

Dream: White Hair

For some reason I was dying my hair. When I washed it out the dye didn’t take so I dyed it again. It ended up streaking my hair in huge chunks of brilliant white. At first I was shocked and then I laughed and said to my friend, “It’s okay. I just look like I have chunky highlights.”





2 thoughts on “Random Dreams

  1. mollyb111 says:

    Great dreams!! Years ago I wanted to take my boys to CA. The tickets were $$$. So I let it go. I then had a dream the flights were $101. I looked online to see that exact price which was a fraction of what it had been. We had a great time – LEGOLAND!

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  2. Dayna says:

    Yes the cost is very low right now to fly anywhere. My husband’s ticket to Georgia was more than my ticket to San Francisco! And both were in the $200s.

    Trips with my kids are not fun right now. I can’t wait until they are older so we can go on trips without me having to change a diaper or carry them.

    Liked by 1 person

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