Prepare for a Journey into Yourself

I had some interesting messages come through my dreams as well as while in the in-between.


I actually received this one yesterday morning and forgot about it until later when I saw the clock and it was 3:33pm. Then the memory came back full force as if to say, “Pay attention.”

What I saw was a visual of an invisible hand writing on a chalkboard. It was written three times like this:


Then it would be erased and written all over again.

I looked up angel number 333 but the only part of it that stood out is the part that said this number combination was a sign of the “Jesus connection”. I figured maybe because the 3s were written vertically that perhaps I should add them up. The number 9 made sense as well. Maybe, though, it doesn’t really matter just as long as I pay attention.

Dream: Opening My Book

I had a vivid dream this morning of visiting a house with a white swimming pool and what looked like a water park tube chute next to it. The pool was being drained and re-filled. The water was completely clear and turbulent only in the tube chute area. I would not get into it, though, but was talking to the owner who was an author and discussing the many books he had written.

We were sitting at a table at a cafe. Across the way was a bald man. The other person with me pointed him out, asking me if I was interested in getting to know him. I said, “Not really. He’s old and he’s bald.”

I was then aware of a woman who I knew was a future version of me. I remember seeing her in a bikini and noting that she was still very physically attractive, but old. lol She had wrinkled, saggy skin in some areas and her skin had sun spots on it. I remember recognizing she was me and thinking, “I’m old, too.”

Then the man across the way was young. He had a lot of hair and it was long reaching to his shoulders. I remember thinking that age was just a consideration and that I could experience youth at any age. The realization made me feel hopeful and excited about life.

Then I was handed a book by the older woman (me). She had written it for me, to give me a message.

I opened the book and the page was completely black. At the top was written, “Pull tab to open.” I felt like a little child opening a present. I was so intrigued and curious! I pulled the tab and on the black page appeared white letters that said, “Prepare for a journey into yourself.” At the same time a part of the top of the page detached and upon it was a beautiful piece of artwork. I don’t recall all of it now, but I do remember that along the left hand side were letters of the alphabet, as if to represent the role of teacher. In the middle was written a name but all I recall now is the letter M. It was a collage and very colorful and bright. When I saw it I felt as if I had been given the most precious gift one could be given. I was filled with such anticipation, as if I was about to embark on a fabulous adventure.

It’s Wild World  

When I woke up the song Wild World by Cat Stevens was in my head. I have not listened to Cat Stevens in a very long time and have not heard this song recently. And I did not hear “it’s wild world” I heard, “you’re a wild one”, as if the message was to remind me of my wild side. Considering how I felt upon waking, it makes perfect sense. I felt young and eager to live. This is in such contrast to the last week that it makes me laugh.


6 thoughts on “Prepare for a Journey into Yourself

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve very recently been guided to expect the same thing – an expansive and synchronistic journey inside the self. In fact, as I sit here and consider the concept, I get very warm all over. Heat flash, woo!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. herongrace says:

    333! My very favourite. Says you are on the right track, Guidance is pleased with you and to expect more messages soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. […] in March of this year I received 333 and the message “Prepare for a journey into yourself”. This was a week before a major Kundalini event, the first in a series of Kundalini rising […]


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